Hawker Fares

Hawker Fares

Loving the local foods in the heartlands!
Alex Chua
Alex Chua

Prices are at $1.50 per cup.

As compared to other sugarcane juice stalls, the owner for this stall is very peculiar about the sugarcane used.

The result is a very refreshing sugarcane juice that is both thick and sweet! The colour of the juice doesn't turn lighter and remains concentrated even as it is mixed with ice for a period of time.

Victory Sugarcane Juice is located at Teck Ghee Square Market & Food Centre, #01-08, Block 409 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, S(560409).


Prices are at $3 flat for a bowl.

One of the stalls here in this working crowd filled food centre that only sells a single dish, Wei Nan Wang Hock Kian Lor Mee are manned by an elderly couple who had been probably plying this trade for quite a long time! This piping bowl of Lor Mee comes with lots of fillings, such as fried wanton, ngoh hiang and fried meat! One unusual thing in this bowl is the addition of broccoli that makes this braised noodles slightly more healthier! Despite the gravy not being too thick, it had a lot of flavour to it, that makes these noodles very slurpy to have!

Wei Nan Wang Hock Kian Lor Mee is located at Market Street Food Centre, #03-03, 50 Market Street, S(048940)


This plate of food is at $4.50 (inclusive of a $0.50 top-up for nacho cheese)

Opened on 10th October 2015 is this new stall that specializes in fried chicken wings that are either sold a-la-carte with a minimum order, or sold as a set. The thought of what makes the chicken wings here different from the rest is triggered immediately after a first bite into it. The chicken is crispy with a light batter taste that indicates that the chicken was marinated before being fried! Having ordered a Set B ($4), which comes with 2 pieces of fried chicken wings, French fries and garden salad with Japanese sesame dressing and paying an additional $0.50 to upgrade the fries to nacho cheese fries, makes these light bites good for a complete meal! The amount of nacho cheese given was generous that complements the crispy fries. The garden salad was good with the dressing that it's easily to clean it all up!

Bruce Hot Fried Chicken Wing is located at Taman Jurong Market and Food Centre, #03-167, 3 Yung Sheng Road, S(618499), operating from 12pm - 8pm daily.


Prices are at $4 for this bowl.

Not many halal stalls operate in this hawker centre. But when I fancy Malay food, Yunos N Family is probably the stall to go to! Always attracting a long queue since the past, they serve your usual Malay noodles, gado-gado, satays and soups. What sets this stall apart is they have a special menu that is extensive especially for their Mee Rebus and Mee Soto, which is usually priced at $3 for the normal option. The special menu allows customers to order the Mee Rebus or Mee Soto with added meat portion such as Chicken, ekor (oxtail) or babar (beef tripe).

This Mee Rebus + Chicken ($4) had a very distinct gravy that sets it different from the rest. Instead of the starchy type of gravy (sweet potato curry gravy) , what you get here is a less thick gravy that taste very similar to satay sauce! Noodles are aplenty here, as with the tau pok, chicken meat, beansprouts and a full hard-boiled egg, all of which complemented with the sauce well!

Yunos N Family is located at Ang Mo Kio Central Market & Food Centre, #01-01, Block 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, S(560724), operating from 11am - 9.30pm on Monday to Saturday!


For $4, this plate of Deep Fried Garlic Pork Rice that comes with fried pork with garlic, a piece of fried egg and a few pieces of cucumber, will be served. The fried pork is both flavourful and fragrant, possibly due to the garlic that people may find joy in eating as it is fried until crisp! The fried egg had a runny yolk that really mixes well with the rice!

Thai Jing Jing is located at Berseh Food Centre, #01-16, 166 Jalan Besar, S(208877)


A bowl of Curry Chicken Noodles here sells for $4/$5.

Located at a more isolated part of the food centre is a stall that sells this Curry Chicken Noodles ($4) that had a rich curry gravy and comes in a huge portion! The tau pok (beancurd puffs) and tau Kwa (fried beancurd) manage to soak in the flavour of the rich broth that the gravy explodes right inside your mouth! The Chicken meat is not only tender but comes in big portions too!

Ah Hui Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee is located at Jurong West 505 Market & Food Centre, #01-181, Block 505 Jurong West St 52, S(640505)


At $0.60 a stick, you get one out of 2 finger foods that this food centre is popular for - satay! These 20 sticks ($12, 10 chicken & 10 pork) comes with succulent pieces of fatty meat that are barbecued to perfection! The satay sauce was equally as good, I finished it all up!


Chicken wings here are $1.30 a piece. The 10 pieces ($13) are definitely worth the price for sharing as each wing is flavourful and marinated nicely, with a zesty finishing after squeezing the lime into it!


One of the two stalls over at Ang Mo Kio 628 Food Centre that draws a long queue because it's nearer to the road and also because both stalls sell roasted meat, the specialty for this stall is for selling chicken rice! The Roasted Chicken Rice ($3) had plenty of flavourful roasted chicken and the rice is real fragrant and tasty as well!


As most stalls here specializes in briyani, the competition between the Briyani stalls here tends to get very tense. This Mutton Briyani ($5.50) from M A Sheriff Briyani comes in a huge portion! The mutton comes in a big piece and marinated mutton is flavorful, though the briyani rice was less spicier!


With so many Briyani stalls here having the same selling prices, it takes quite a while to find one that is a notch above the rest. This Chicken Briyani ($5.50) has a chicken thigh that is quite well-marinated but what stands out more is the Briyani rice that is more flavorful and spicier than the rest!


Prices are at $3/$4/$5 for a bowl. One of the famous stalls here, this stall sells bowls of Laksa like this ($3) that is more flavourful and creamy despite not being too thick! The thick beehoon is able to absorb the laksa gravy and the condiments are placed on the spoon so that you can gauge on how much chilli or coriander leaves you want to be mixed into the laksa. The downside was that although the cockles were aplenty for the pricing, they were not shelled properly, as small bits of shells were found within the gravy!


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