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The Pursuit Of Caffeine Kicks

The Pursuit Of Caffeine Kicks

To cure my zombie-like state in the morning, zap me awake from post-lunch stupor, or to simply indulge in some "aromatherapy", coffee is my daily must.
Veronica Phua
Veronica Phua

What I’d give to have Wheeler’s Yard’s “Iced Chendol-presso Ball” this very minute.
That frozen sphere is a concentrated hit of intense, aromatic coffee and gula melaka, perfumed with pandan leaves to be released under the heat of warm milk. Being able to control the proportion of milk to flavoured espresso is a big plus for me because I prefer to taste more of the rich coffee.
A great drink to sip on anytime. But perhaps not too late at night unless for whatever reason, you need a powerful rush of caffeine to keep you awake.


Think of this "Kopi" as a Venn diagram. One of the two circles represents our traditional Singapore coffee culture, the other, the Italian style. The part they intersect is where @kopi_more resides.
Mr. Tan, the genial owner of "Kopi More", a hawker stall in the lower level of Beach Road Hawker Centre, uses an espresso machine to pull his coffee. However, instead of following it with steamed milk, he adds evaporated and/or condensed milk in good ol' Singapore style. So what you get is the best of both worlds in a $1.50 cuppa.

Looking fabulous and tasting even more so is this Coconut Ice Coffee. Because they use the premium Italian brand of Kimbo, the coffee itself is full-bodied and fragrant. When drunk with the frozen coconut slushie, it tastes wonderfully refreshing and quite unlike any other cold coffees.
I consider this another must-try at newly-opened Penang Bagus on Tanjong Katong.


With single origin espresso by Nylon Coffee and ice-cream created by Apiary, this affogato is bound to be bit more special. Also because VXX really brings it with that spiced milk and honeycomb crumble.


Single origin from São Paolo, Brazil, given the platforms of mocha and cappuccino to sing. And sing it did, in all its nutty, chocolatey and nougat-y glory.


Visually, this is undeniably impactful: snowy-white warm milk cascading over the almost-black frozen sphere of potent espresso. Fortunately, its taste is well up to par; delivering deep aroma, a full-bodied flavour and strong caffeine kick.


Presentation is everything. Which is why an order of the Santa's Coffee martini in its distinct cocoa powder-coated glass ended up on our table. But it wasn't just the way it looked that we found pleasing. The cocktail itself was a very drinkable sweet, coffee-flavoured concoction of vodka, a real espresso shot, paprika smoked cream, sugar, cocoa powder and orange zest. If you are too full to have dessert, this is another blissful way to round off a meal here at FOC.


Guys, look what I found! 😋 Brawn & Brains has recently launched a cold brew which uses their popular "Pen & Pencil" house blend and takes 18 hours to create. Smooth, thick and creamy, the coffee taste is strong and there is just a little sweetness. My money is on these bottles of silky caffeine flying off their refrigerator shelves.


I happened to be desperately in need of caffeine at the time which led me to pick this up. The packaging's chic and smart but I didn't like the content much. My cappuccino was much too milky and I thought it tasted a little burnt. Regretted spending $6 for this. 😑


If you're after a minimalist breakfast of discernment, the pared down menu at newly-opened Punch will appeal. I enjoyed their hand-made-only-upon-order donuts filled with different fillings of Nutella, jam and custard wth my cup of richly nuanced hand-pour whilst seated on a bench in a beautiful courtyard.

P.S. Do note they don't do espresso based drinks here.


I must say, cafe-hopping with a knowledgeable coffee expert is a lot of fun because I am encouraged to try new things. Before today, I never knew of the existence of a SteamPunk, let alone have a coffee produced on one. The single origin El Borbollon from El Salvador that was brewed using it, created a nuanced cuppa that had the creamy hazelnut profile shining more softly. As explained by my friend, steam is gentler than direct heat from boiling water. Which means the resulting brew I sipped on would have been quite different if it had been a hand pour.


The coffee at the newly-opened Substance Cafe (located just inside the entrance of ERC Institute) is indeed sexy. But that's to be expected when it's the owner of The Hangar behind it. Great place for a cuppa if you're in the area.


Can't cook to save my life but boy, can I eat! 😄 (I pay for all my meals unless otherwise stated)

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