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Dark chocolate filling with morello cherries, rye chocolate crust.

It is really affordable at $6.50 for a rather large slice of tart. The crust is okay - not bad but not great. What had me coming back for more was that dark chocolate filling - it is rich, chocolately, yet tart with the hint of cherries in the filling.

I told myself I was going to eat half but end up finishing it.

One of the better seasonal flavours. This melon soft serve is creamy and refreshing sitted atop a crispy waffle cone to munch on 》1-for-1 on McDonald's app until 4 Oct 2020 (U.P. $2)

Got these two poké bowls (1 for 1) for $14.90 (medium size). Added fish skin and the broccoli & edamame salad (this was so good omgggg). If u want affordable poké bowls, this is the place to go! Portion is huge and very worth it! Salmon was fresh too!

(+$3 for fries upgrade to mentaiko fries)

Good mala flavour! Pork slices were juicy but it can get quite messy as you devour the burger. You’d end up with a puddle of chilli oil on your tray but that’s totally okay! This also comes with a mini portion of Greek salad.

(+$3 for fries updraft to truffle floss fries)

Pretty substantial burger, reminds me of an improved version of the good ol’ mushroom cheeseburger from Burger King. Enjoyed the fries too!

Super worth it with eatigo discount! Portion size was decent. The mac and cheese was cheesy enough and slightly jelak so it would be better to share. There were different kinds of mushrooms too. The salted egg sauce for the pasta was not too creamy nor too heavy, hence it was nice and light on the palate. The cheesecake was quite rich and slightly sweet due to the creme brûlée. Would definitely return again!

Ordered the classic set. Even with burpple beyond, it is definitely not worth it. Any burger is definitely better and I'm not too sure about how much this saves the environment, but it definitely kills more of your tastebuds and health. My tongue the like I ate an entire pineapple from the high sodium in the patty and fries. The soy taste from the patty is definitely very distinct and the sad slice of cheese or lack there of is laughable. Fries had no truffle fragrance as mentioned in all reviews and the truck had a constant flow of overused dirty oil smell from the frying of the bad fries. Only saving grace is they knew their burgers were bad so the spam of ketchup and mustard was there.

💵: $9.20

🤔: Chicken was flavourful, though not the moistest or juiciest
Would have preferred a burger of a more substantial size because this didn't fill me up at all...

💵: $5.90

🤔: Cheese is pretty mild-tasting so I'd recommend bringing some chilli sauce if ketchup isn't your thing
Gotta gobble these up quick as the aircon @ this outlet is pretty strong on L2 and it'll leave ur fries cold n yucky

💵: $7.80

🤔: Exclusive to SG, so we decided to try and as much as I liked it, I wouldn't get it again...
Too sweet, too too too sweet in fact and there was this lemongrass-y flavour which I didn't like
Stick to their normal milkshakes! Still sweet, but way less diabetic and flavour still hella on point

The fries are okay, shake is good. The price doesn’t justify it, could have gotten good gourmet burger for the price range~

Ordered the 300g BB ($23), patty flavour was good, onion was great. Read highly raved reviews so was expecting much more but there wasn’t much WOW factors, just a decent good burger.

Truffle fries was p good tho!! Very strong truffle taste & good bite to each fry!