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Customised my own burger. It would be better if their caramelised onions and garlic sauce could have a stronger taste, hardly taste them when they were eaten with other ingredients. Overall, it’s a good dining experience as the service was really awesome! people there are very friendly and thoughtful !!

Added an additional patty cause 1 doesn’t seem enough on sourdough!
Patty was a little dry but the sourdough was so soft and pillowy. Seems like they spread a layer of butter before placing on the grill. Would definitely eat this again before it vanishes from the menu! 7.5/10

Had this chicken bowl with salad veggies and rice, drizzled with their prego sauce (mixture of mayo and bbq sauce). The rice was too peppery for my liking, and felt that the cold veggies did not complement the warm chicken pieces. The chicken pieces were not super impressive and the prego sauce was unique. Wouldn’t really have this again.

This was very good, well cooked. Serving is great, comes with 2 side dishes of your choice. If you want a good steak, you should try out at iSteak. Will go back for their other selection

Was looking for a quiet place for some me time and found this perfect spot during lunch on a Wednesday. Ordered the Buddha Bowl from the lunch set menu, and it came with a cup of beef and tomato soup. Presentation was amazing, and ingredients were fresh but I felt so tired trying to get through it. Firstly, the avocado was halved but served with its skin still intact. I had to ask for a side plate to remove its skin and cut the avocado into smaller bite-sized pieces. Secondly, the bright red and yellow peppers were cut into quarters (far from the usual cubes). Similarly, I cut them into smaller pieces on the side plate I asked for. Finally, I gave up when it came to the long strips of cucumber sticks and just ate them separately.

Basically, I felt like I was served a fixed set of fresh ingredients to prepare a DIY salad. The person who prepared this dish has either never eaten a salad or thinks that he’s serving a rabbit. Considering how it’s a lunch option, more thought should be put into making it quick and convenient to consume. All in all, it was $20.80+ for the fresh ingredients and laid-back ambience. Might return to try the burgers or sandwiches.

The Indian food was good but the western pasta dishes were not so. Seafood marinara had the mussel tasting a bit off. Cause of burpple one for one... decided to close one eye but will never pay 16 for this, and likely to stick to the Indian food

These chicken wings were coated lightly with salted egg sauce. It was a little dry but still tasted pretty good!

While I enjoyed the wings, the salted egg yolk sauce was a tad thin, making it hard to discern the flavor. In fact, I think the original marination of the wings stood out more.

These moreish, savory treats were the perfect start to the meal. The cheese was stretchy and the crust was crunchy. Served in a basket of 10, the mozzarella sticks were warm and there was a dip provided at the side.

It’s pricey, but so yummy!

Burger was served with onions (+$1), cheese slice, grilled shiitake mushrooms and a beautifully charred beef patty.

The beef patty was a wonderful mix of fat, lean meat and tiny bits of muscle for that extra bite, and the mushrooms that came along provided an earthy taste. The additional raw onions cut through the greasiness of the entire burger.

Served with a bed of salad and fries as the side, at the end of the meal I was thoroughly stuffed and satisfied.

▪Egg Toast Avocado (Ala Carte $8.50, Combo $9.90).
▪ Egg Toast Beef Bulgogi (Ala Carte $9.50, Combo $10).
▪Egg Toast Ham and Cheese (Ala Carte $7.50, Combo $8.90)
▪Egg Toast Bacon & Cheese (Ala Carte $7.50, Combo $8.90)
@burgerplussg Breakfast menu is available daily from 8am-5pm.
Location : @burgerplusg Wisma Atria , 435 Orchard Road #01-37/38 Singapore 238877.
#burgerplussg #burpple #burpplesg

💕Egg Toast Beef Bulgogi.
My fav, hot fluffy brioche served with fresh minced beef , fragrant fried onions, in house bulgogi sauce and mayonnaise, top with runny egg yolk.
I like the balance of the flavour between savoury and sweetness in the toast.
💰Ala Carte $9.50, Combo $10.
💕Egg Toast Ham and Cheese.
💰Ala Carte $7.50, Combo $8.90.
💕Egg Toast Bacon & Cheese.
💰Ala Carte $7.50, Combo $8.90.
💕 Egg Toast Avocado.
💰Ala Carte $8.50, Combo $9.90..
Wisma Atria, #01-37/38.
435 Orchard road.

🦀A seafood lover’s burger with pretty strong seafoody taste (from the mentaiko and fish roe bits). The soft shell crab was fried to a nice crispy touch and sandwiches between brioche buns slathered with a good amount of mentaiko sauce. The pillowy buns nicely complemented the crispy soft shell crab in terms of texture and...taste too! Cos the crab, when eaten on its own, was a tad too salty - according to the boyfriend. The thick cut fries could have been crispier, or replaced with potato cuts. It was a lil’ soggy for most but then again I guess the highlight and deal here’s the soft shell crab and buns, instead of the fries right?