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Top 10 Places for Local Delights

Top 10 places for Local Delights

Latest Reviews for Local Delights

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Local Delights

Conclusion: baaaaad. So I really like the idea of custom ingredients in my fried rice or noodle, but this place sucks big time. Basically there are two types of fried rice and two types of fried noodle, and you can geh liao from a variety of ingredients.
1) no wok hei at all, despite all the theatrics
2) chilli not spicy even tho I added extra (they use the HK chilli oil type of flakes, except without the oil)
3) rice was soggy (I like my fried rice dry and fluffy), perhaps due to being closed up in the box after frying, and
4) no taste even though I chose the "stronger" tasting option of shanghai fried rice instead of the tasteless looking egg fried rice.
Idk why this place gets such good reviews! Maybe they pay for them? Maybe Singaporeans have very bad taste in food? Anyway read this REAL review and support your neighborhood tze char instead.

The custom of Lei cha actually began in the Three Kingdoms period or even Han Dynasty. Amazing. Didn't know it had such a long history. It is very popular among Hakka people.
Hakka Lei Cha is a low fat, low cholesterol diet ideal for body detoxification and weight management. The highlight is the green soup with flavours of basil and mint that is served on the side.The rice was topped with peanuts and a variety of vegetables like cabbage, green beans and choy sim.
Featuring the Lei Cha from Thunder Tea Rice. Enjoyed the fresh crunchy vegetables with crispy nuts. I usually will pour the soup into the rice and enjoy it together. ==============================
Thunder Tea Rice
📍Toa Payoh HDB Hub
📍BLK 480 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
📍HDB Hub
📍Singapore 310480
📍Gourmet Paradise Stall 4
🕛Daily 9am to 10pm
Blog: http://www.eatdreamlove.com
Eatdreamlove made an anonymous visit and paid for the food reviewed
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I didn’t know what flavour each kueh was until I took a bite. That’s the surprise!

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/kueh-ho-jiak-hawker-heritage/


Seafood broth without MSG is much needed in a warm afternoon
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Yang Tau Foo Hawker in the North (Next to @fishballstory @timbreplus ) Very generous portion with plenty of ingredients (min 7 pcs) $5.86 👌 Thanks for serving us this delicious bowl 🍲 🙏😊
📍Timbre + (Unit 14B)

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The only legitimate reason to wake up early on a weekend, at least for me. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Choose a main dish out of 5 local delights including Dry Wanton Mee, Carrot Cake, Hainanese Porridge, Springleaf Prata or this highly raved Nasi Lemak and enjoy a buffet line of Singaporean favourites including Soon-Kueh, Steamed Yam Cake, Jian Bo Shui Kueh and the all-time favourite Kaya Toasts and many more! No other way to pair the breakfast than having Teh-tarik! This semi-buffet is only available on weekends Sat/Sun/PH from 7am to 11am at $29.50++ for adult, $14.75++ for Child.
Or you can have the main dishes ala carte style (without the side dishes buffet line) on weekdays from 7am to 10am with prices starting from $12 to $19 (this Nasi Lemak).
Hurry jio your friends for breakfast like a local tomorrow at Shangri La!
The Lobby Level
22 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258350
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Look at all these delicious food on the table. Get to enjoy these Ala Carte dishes like Nasi Lemak [$19], Roti Prata [$12], Carrot Cake [$12], Wanton Mee [$14], Hainanese Porridge [$12], Soft Boiled Eggs with Kaya Toast [$12]. Get one of the Ala Carte dish and get to enjoy the delicious buffet spread.
If you're interested to try them please refer to the details below.
Breakfast À La Carte
Monday – Friday from 7am to 10am
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 7am – 11am
Breakfast Buffet:
Saturday – Sunday, Public
Holidays from 7am – 11am
Adult [$29.50++]
Child [$14.75++]

I have eaten this char kway teow more than 5 times in the last 6 months and this really tells a lot - given that I typically shun chain cafes / restaurants.

The wok hei is incredible and the most unimaginable part is that the dish is non greasy - how did the Chef even do that ? The texture of the kway Teow is so QQ - I honestly haven’t tried a similar type of kway teow quality as such .

Paired with some homemade sambal , this dish is a must order .

My only disappointment is the use of the crystal looking prawns 🍤- recalled that I first had the dish with real prawns .

Please bring the real prawns back 😭.....

For most times, I shun chain outlets as such but my first experience with pappa rich a year ago kept me coming back for more .

There’s something unique about pappa rich .
You”ll understand when you take a try at their food . There’s something that screams homemade and that’s pretty unusual ....

In fact , their food reminds me of madam kwan’s food in KL - the same amount of pride and detail in each recipe .

Intrigued, I researched further about pappa rich and read from their website about how they import their ingredients from various parts of Malaysia to all their outlets over the world. Like how their horfun is from Ipoh and that their Kaya is homemade .

The nasi lemak with curry chicken is a must get for me every time I visit pappa rich. The rice is well cooked without being too greasy and matches well with the homemade sambal ( so homemade that you can see onion chunks in their sambal ). The curry chicken is so creamy and aromatic and the potatoes are cooked till soft while the chicken is fresh ( not frozen).

The place that I would go when I need to get a good nasi lemak / curry chicken anytime .

Be sure to try their charcoal toasted bread with homemade kaya . To me , it Beats both the rendition from yakun and Kiliney combined - that’s how good it is .

Surprisingly good. Not many stalls do it the herbal way and glad i managed to find such a gem in a coffee shop. Meat was tender too and I love it when it is dipped into the black sauce/garlic. Bakuteh was $5 with rice (50c) and youtiao ($1). Cheap and good. Coming back again to try the other stalls. Location of the coffee shop is at block 20 rather than block 18 though.