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Recommended lists of Best Burgers in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Burgers Best Burgers in Singapore 2016 A lot has changed in two years since our last burger guide. Surprisingly, the greatest burgers this year aren't just coming from burger-focused joints. We've enjoyed excellent ones from a casual-chic steakhouse in the CBD, an ice cream bar in Siglap, an artsy cafe in Kampong Glam, and even an Australian butchery in Dempsey. Every one of these 14 burgers proves that eating with your hands and getting a little messy is so much fun. Bring an open mind and an even bigger appetite. Ready, set, eat!
Burpple Guides, Burgers, Western 12 Best Burgers In Singapore Few things are more comforting than a really, really good burger. You know what we're talking about... Thick patties with juicy centres, topped with melted cheese, crispy bacon, delicious mushrooms, caramelised onions, and all other sorts of sinful indulgences sandwiched between two perfect buns. Lucky for you, we're giving you the low-down on the best burger spots on the island!

Top 10 Places for Burgers

Top 10 places for Burgers

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Burgers

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Wasn’t what I expected it to be, is just a bowl of average luncheon lol..

I don’t recommend trying this cos it’s very bland and is just a plain Mac & Cheese!

The coriander honey and lemon aioli sauces both go well with the meat! The pork ribs, the steak, all the meat are very delicious! My tummy is so full after finishing this platter!

In my case, the taps board at @freehousesg where 16 taps of good craft beer in various styles to satiate you. If you’re lucky, you’ll find that symbiotic craft relationship between you and the bartender; if so, you’ll never have that “which beer” dilemma, you just close your eyes and it will be alright.

pasta was cooked in a full round giant cheese wheel partially hollowed out into a bowl, tossing it in the cheese bowl will slowly melt the layer of the cheese, and viola! The result was a nice and cheesy carbonara.

This is a highly recommended dish to order when dining here.

Take me back please, to this moment when the Steak Frites first appeared in front of us. These are the Victoria’s Secrets supermodels of food - their otherworldly perfection drawing eyes effortlessly wherever they appear.
But nothing, I repeat, nothing beats popping one in your mouth.
The amalgamation of melt-in-the-mouth steak tartare with the creamy brine of caviar on crunchy, salty fried potato is I-need-a-moment-gotta-close-my-eyes good. And that’s what makes this a real piece of heaven.


What I’m most impressed with is the quality of the produce at Little Creatures, however they need to add alot more value be it in portion size, flavour or creativity to justify the prices they’re charging.

Taste: 3/5

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This was quail eggs encased in a minced pork wrap, paired with sriracha mayo. Eggs were nicely done with a runny yolk and the meat case was tender and well seasoned, but I personally found this pretty average in flavour as a whole compared to their other dishes. I’d go for the spam fries or fried eggplant for more satisfying bites!

Thank you for the lovely dinner and @burpple for the invite!


Seven & Ate has revamped their menu and it’s now much more burger-centric; a great thing because all their burgers that I’ve tried have been great! They only use pork for their burgers, making for really moist and tender patties. The Jam & Eggs was one of my favs with an oozy egg and funky, crunchy bacon jam. It’s a mess for sure, but well worth the clean up. 👅💦💦


For a lighter yet still satisfying burger option at Seven & Ate, opt for the house-made guacamole and pico de gallo filled Gringo burger that'll let you pretend you're still eating healthy-ish. Those addictive grated cheese covered nachos that come with every serving won't be doing your diet any favours though.

Thanks for the invite @burpple and for hosting!

Taste: 3.5/5


Appealing concept of being able to order from four concept kitchens all while seated at one dining area, accompanied by very earnest and polite servers.

Unfortunately the food is a bit flat, with most dishes in 6/10 or 7/10 territory without being spectacular.

Better dishes include the Entrecote Steak ($34.90++), done to a perfect medium rare and served with glistening golden fries; however the popular secret sauce was much too tart and insufficiently umami to really carry the dish properly. Aguacate and Queso Tartine ($15++) was tasty but could really have done with a lot more cheese at that price point, for what is essentially two small slices of avocado toast.

The combined menu is a bit lacking in character despite the sheer number of dishes available (is there really such a need to have so many variations on bread?), only really anchored by the Entrecote Steak and not much else. Am left wondering if the experience would be improved if the popular favourites from Sabio (White Wine Scallops) and Ange Cafe (Savoury Choux) or the like were made available on the combined menu.

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