The best cheese bread I might ever have. The bun was served warm, with a crisp but tender crust and a soft fluffy inside. The bun itself was cheesy, but you wouldn't want to do away with the cheese mousse, which was really fragrant and velvety smooth but not overwhelming. I would have eaten 10 more if not for the other dishes which were equally enticing!


All burgers go for $15++ every Tuesday! I am very partial to burgers with mushrooms so it was no surprise that I enjoyed this a lot. I asked for the patty to be done medium but it came medium-well, so you might want to order something rarer than your usual. That said, the thick patty was still really juicy, and I especially liked how it was seasoned, which brought out the meaty flavours of the beef. No grisly bits in the mince either! Do note that the truffle flavour was not very pronounced as only the aioli contained truffle, so diehard fans of truffle would be better off getting their truffle mac & cheese.

Doughy bread packed with creamy purple slaw and pulled pork knuckle. The bbq sauce was light and didn't overpower. The pulled pork in this sandwich isn't the soaking wet sort so the sandwich didn't get soggy. As it's made with pork knuckle, there's also a good mixture of lean meat, fat and chewy tendon. This sandwich was huge! The side of fries was also tasty. The ambience at Prive Cafe is really bright, airy and cheery. Love the sea foam green interior!! 🌻


That beef patty clothed in a bright orange cheesy glow is certainly a feast for the eyes. I don't know if I've developed a slight distaste for beef burgers cause I've been having too many but the sriracha chicken burger tops this one imo. That said, the patty was grilled very nicely with a pink center. There is also a 1-for-1 deal every Wednesday for this wagyu burger, so there's no reason why you shouldn't give it a try yourself! Yay for Wagyu Wednesdays!


My fave burger from Wildfire to date. A hefty piece of chicken thigh, several hashes of bacon, American cheese and lettuce are sandwiched between two fried buns. The chicken was grilled to perfection - so juicy and plump with charred smoky edges. The marinade for the chicken was also super duper tasty and robust. It had a sweet edge, which was nicely complemented by the salty bacon. This was a very all-rounded burger and I'd never have expected such depth of flavour from a chicken burger. Yum!


Back to have one of my favourite beef burgers! This one is so simple - it's just a beef patty and rocket leaves, but so yummy thanks to the superb Sarawak pepper mayo and dried tomato relish.


Not a brilliant salad cause the veges tasted of the fridge (though the bread was yummy - soft and fluffy with a nice crust), but this is quite a nice shot, doncha think? 😁


Signature "smashed" buns, super duper juicy patty cooked medium rare, and American cheese. I like how the tomato slices are grilled and seasoned with salt and pepper πŸ… Every burger place should do this!!! But I think the patty could be seasoned better. I don't remember it tasting so bland the last time I had it.


Today, we braved the blazing hot sun to walk to Wildfire for lunch after school. So worth it, especially when NUS students are entitled to a 1-for-1 deal for the Classic 001 Burger (bring your matric card please)! πŸ’ƒ Finally some tangible benefits from studying. The burger is of a good size, but I had expected more fries. The burger comprised of 2 fluffy toasted buns, a super meaty patty that was juicy and still a little pink on the inside (I especially love chunky patties!), oozy cheese, gherkins, a medley of tangy creamy sauces that I don't know the names of, and fresh vege. A friend told me that her patty was dry when she dined here, but I guess Wildfire has got the doneness down to pat now cause my patty was incredibly tender. πŸ‘ I'll be back!

I've recommended this to 2 friends since I first had it last week and they all love it. ☺️ But you shouldn't take too long to eat this because the toast gets soggy from the bΓ©chamel sauce after a while. Also, I think I'll stop my obsessive visits to Assembly Coffee for the rest of the semester. πŸ˜…

A heap of baked beans on toast with bacon and a sunny side-up. These baked beans are not your usual pink beans in a gloopy sauce. They packed a lot of flavour and were more tangy. As usual, a humongous portion!


Trying something new at Assembly Coffee - the B.E.C. Sandwich! Thick crispy toast generously smeared with a luxurious bΓ©chamel sauce, cheddar, crispy bacon, and finally topped with a perfect sunny side-up. Somewhat like a croque Madame! Served with a arugula salad for balance :)


Insta: @kekicakee for mama chow and my homebaking adventures πŸͺ

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