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From foolproof nasi lemak in Boon Lay, to a rave-worthy option on Ann Siang Hill and even a grill...
Ah, fish soup. This go-to hawker dish always hits the spot when we're looking for a healthy-ish, ...
Ah, chicken rice — the quintessential Singaporean dish. It’s no surprise that we all look for dif...

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You can opt for the Nasi lemak rice instead of plain rice . It’s quite oily in general .

their oyster eggs ($11) which is served with poached ubin oysters 🦪mixed in steamed egg custard and sea grapes 🍇✨ on first look 👀 it looks like fresh oysters but down it like a warm chawamushi mixed in the taste elements of “orh rua” ( hawker food fried oyster omelette) 🙌 the taste resemblance is uncranny good 👅 to be honest all their dishes are highly recommended haha! Do look forward to my next visit soon maybe hehe🥰

Their burnt eggplant dip 🍆 ($12) is a must get✨ it looks underwhelming but really that dip is crazy delicious 🤤 and addictive with the curry spiced papadum🥰

No number of adjectives could do justice to these crackin' crackling beauties. The fatty, tender hunks of tasty pork are good enough on their own, but more importantly are capped with an incredibly crunchy layer of shatteringly crisp skin. What's even more surprising was the pig liver sauce, with a flavour that reminded me immediately of pork floss. Genius.

Taste: 4.5/5


Pretty good cup of yuan yang here albeit expensive price of 2.20 for a small cup .

But you get some shade and air con from the sweltering heat .

Really outstanding Kuehs from the coconut club.

The kueh kosui , tapioca kueh and the kueh salat were equally excellent - probably the best I have had .

Funny how the Kuehs were better than the main courses 😆

La Teh is one of the few places at Fortune Centre where the office folks can grab a cup of coffee and get a sandwich or toast to go along — hidden at the second floor of the building just beside Hangawi Korean Food, La Teh has been around for quite a while serving up local coffee and toasts, as well as a couple of mains from dry/wet Mee Siam alongside HK Noodles and rice bowls.

The Garlic Bread + Sausage + Sunny Side-Up is just one of the few dishes which are available on their American Breakfast menu — the offerings being vaguely similar to the breakfast-style dishes served at Hainanese Western cuisine stalls in Hawker centres. Coming with 4 triangles of white bread, toasted and lathered with garlic spread, I liked how it comes with a garlicky note but also whiffed of a light hint of dried herbs; seemingly that of rosemary(?) that has been sprinkled atop each slice — also pretty amused how each slice is cut so neatly, whilst being crisp and light without being particularly dense. The two sunny side-ups that accompanies the garlic bread and sausages came with runny yolk and soft whites; some may lament how the undersides do not come browned and crisp, but I can see how some folks would love the way they do their eggs. While some places do serve up boring sausages, the sausages (or franks, I should say) comes lightly fried for a slight crispness on the exterior; almost akin to that of what some Hainanese Western cuisine stalls at Hawker centres will do — high in sodium content, but sinfully tasty without being particularly greasy. Paired my American Breakfast with the Nanyang Mocha — a concoction featuring local Kopi mixed with Milo, though the Kopi was a little watered down and bland which marred the experience a little for me.

Not sure if it’s me growing old and wanting to eat less, but I am starting to really enjoy simple treats like this — some may argue how these are often easily whipped up at home, but I like how the different renditions done by individual stalls carry so much character on their own; a dish that one can fully experience the soul and character of the stall that it is being churned out from ...

(Pro-tip: Most folks who patronise Hangawi Korean Food, La Teh and Pine Tree Cafe may know this, but apart from the seatings around the three stalls along the aisles of the shopping mall, patrons can also dine-in at a shop unit beside the former premises of Kappou Shunsui and order from either of the three stalls; something that I only got to know fairly recently despite being in this area for a couple of years now probably because most of the folks dining in there usually order from Hangawi Korean Food. Now you know ...)


From Hanis
Beef Super Burger.
Quick & simple.

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Newly opened in Punggol East, this stall serves up local delights and nasi lemak. For just $5, savour the rich flavours of the Yellow Ginger Chicken Set, Curry Chicken, Fried Pork Belly Set served with a generous portion of fragrant coconut rice, egg, sambal chili, achar and cucumber with ikan bilis.

The jackfruit curry is a must order. Flavourful with all the right spices.

However, if you want the OG stall that won the Michelin Bib Gourmand, this is it. With a perpetual queue for these steamed rice cakes, the popularity started way before they were listed in the Michelin Guide Singapore, and since then, the queue gets even longer on peak hours. Though it might look simple, the pairing of these rice cakes with preserved radish, that is of a sweet-savoury flavour, and the sambal chilli is just a perfect snack at any time of the day.
✨ Bedok Chwee Kueh
📍 208A New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Unit 01-19, Singapore 460208
🍴 [Self Funded]

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