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Portions are HUGE and prices are very friendly, especially at a place like Esplanade.

Restaurant has an interesting concept - a great conversation starter with your friends/date :-)

Love everything about this dish - from the sesame rice, to the fresh veggies, to the lion mane mushroom (my fav), the soy nuggets and the tasty soup! Nutritious, healthy and tasty vegetarian food.

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After seeing @veronicaphua post about the newly reopened Coconut Club, I knew I had to do it to em. Oddly enough, I never tried them when my old office was a lot closer to their old premises, and now I’m mildly kicking myself for having missed out on the flavor fiesta.

They’re still in the soft launch phase, so the only main course is their signature Nasi Lemak ($12.80++). They’ve been known to have a consistency issue, but mine was absolutely amazing. The rice was thoroughly perfumed with the scintillating scent of coconut and it was fluffy and moderately moist. The perfectly fried sunny side up egg had a pretty yellow yolk that squirted its load all over the redolent rice as soon as my fork penetrated it, making the nasi even more lemak.

As a man of culture, I’ve always been more of a thigh man than a breast man. Even though the staff informed me that I had to wait an extra 8 minutes, I still chose the chicken thigh (although that was also influenced by the knowledge that I was gonna get a piece of fabulous, freshly fried chicken). It was utterly unctuous, with all the seasonings and spices penetrating deep into the meat. The stellar skin was a delight to devour, and I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Of course, nasi lemak wouldn’t be outstanding without the sambal chili, and Coconut Club did it perfectly. It was the perfect balance (Thanos approved) of spicy, sweet, savory and the consistency really hit the spot. The peanuts and ikan bilis were crazily crunchy and downright delightful to loudly chomp on, and I want The Coconut Club to sell the fish & nut mix in a bag for me to snack on.

The portion size of their Nasi Lemak looks deceptively small, but even without the stellar sides, I would’ve been rolling outta there like a coconut. That’s right, the Nasi Lemak’s portion size is yuuuuuge.

It may officially be their soft launch phase, but this ain’t their first rodeo. The Coconut Club knows what they’re doing, and what they’re doing is great.


Large cups of iced coffee.
Kopi O & Kopi Susu.
Metal straw.

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It’s messy, but I don’t care because it’s absolutely delicious. Even though you might be sweating buckets from eating in this humid weather, it’s all worth it from the first bite. From the roasted duck, to char siew, roast pork and roast chicken, everything is done in-house, including the marination and roasting. Each order comes splashed with several concoctions of braised sauce and oil, that creates a flavour bomb with the meats and rice.
New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck
Address: 269B, Queen Street, 3838 Eating House, Unit 01-235, Singapore 182269
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Chicken pop in a box. Chicken is so well- fried covered with a generous nacho cheese sauce at SGD2.90. Super good!

3 crispy prawns and 3 crispy nuggets in a cup at SGD3.90. Served with generous Tartare Sauce.

A really generous plate of rojak full of ingredients. The youtiao is crispy and you can tell the ingredients are fresh. Best part is topped with lot of crushed peanuts.😋

They slow-grill their food here, so expect to wait. It had a nice marinade and the chilli was unusually good. Pity they're kinda skinny.

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Thought that this was for free when the staff asked so we went for the spiciest one. No regret though as one small cup is a nice proportion to share among 4 persons.
P.S. they got refreshing calamansi cup for $2 each, rice $1 each plate. Total bill for this meal is $42.50 #valueeat 😉

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