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Chicken!! Chicken!! Mention (fried) chicken and @tenderfreshsg would be an extremely common response that most Singaporeans would give. They are everywhere and at @bedokpoint ‘s outlet, the spring chicken is accompanied by fries 🍟 and house salad 🥗. For the size of the spring chicken, I’d say it’s extremely value-for-money! 🤑 (P.S. remember to eat it hot so you get to enjoy the crispy skin and moist meat!)

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Who doesn't love laksa pasta? The laksa sauce used at this new halal bistro at Bedok Point tastes strongly of hay bee (dried shrimp), which many locals will find tasty. In fact you can find tiny minced bits of hay bee in the sauce, especially towards the end. It reminds me of depot road laksa, a long time ago before it was sold to new owners. This pasta usually comes in spaghetti but you can change to penne if you prefer. Comes with 4x shrimp, a bit rubbery (frozen kind) but a reasonable size. Definitely ordering this again!
💡The lifts in this mall are an absolute disaster. Use the escalator for best results.

👍Generous with the sauce, unlike other places where you only get dressing covering maybe 5 fries.
👍Mala has slight numbing taste, but mostly tangy. Instead of oil, the creaminess comes from the mayo.
👍Fries are the skinny cut which I prefer.
👎Fries are not well fried (soggy and oily) .
Conclusion : I really like the sauce but I would choose to have it in another dish instead, maybe the prata or roti John. If only I could dapao the sauce, I would really enjoy it over macdonalds fries.

Usually going for beef rice bowls I decided to try their iberico pork jowl[$12] one and was really satisfied with the choice. Sou vide to perfection, the fatty pork was so juicy and really the star of the show. My only complaint is that their wasn't more of it but hey you could always add extra meat😛 The rest of the bowl was pretty standard and osen egg and a generous portion of rice topped with a light soy based sauce. A really great hearty meal if you're around the tanjong pagar area. Foodier🖖🏼

A very very disappointing lunch though the kopi ($1.60) ok la. The place was renovated with air-con installed & high tech order device used to track order when placed on the table reader. But so what if the food was no good 🤔

feeds 2-3 pax. $32.90

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Value for money at $7.80 with a drink - barley or lemon tea, with options to change it to coffee or tea.

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Dry ramen in a hawker centre! Plus it's affordable and delicious too! The noodles was slightly thinner than Kajiken but still had that QQ bite. Sauces made it flavourful too. Will order again if I'm craving dry ramen but don't wish to hurt my wallet!


They're a bit similar to Ka Soh Restaurant with their ways of cooking the fish bones for hours to turn the soup into this milky broth but I find that the soup was lighter in terms of flavor.

While you're there, you may want to pop by the second floor for the bistro to get some bar bites along with drinks.

Here are some of the recommended items:
Homemade Black Charsiu ($12.80)
Grilled Pork Belly ($12.80)
Deep Fried Chicken Wings ($14.80)
Thanks, @esth3r_esth3r for the invite and @nomilksg @whitelabelpr for hosting us.

Boasting of strong coconut milk’s fragrance in the broth, it is certainly a bowl that can satisfy your most immense laksa cravings! 😝 Albeit it tasting above average in terms of how robust the broth was, it wasn’t mind-blowing for me personally 🙊 PS I think fans of cockles would certainly not be too pleased with the few ‘hum’ that they would get 😂

🧐 Have you tried this legendary Laksa that makes Yishun great again? What is your take on this? 🤔

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Happy to find it at White Rose Cafe in York Hotel today, where the Malaysia Street Food Fiesta is currently running from June 21 to July 7, 2019.

The texture of Char Koay Kak is a cross between Singapore’s version of fried carrot cake and char kway teow, which is quite unique.

Priced from $25++ per person, with other of the buffet highlights like Klang Bak Kut Teh, KL Hokkien Mee, Penang Nasi Kandar and Ipoh Yong Tau Foo!

Hawkerman is definitely my kind of Superhero!

For first timers to Hawkerman, I would suggest you to order the Bao-Ka-liao platter ($32.90++) that serves 2 to 3 pax and it includes 7 items such as Tenderfresh's Signature Crispy Fried Half Spring Chicken, Hokkien Mee, Popiah, XO Carrot Cake etc. Everything especially the hokkien mee is best eaten when it's hot. Value for money platter that allows you to sample a wide variety of hawker food.

Another fav dish of mine is the Yuan Yang Carrot Cake ($6.90) which is essentially carbonara styled carrot cake with turkey bacon and XO sauce carrot cake. When it's eaten hot, it's really shiok!

Thanks @singaporefoodlisting for the invitation and @hawkermansg for having us!