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A show-stopper, this dish meets our expectations in every single way. Flesh is soft and slightly sweet, and when consumed with the skin, one can taste the charred flavour. Then the chopped kailan in XO sauce and the amadai’s own scale spread on top give bursts if umaminess as well as slight bitterness, but that makes everything feel so balanced. My dining companion was very pleased with this dish as well, commenting how light and easy to eat it is. She didn’t think we could finish wiping this entire dish clean after all the great dishes! But I secretly chose this restaurant because of this amadai in the first place 😂 So satisfied!

Priced at $1.80 each
Filled with with fragrant gula melaka and desiccated coconut

Coming in to City Square Mall from basement access of Farrer Park MRT Station you will see this place at the front of you.

I would rather say it is not a so ordinary burger place. Their buttermilk chicken burger was really good to me, delicious and crunchy; match well with the buttermilk sauce. Go for the set to get the fries and drink.

This is perfect for a cold day. The soup manages to be strong tasting yet comforting, being cooked with fermented glutinous rice wine which gives a whole new dimension and fragrance to your typical Chinese noodle soup dishes. Accompanying the flavourful soup are QQ noodles, beancurd skin, black fungus, and tender chicken.

A unique dish that was worth the try. Location was quite difficult to get to but we thought that it was worth the trip to come and try this precious hidden gem. We visited on a Friday afternoon and there was no queue at all.

@burgsbyprojectwarung has created a specialty limited edition burger Nasi Lemak Burger ($5.60 ala carte) in conjunction with Singapore’s 56th National Day. Local interpretation comprising a fillet of deep fried turmeric chicken, cucumber slices, homemade sambal, ikan bilis and a whole fried egg
Burgs has also launched its very own delivery site (order.projectburgs.com) so everyone can enjoy Burgs’ affordable gourmet burgers at home.
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Cycled to dabao this and it was still warm by the time I consumed it. Ordered the Smash Double Cheese Burger ($8.40) with Cheese fries (+$2.50) and Pulled Brisket Burger ($7.50) with Truffles fries (+$3.50).

The Smash Double Cheese Burger had really juicy patties, which were packed with flavour but a tad on the saltier side. It’s a good burger and is sufficient to satisfy a burger craving but there’re better ones out there (nonetheless, worth it for the price). The Pulled Brisket Burger was really flavourful too, I enjoyed it thoroughly with every bite. Would have to say this was more unique compared to the double cheese burger. The brisket was on the sweeter side and the texture was so good. Unfortunately because the brisket was cooked in sauce, the bottom of the burger disintegrated.

Fries were on the drier side, but thank goodness they were thick cut otherwise I think it might be even drier. Cheese top up was relatively worth it, the amount of cheese was generous. However those of you who aren’t fans of creamy stuff, this might end up pretty jelak!

The aroma from the Truffle fries was so strong that when I took it out from my bag, the whole dining room was filled with the smell of truffle. However, there wasn’t much truffle taste so I personally feel that you’d probably wanna give it a miss and it’s not worth topping up $3.50 for it.

Grilled with grapeseed oil (and nth else!) the squids are tender, crispy and fresh. Its natural sweetness shines through and this is such an addictive snack with beer/wine/sake/you-name-it. It might look like nth much but it’s still so seductively addictive that I just cant stop nibbling.

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We have a weak spot for grilled brussel sprouts, and hence this order. The fried jack mackerel is tender though imo a bit dry. The brussel sprouts are nicely charred, soft enough for chewing although I have personal preference for even softer brussel sprouts. Still enjoyable nonetheless.

With the idea of putting Korean BBQ ingredients into a burger, @bbbunsfordays is a pretty new burger kiosk in Punggol that offers interesting Korean Smashed Burgers and Sodas.

Here’s what we enjoyed…
Grilled 100% US Smashed Beef Patty, Secret SSAMJANG, Pickled Radish, White Onion, Local Tomato, Coral Lettuce
👉Gochujang Fried Chikin’ Burger
Buttermilk Fried Chikin’ Thigh, Spicy GOCHUSOY Glaze, Homemade Kimchi-Slaw, Pickled Radish
👉Korean Sea Salt Fries
👉Hanrabong Ade & Yuzu Ade
Swipe left👈 to the end for their burgers menu!

I must say both burgers exceeded my expectations in terms of both quality and taste. For those that can tahan at least 小辣, I’d recommend you to try their Gochujang Fried Chikin’ Burger! Other than nailing the succulent fried chicken thigh, every bite into this burger proved to be a beautiful marriage of flavours.🤤

As expected, their fries didn’t quite survive the delivery but not to worry, you can believe in air-fryer miracles.😉 And finally for their Korean Sodas, they were refreshing and well-balanced!

❗️No Pork/Lard
‼️Click on the link in @bbbunsfordays bio to order now

💌Thanks @jacinthawee for the arrangement & Vinn @bbbunsfordays for satisfying my burger cravings!😋

Punggol Plaza
168 Punggol Field B1-05, S820168
🤝Takeaways Available
🚚Islandwide Delivery
(FREE till 31st July 21)

IG: @whatisdigesting

Today I tried the chocolate mixed with cookies and cream. It's thick and good. It's sweet. My guilty pleasure.

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Tasty as usual. Everything is tasty I love the coconut fries alot. Adds a subtle sweet and fragrance to the usual mayo taste. The burger isn't hot though. Would how loved it so much more its just hot but its diffeerent. I think the burger station have to wait for the fries to be ready. Because the fries is piping hot.