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Went into the cafe not knowing that it only serves vegetarian. Ordered the Mexican Lasagne and the taste was amazing. It’s so flavourful you wouldn’t even realised its vegetarian. Price is ard 15 per dish, with Burpple its definitely a good catch!

Best item was the Portobello One and thanks to @puppy.lve for the treaty... The one I had was the smoke shack which tastes average only - totally heartfelt pain $10.90 😣😣😣... Pandan Shake was definitely the sweet that you can't taste PANDAN... Fries was really at an average point too...
Price please refer to photos for receipt
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Travelled all the way to Commonwealth to try the burger from Hammee’s and it was well worth the effort. It was one hell of a cheeseburger; juicy flavourful beef patties with that bacon that was smoked to perfection, and also the fluffy buns that had all that buttery fragrance as well. 😋


Smooth, aromatic blend of flat white at twenty eight cafe. Chanced upon this cafe as I was waiting for someone around the area. It's a beautiful and spacious place with great coffee. Will be back.

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It’s not bad, just not fantastic. I find the coffee taste can be stronger.

I have a chance to eat their burgers I’ve been wanting to eat for a while now.

Jewelにはオープン以来ちょくちょく行くことがあったけど、ついに!一番気になってたSHAKE SHACK!!
日曜日の9:45頃着。(10:00 OPEN)


ShackBurger (Single) $9.2
SmokeShack (Single) $10.9
‘Shroom Buger $10.8
Cheese fries $5.9
Pandan Shake $7.8


一番気に入ったのは肉が挟まっていないベジタリアンバーガーの‘Shroom Buger。






甘い甘いとは聞いていたけど、甘党の私ですらこれは甘過ぎると撃沈するひどの甘さ。 「甘い」にもいっぱい種類があって、この甘さが好きな人も絶対いると思うし、苦手な方が少数派かもしれないので鵜呑みにはして欲しくないのですが、我が家では息子以外飲めませんでした。




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We got 2 flame grilled (half) chicken, 1 chicken rappa and 1 oprego burger with burpple beyond. The chicken in the wrap and burger was cooked but lukewarm and when we brought it up to the staff, they said that the sauce and lettuce must have cooled the chicken down (in the 5 mins it took to serve us...). Hence I would recommend u give the wrap n burger a miss. However, the half chicken (we got one of each flavour) was really delicious so I would recommend that u get that instead at Oporto. We also tried their chilli cheese fries but it was too salty so I'd give that a miss the next time I'm there.

Fried chicken burger with Salted egg sauce. This time the chicken is fried nicely, no hard corners that will do some damage to the teeth. Salted egg sauce is balanced nicely, not too sweet and not too strong.

Ebi burger looks plain in comparison. But surprisingly the burger taste good! Ebi Patty is filled with chunks of prawn and cheese adds a good flavour overall.

Located at 8 Grange Rd, Orchard Cineleisure, unit 01-01, Singapore 239695. .
🍝 Truffle Carbonara, $22. Truffle Carbonara surely jumps out from the wide range of Pasta they served as we are a huge fans of truffle, truffle goes well with anything and everything! Order was fast received after we place it, portion was relatively generous and huge. We can’t take our eyes off that pile of truffle paste on top of the poached egg and those huge piece of shaved parmesan😍. They were so generous with the ingredients too, lots of mushrooms and bacons🥓! This is impressive and delicious, one of those carbonara that’s not too creamy and jelak for our liking, we finished it all! 👍🏼😋 .
Last few days to use your #BurppleBeyond 1-for-1 Mains here as they expires on 30 June 2019, next Sun. @burpplebeyondfans .
@benjaminbarkercafe #hungryunicornsg #benjaminbarkercafe #trufflecarbonara #cineleisureorchard

8.561/11 (for da burgaz)

hie for contextualisation: ww gots baby huey and portabellO

the portabello was damn surprise. u eat alr got the ZHUP flow out w truffle scent. tbh v yumz i think btr than shakeshack bc not fried

Milkshake could hv been sweeter and could've been thicker. Fries are good, overall, the sides will fill you up as the burger sizes are quite small.

The burger taste great but was kinda cold. Believe it would be much better if it’s hot. Crab cake was great, except that the egg tastes a little weird

Price at $1.20 each
The pie crust was nice and flaky. As I cut open the pie, I could smell the pleasant coffee aroma
After taking a few bites, I managed to taste the Kopi Siew Dai flavour the smooth molten custard
Best consumed when it’s warm
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