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Hattendo traditionally offers desserts, so I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food and service in their new franchise. Not only did they have an wide selection of alcohol but also a very extensive menu of authentic Japanese cuisine. Would definitely recommend the Aburi Wagyu Beef with Onsen egg. Worth a visit for a chill night out with friends or couples.

1-FOR-1 MILKSHAKES TILL 11PM TODAY! Doing y’all a solid here ah #notsponsored please. When I saw Carne’s stories on Monday saying they’re running this promo for their new and improved milkshakes that are “thicker and creamier” (verbatim mind you), I took it as a challenge lol. Cause I pretty much trashed their milkshakes in my previous review (soz guys I know I’m a little brutal). Obviously I went in with only one thought in my head: is it really thicker and creamier, as opposed to the watery diluted shadow of a milkshake I had previously? YES, thank goodness they were. I took a sip right when the milkshake landed in my hands, and it’s deeeefinitely thicker, creamier, and tons better than my previous experience. The flavours are a lot punchier (salted caramel and coffee were my faves, I loved the earthy burnt toffee in the latter), the milkshake smooth and creamy, and I actually went “mmm not bad!” Tbh I’m a huge fan of thickshakes — I like em real thicccc — and if I don’t see a malt option on the menu it’s an immediate 🙅🏻‍♀️ for me; but I’ll give Carne this: if you like the easier to drink more regular not sorethroat-inducing milkshakes, they make a pretty good one. Though I still don’t get the soggy praline topping 🙃

As I was exploring Yuhua Village for foods, I found this place which actually offered decent western food.

For $16, their pork steak actually come in a good portion. The pork steak has cut in pieces, which is easy to eat for me. Underneath was lots of mash potato with long beans.

Food Barn offers a wide variety of sandwiches, burgers and other mains that are popular among the working population in the area. I tried the Beef BLT ($9.50 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and it tasted pretty great, with a good amount of beef and bacon, together with fresh ingredients. The bread itself is toasted and is on the harder side that many might appreciate. With some chips and coleslaw, this can be a great lunch! The smoked salmon sandwich which my friend had looked like it had a generous amount of smoked salmon 😍 will try that next time!

Amazing Burger and really good service from the staff. Wide variety of deserts as well

got the famous poet’s burger !! used burpple 1-1 🤩✊🏻 the fries was amazingly thick and i love thick cut fries !!!! the burger was nt bad just that the beef patty was a tad dry and the onion rings were pretty soaked w oil but thts okay because there were different dimensions to the whole burger and i would recommend sharing it w ur friend as 1 as it wld b too jelak and p salty !! ♥️🙋🏻‍♀️

probably one of the best fish & chip i’ve ever eaten !! super crispy on the outer and tender inside !! hands down man must try when ure here ✊🏻💛 the batter was rly coated and good job to them ! 😉

Avocado Burger
Pink Fish’s Curry Burger has always been one of my favourite and their latest Avocado Burger won my heart as well! Burger comes with classic grilled salmon, but now topped with smooth avocado purée with zesty kick. It’s a really refreshing approach and definitely worth a try! Their cod fish nuggets are must order
Pink Fish

The Cajun fries fared much better, ours were done just right and crunchy.

Passed by Mom’s Touch’s new outlet at Centrepoint and they were running this 1 for 1 promo for their Mom’s Thigh Burger. Was unfortunately quite disappointed in it - the overall burger was dry and very much lacked sauce. Buns could be fluffier and the fried chicken thigh wasn’t of that big a size. The ratio of meat was also less of the batter. I did enjoy the crunchy fried chicken skin parts, but it’s not something I’d get again.

Go on Tuesday for their oyster special day where oysters are $1.50. Oysters are fresh and delicious. Rest of the seafood menu is great too and very fresh.

Had some lobster chunks inside and the lobster bisque tasted stronger than the cheese. I personally prefer a m&c w stronger cheese flavour, but my friend enjoyed it!