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From foolproof nasi lemak in Boon Lay, to a rave-worthy option on Ann Siang Hill and even a grill...
Ah, fish soup. This go-to hawker dish always hits the spot when we're looking for a healthy-ish, ...
Ah, chicken rice — the quintessential Singaporean dish. It’s no surprise that we all look for dif...

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Dino’O (S$4)
Available at @oldchangkeesingapore in @changiairport terminal 3

Upsized oyster cake @ $2.80

There's a few places with this traditional dish and wanted to try them at different places. The one here only has oyster option but it comes with a small prawn in it. Tastes not bad but the seasoning of the filling can be slightly strongwr. The pastry is a bit too thick and can be crispier.

Overall tastes not bad but we prefer the Teochew Meat Puff at Woodlands.

Power Nasi Goreng $8.90 (shown)
- Large juicy prawns
- Fluffy eggs
- Ikan bilis was a bit salty though

Laksa Hokkien Mee $8.90
- Springy rice noodles!
- Large juicy prawns as well
- A seamless blend of both dishes!

Bright retro vibes, beautiful menu! Loved the watercolour illustrations

This mega platter feeds up to 4-5 pax, which you can gather your friends or family to enjoy it at any of their 5 outlets. This feast comes with a huge lamb shank rendang, skewers of satay chicken with peanut sauce, sambal udang, grilled sambal stingray, crispy garlic chicken cutlets and sambal telur to go alongside the achar, ikan bilis and blue pea nasi lemak rice.

Also making a return are the golden bread bombs - Chicken Curry Bomb ($9.90), Assam Seafood Bomb ($10.90), which are served in a bun. The chicken option comes with a whole boneless chicken leg cooked in a rich coconut curry with potatoes while the seafood option contains prawn, sotong and lady’s fingers cooked in a tangy spicy assam broth.
✨ Penang Culture
📍 1 HarbourFront Walk, VivoCity, B2-23E, Singapore 098585
🌐 https://delivery.penangculture.com.sg/
🍴 [Media Invite]

The Christmas Party Pack comprising a Whole Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing, Cranberry and Turkey Jus, Honey-Glazed Boneless Ham with Pineapple Sauce and The Carlton Classic Log Cake

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/christmas-takeaway-singapore-2021/#Carlton_Hotel_Singapore

Hidden inside City Gate, there’s this place serving some Eurasian food using grandparent’s heritage recipe.

Their signature devil’s curry used premium pork cuts and succulent chicken cocktail sausage, simmered in a rich spice curry.

Gotten the small portion for $10 ($10.90 comes with drink during lunch time). And you get to choose the spice level from mild to spicy.

The mild wasn’t spicy at all to me, but definitely flavourful taste. Enough portion of meat in the curry for one person.

This is a pretty popular stall in tiong Bahru market. It's our first time trying the dish and we found it a tad underwhelming despite the many good reviews. The taukwar was really crispy and had bean sprouts and cucumber sandwiched in between. There were also a few slices of apples and papaya that gave the dish a refreshing few bites in between. However we felt that we preferred traditional rojak as it has more flavour.

First time trying steamed egg as a dessert and we were thinking whether it would taste like chawanmushi or this cai png steamed egg 🤣. We found that it tasted like the egg tart filling but slightly milkier and less sweet. We thought that it was pretty light and the red bean topping overpowered everything, so we would get it without any toppings if we were to get this another time.

Even though it was a Monday night, there's still a queue for Ah Chew and dining time is only limited to a mere 20mins. Desserts were served pretty fast though, <5mins after ordering!

Santarina’s Log Cake pleases tastebuds with intricate layers of coconut mousse, coconut sponge and coconut dacquoise atop a luxurious blend of sea salt paste, avocado crémeux and strawberry yuzu confit.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/christmas-log-cake-singapore-2021/

杨枝甘露 is one of our go-to desserts at any Chinese dessert stall! The version at Ah Chew strikes a right balance between the sweetness of the mango and the sourness of the pomelo. The dessert also isn't overly sweet and this makes it really drinkable. However, it would be great if Ah Chew didnt add so many ice cubes to the dessert because it can get quite annoying to accidentally bite on the ice. Great dessert nonetheless for $4.80, although you need to pay an additional $1 to add an ice cream!

Note that Ah Chew has a strict dine-in time limit of 20 minutes at night and their staff will not hesitate to chase you off once you have finished your dessert.