Savories 🍕🍔

Savories 🍕🍔

Featuring Artichoke, LINO Pizza & Pasta Bar, GÆST, The Goodburger Food Truck, Kei Kaisendon (Suntec City), French Fold, Pimp My Salad (Cross Street Exchange), House Of Chirashi, Atas Turkish Kebab, Two Men Bagel House
Viv Ho
Viv Ho

Missing, one of the best places to find balanced food that doesn’t compromise on flavour. Proteins in frame are the tempeh begedil and saamjang sirloin; choose from one of their combinations or feel free to DIY☺️

This was No.06: Goat Cheese, Tomato Chutney, Basil, Roasted Bell Peppers ($16). So simple, yet so, so fulfilling. It’s a flavour medley that really dances well together. Can I just add that galettes are a whole new realm compared to crêpes? Please try it if you haven’t.

Gonna be brutally honest here –
This trip was a major disappointment, mainly because of the service (or lack thereof). Upon walking into the store, there was little attention given and we stood there waiting to be acknowledged. The store wasn’t super packed, but it was mostly the disorganisation and lack of attentiveness from the staff that stuck out.

In terms of food, there isn’t much to complain about but I do wish they had informed about the change in tamago in the dons; they are no longer serving tamago in the dons, instead they have replaced it with “more appealing edible decorations”. We had the Bara Chirashi ($18.80) and Chirashi Don ($23.80), and there’s quite a wild variety of other bowls on the menu. This definitely wins points for being aesthetic, and the combination of rice + loads of sashimi is super easy to devour🤤

While the food quality isn’t too bad, the overall service and vibes of the restaurant leaves much to be desired. Maybe I just went on a bad day, idk😕

Think somehow the food quality differs across the different outlets, found the suntec one of pretty good calibre compared to the one I had at marina square previously. Portions were generous and overall at $17.5 pp (after GST and SVC), this was better than expected😀 will visit again!

You know it’s gotta be something good (and different) when the head chef is a native☺️ Love how authentic and great tasting the food here is! So far, we’ve tried the kebabs, tombik (something like a pita sandwich), pidé (turkish pizza) and baklava; seriously there’s a lot to explore on their menu. This place is great for gatherings with family & friends, there’s variety for everyone☺️

The chef also hinted that there’re gonna be new developments soon (think: seafood & kebabs on a live grill) so will keep our eyes peeled for that! This place also opens till around 11pm so it’s great for late nights (-:

Am personally more biased towards TMB’s vegan/vegetarian flavours. This was spiced turkey breast // basil burattina // barley salad // red onions. Let’s just say...not a fan😅 I’ll customise my own next time!

So instead, we tried the Rendang Beef Oxtail and Heura Chicken pizzas. The heura made for a pretty good meat substitute, well-seasoned and juicy. We found the oxtail pizza pretty disappointing, it could have used a more generous douse of toppings and it might’ve been better if the sauce base was rendang sauce. This was really worth it with the 1-for-1 deal! Will be back to try the other menu items :)

I’ve tried other impossible burgers before but this is one of the better ones! Well-cooked and flavoured, pretty realistic with the heme protein giving it a super juicy and meaty flavor. Do note that no substitutes/switches are allowed when using Burpple 1-for-1 (: Would have appreciated some greens in this (they didn’t allow me to add additional rocket) but all’s good!

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Fava bean stew, picked veg, hard boiled egg and tahini on homemade pita bread. Best pita bread I've had so far, so amazingly fluffy and warm and scrumptious (: $17!


Amazing scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, salad served with the best sourdough!! $15 #yaynogst will return again soon😌😌

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Viv Ho

Level 4 Burppler · 37 Reviews

got food, will travel🦦 nom nom @coffeeandavocado

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