10 Places For Your Foreign Friends!

10 Places For Your Foreign Friends!

Inspired by burpple's community manager Jayne, I decided to come up with this list for people who brings friends from overseas to eat the best of the best food in Singapore!
Poh Peng Ric
Poh Peng Ric

It is famed that it was by this very restaurant back in those days who invented the first version of the chili crab. Their original version is little less spicy and more sweet than those of Jumbo's or no signboard seafood. If you would want a taste of the past, one can give it a try, personally I prefer Melben's but I am not sure whether the quality of their crabs have dropped over the years.


According to online sources, "Inspired by the famous drink sold in Katong by a wandering hawker in the 1970s – agar-agar perfumed with citrus and rose water, cut into strands and stirred into a cool lime punch." Indeed it was a refreshing drink, it's a drink not found anywhere else (to my knowledge), however it's a little pricey at $8 for a drink...


I have ate many versions of this dish and I gotta admit that this stall has the best sambal chili that I have ever tasted.


Sinful and delicious. This incredibly unhealthy food should be only ate like only every once in a while despite the fact that this is extremely tasty and yummy!

This special drink is only available during the Ramadan period of the year and it's taste is far more superior and sweet as compared to a typical milk tea drink. It's made up of sugar syrup, Basil seed, kembang semangkok, katira and milk. It has a rich taste and comes in many flavors. Sugar lovers should definitely try this out.


Sometimes you just had enough of tian tian chicken rice you can pop by ang mo kio or yishun to taste this very old school kind of chicken rice that comes with ah cha ah cha (Malay fusion - cucumber, carrots and pineapple with sweet sauce). The queue isn't very long and the dish is really decent and comparable to tian tian(except tian tian's rice is still #1).


A traditional plate of noodles, bee hoon and everything it supposed it have for a good plate of hokkien prawn mee. At $5 it's portion is good enough for two to share and it's situated right at the road junction next to the mrt. The balechan is deliciously spicy and the wetness of the dish is just nice for anyone's liking


At $4.20, this plate of rice is worth every cent. It's tucked away at the east coast lagoon food centre. A must-eat for your overseas friends if you ever bring them over to East coast park for a walk!


#1: a must eat for tourists who have been eating fake Singaporean noodles their whole lives in other countries. To make them extra interested in this dish you can always throw out Gordon Ramsay's name and explain how shiok it is. This dish comes at $4.50, $5.50, $6.50 per bowl and you can always add otak and order a glass of kopi for them. Ways to recommend go there can be very complicated; for me: I take bus 13 from Eunos Mrt, alight 3 stops after at still road, cross the road to East coast road and make the 10 minutes walk to the main branch which opens from 8am to 10pm. During the walk you can even be a tour guide and introduce the churches, peranekan food places, awfully chocolate.. And so much more!


Bak chor mee lover, fusion food enthusiast and a student filled with wanderlust! @thepoppingone

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