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Eryn Ng YW
Eryn Ng YW

Heard about this years ago but never really think of purposely going to Subang for this. Had this packed as my lunch when my collegue pass by there.

I was having a high expectation with the fame it drawn. But, fried rice itself wasn't as good as I thought, rice was a bit hard, probably wasn't fully cooked. It taste quite average. But the chili sauce is the saver of this rice. The chili was really good, I kept getting more and more. And the relatively big size prawn was a plus point.

Food: 7/10, Price: RM7.50

Satisfied lunch. We asked for set. A burger comes with fries, coke, and sides. Fries are as good as usual. The Popcorn Chicken side with green chili sauce was so matching, 2 cubes wasn't enough. 🤤

My main- Beautiful Mess 5.0. After 5 times of refinement, you can tell that this burger is a no space for failure item. Loved the thin slice at the bottom, I think that was Cheddar Cheese. Juicy mushroom 👍. Patty wise, I think BurgerLab speciality is still chicken burger.

Food: 9/10, Price: RM25

My year end review? Missing Bangkok a lot especially after recall of memory with authentic and good Thai food here. They serve very nice Thai dishes in this restaurant. If you are on a tight budget, there is always this set lunch with a rice or noodle of your choice plus a lemongrass drink. All good. Though I think my chicken spiciness has been toned down compared to those in Thailand, it is still very tasty. I cleared everything except the chilies. It's my second time here and their food are all receiving good comment from us. Love this place. Price: RM14.50, Food: 9/10

Ichiban Ramen always didn't disappoint me on the flavour. The soba is just good, tempura not too oily and prawn is fresh. Food: 7/10

No 1 Malaysian food. This was a savoury meal. Seldom could I find a place that serve good fish in Nasi Lemak. Fish was marinated with lots of seasoning, making it really enjoyable to eat. No fishy smell too. Prawn were crunchy and it is quite a big one. Thick flavored santan rice. Do not attempt to mix all the chilies into your rice if you are not a Master of spiciness. Spicy level of the pink chilies were super high, I only able to take an amount as small as a peanut the meal 😱. When it is dish that suppose to be spicy, the shop mean it. Price: RM17, Food: 9/10

I have some friends that are fans of this shop, today I know why. They have a very creative yet simple set meal idea. All their dishes are serve in small bowl, 1 person portion. Only 2 type of price for their dishes. You choose 2 dish to go with either rice, noodle, or porridge. What a caring way of providing value to customer. No more I have to choose between Set A or Set B due to some of my favourite is in Set A but some is in B. I can totally mix all my favourite to my tray. What made it even more interesting is all the dishes looks so tempting! Now let's talk about the taste. Don't be surprise, their dishes are as good as hawker center. Wow! I believe it is due to their usage of a lot of fresh ingredient in making the food. You will know it when you see the drink that comes with the set. Fabulous! Totally excel in all aspect including excellent customer service and serving speed. Definitely need a second visit here. Price: RM15.90, Food: 9/10

Food can never be absent from an airport cause the time we need to be there is so long. I find Malaysia airport is getting more friendly now, with a lot of food choice and reasonable price. No more super high price tag at airport. My braised meat Taiwanese noodle is worth it, filling to prep me for a long flight. Price: RM15, Food: 7/10

Humble stall selling variety of noodle right beside their own house. They served soup noodle and fried noodles. Their signature item is definitely soup pan mee. Authentic clear soup from boiling ikan bilis has gave a strong foundation to this bowl of noodle. Noodle that is handmade to perfection, a little chewy while still smooth, with years of experience to cooking it, it cannot fail. Adding with simple ingredient and a doink-doink egg, it is a superb lunch experience. Very nice! As I am writing this, I am already missing it. Price: RM6.50, Food: 10/10

Sungai Buloh has got many Halal eatery with affordable price, this is one of them. They selling both rice noodle and western food. Snacks were not miss out from their menu too. My grilled chicken set comes pretty well, its a satisfying meal but it won't be enough for a big eater or a man. Chicken is served with black pepper sauce which is hard to go wrong. Taste of the food might not be a wow, but good enough for a work day lunch go-to place. Will revisit. Price: RM8.90, Food: 7/10

Now you have more reason to visit Yamaha Motor HQ. Except a span of area showcasing Yamaha story, there is a decent cafe offering Malaysian and Western food too. My YSuku Teriyaki Chicken is nice. The yoyo-ing egg made me drooling. It matched really nice with the Black Sambal sauce which I think is a hit of the meal! Price: RM14.90, Food: 8/10
Opening Hour: (Weekday) 8.30am - 4.30pm, (Weekend) Closed

Sungai Buloh being a small industrial area, it's not easy to operate a cafe here. This cafe operates at a condo has pretty well dishes when we sometimes crave for slightly better environment. My rice was a bit too wet, guess it is prepared earlier. Salted egg chicken was pretty good though. Overall still a place worthwhile to visit. Food: 7/10, Price: RM14.90

If you are a fans of curry fish head that can't eat very spicy but love that fragrant of curry powder, do not miss this shop. They served only 1 dish, that is the curry fish head. Possibly due to they concentrate on 1 thing, and they made it real good. Fresh fish, abundant of beancurd, some vege and generous curry soup. A small portion is good to go for 2 small eater. Price: RM20 per small pot exclude tax, Food: 8/10
Oops, and there are a few other curry fish head shop at this area. Some has similar name, but I never tried the others. Just this for now, and it is the most crowded one for the 3 shop I pass through. They open until 4pm only and expect some queue.

Casual food adventurer, Japanese Oden shop founder (Loft Eat)

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