The Brunch Beat

The Brunch Beat

Breakfast or brunch, either way, it's the first meal of the day for late-risers (because it's the weekend).
Mandy Lynn
Mandy Lynn

Smoked chipolata sausage, mushroom fricasse, tomato, lamb bolognaise, free-range eggs; scrambled.

We wouldn't say this was mind-blowingly good, but it's not too shabby either. The bolognaise was hearty and flavorful despite the lamb a tad overdone, scrambled eggs; fluffy, mushroom; well sautéed, sausage is sausage, and greens are greens. A lovely place for relaxing and catching up with friends over brunch.

Tip: it's an intimate space with no available parking nearby. We recommend parking at the Swiss Garden Hotel – attempting to look for parking nearby will only require for you to make a detour to get back onto the main road.

Happy Tuesday everyone! #GourmetAdventuresInKL

In a neighboring plate, a hearty ragout of portobello mushroom and potato ($25) is deeply steeped in flavor, a thick slice of sourdough toast beneath soaks up its sweetness, two beautifully poached eggs and sliced iberico (aged 30 months) crowning the dish.

Where are you heading for brunch today?

Weekend brunch at @bochinchesg is available till 4:30pm! Read our full review on

A hearty ragout of portobello mushroom and potato is deeply steeped in flavor, a thick slice of sourdough toast beneath soaks up its sweetness, sliced iberico [aged 30 months] and two beautifully poached eggs balance atop, crowning it king.

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That egg. That stunningly glorious egg, glistening like the perfect orb of wobbly yolk that it is, so precise that I'm almost afraid to break its gentle exterior. Almost.
But I do – with a mix of anticipation and excitement. Out pours forth a cascading golden river of rich, creamy yolk, its earthy savoriness finding acceptance amid the subtle sweetness of the chewy crêpe, its myriad of flavors and textures blending together harmoniously like the tune to my favorite song, wrapping me in its warm embrace.
Love me again.


Home for the weekend before I'm off, and there's no better way to start the Saturday than with the weekend brunch at Adrift.

I'm not usually a fan of buffets – sadly, it's usually quantity over quality, but Adrift's, I love. At $88, you get a variety of green salads, breads and pastries, cheese and charcuterie, fresh selection of seafood including oysters [French and Irish], a trolley of side dishes [with the likes of duck gyoza and beef short rib], impeccable mains [don't even get us started on these], and desserts that are absolutely divine – it's probably the best weekend brunch in town.

The food journalist in me sampled every single thing [mind you, that's five mains apart from the buffet line] and still made room for desserts – yes, that's plural.

At Adrift, you always make room for desserts.

Poached eggs, maple-cured ham, classic Hollandaise, toasted buttermilk biscuit.

The combination of Hollandaise and golden yolk was gorgeous, but unfortunately, the dry and salty crumbly texture of the buttermilk biscuit did it in.

Taste wise, it was just as good as its original NYC branch, save for the biscuit.


We're starting the day with a deliciously cuppa Nespresso's Limited Edition Perú Secreto.

We love its robustly intense sweetness of fresh roasted coffee and cocoa adorned with a smooth amber cream.

The fact that the whole place now smells of fresh coffee is amazing! Good morning and have an awesome Friday!


Rise and shine! Nothing beats the smell of freshly brewed [Nespresso] coffee in the morning to start the day! 🔆


Our favorite hipster brunch spot Open Door Policy has launched a spanking new brunch menu coupled by a new brunch cocktail menu of 14 intoxicating tipples by Head Bartender of Tippling Club, Kamil Foltan. It's so boozy it's outrageous.

Now you know where you'll be headed this weekend. Get the lowdown at


One of the fluffiest pancakes I've ever had in Singapore, this buttermilk pancake is served with an uber smooth creme patisserie and poached strawberries, topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream that binds all the flavors together.

It's all sorts of luxury in a bite.

Happy Good Friday! It's the start to a wonderfully long Easter weekend so buckle up and get your stomachs ready.

We've rounded up a plethora of delightful Easter eats and weekend brunches to satisfy your cravings.

Dig in at!

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