Top 10 Places for Local Delights

Top 10 places for Local Delights

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Local Delights

One of the only restaurants in Orchard with a Halal-certified kitchen serving a buffet spread of our favourite local dishes, StraitsKitchen promises a unique gastronomic tour through Singapore’s distinct cuisine.

Menu highlights show off the best of Singapore’s four local races: Chinese, Indian, Malay and Peranakan. Stationed at live theatre kitchens, chefs will personally prepare freshly roasted items straight from the sizzling grill. Apart from the traditional meals, not to be missed at StraitsKitchen are the pastries and desserts, from Peranakan kuehs to homemade ice-creams.

We couldn't finish this lol. 3 guys who asked for half the rice and yet we still couldn't finish the dessert. Their generous serving is something to behold and particularly since it's actually value for money for a seemingly atas place.

Again it's stewed to nothingness lol the chicken just breaks apart once u touch it and soon u can't differentiate between chicken drenched in gravy or blobs of thick gravy. Moreish nonetheless and quite mild

Stewed to a glorious mess such that the ingredients seems to have melded with one another. My friend couldn't differentiate between the bamboo shoots and the meat lol. Really good stew that goes well with rice

Take note this is a portion for 2. Everything is meant to be shared lol it's a very homely feeling.

Contains prawns and pork and loads of mushrooms so it's pretty damn worth it. My favourite is the black fungus. Let's just say that unlike other places, theres actually more of everything else than cabbage lol

Spicy as h*ll. Probably has the chili served with ngoh hiang mixed inside, so there's a lingering bitter kind of spicy. Ask for less chili or sth lol even with the fruitiness from the pineapples the pain lingers and really affects the meal. I finished less than half of it before giving up

Fish was ok but the sauce is rather sour and thick so it takes some getting used to. I was okay with it but I don't think everyone will enjoy it. It's not extremely strong just slightly unusual

Variety of textures lol and it's rather mild so it's more like a meaty main that you can keep going back for rather than a dish that needs to be taken with rice.

Set lunch u get a soup, a choice of meat, a choice of seafood, and a choice of veg served with rice(theres daily dessert as well)

The chili sauce is pretty potent so proceed with caution

During cny they only have this cny set lunch(at least for lunch I guess)

Very rich soup with some pork innards and other stuff. Not any worse than Ah Er's version lol (Y)

Level 1 spicy was enough for me. (Chilli is added on by yourself and it ranges from level 1 to 3) #burpple #burpplesg