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Economically Thai

Economically Thai

Having lived in Thailand, Thai cuisine naturally falls under my favourite. The familiarity to the local Thai herbs, style of cooking makes me less tolerant to mediocre Thai food. Recommendations are based on the ingredients used, the taste and flavours, the Thais' standard of generous serving and value.

At the entrance of the supermarket.

Thai fruit snacks are to die for. The fried balls and banana fritters are fried to perfection in the batter. Crispy, sweet and crunchy at every mouthful. $3 per 6 pieces. Must try both.

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Authentic, well fried. You could taste the mixed of tamarind and soy sauce in each strand of the noodles. Great flavours. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Located at 2 Lorong 29 Geylang (Da Fu Eating House) Dee Mak Mookata has a Yummy selection of fresh ingredients and pre-marinated meat. Try the spicy pork collar and pork belly ala carte raw meat. It's tender and well seasoned. The newly alfresco eatery, breezy on most nights is just the place for hot pot. The Mookata plate is clean, the service was good, the price is competitively reasonable. Extra dishes includes BBQ stingray and others. The homemade sambal on the seafood is a winner! This is going to be our regular.

In a hidden corner on the ground floor of Golden Mile Complex lay this restaurant that was filled with Thais. That, was an indication of authenticity I guess. Here, we found an interesting dish. Stir-fried Minced Pork with lightly deep fried century eggs, topped with deep fried Thai Basil leaves. It gives a taste of satisfaction yet not too robust. Non-century egg lovers should try as you century egg flavours are wrapped by the flavours of minced pork and scent of the Basil. This dish is $15.

There's definitely a secret to how Thais fry their eggs. There's always this browned edges and it taste simply delicious even when it's plain!

Another recommended dish at Nana. This dish of fried basil pork is soft, spicy, salty and crunchy. Great to go with a plate of white rice! It can however do with a little less oil.

Fresh and generous serving of seafood on this glass noodle salad. It's spicy with the right amount of lime juice, this dish is a refreshing. Only feedback is that it could do with a little more glass noodle.

A tad small portion for $7. But taste good :).


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