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Waft Of Waffles

Waft Of Waffles

With cafes sprouting up amongst neighbourhoods across Singapore, waffles have been seen as probably the most fashionable food trends of the late. Here's a list that gathers the ones that makes it, as well as those that you should save the calories on.
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua

Finally got to try the Sloppy Waffle at Prodigal Cafe over the weekend; something I had been eagerly waiting to try since a while ago. A perfect item for brunch, the Sloppy Waffle comes with all the right elements; scrambled egg, grilled boneless chicken thigh, cheese sauce, candied bacon and Sriracha (opted out of the Peanut Butter since I can't have that), all atop a plush, fluffy and crisp waffle. No doubt the waffle gets soggy from the various components after a while, but this is certainly substantial in portion size; fluffy, creamy scrambled eggs, juicy and tender chicken with crisp and sweet bacon all laced with a gooey, yet lightly savoury cheese sauce and Sriracha which provides a slight umami factor, it checks off all the boxes for a comforting brunch item for the weekend — just make sure you are hungry enough though!

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Noticed this making its rounds on social media and decided to give it a go. Felt that this was a little disappointing; while the duck leg confit was decent having retained the flesh's moisture within with the meat being considerably tender and savoury, the duck leg confit was nothing much to shout about. The waffle was rather uninspiring however; soft and limp, it was also rather bland — void or any buttery fragrance. Even the sunny side up was a little disappointing, a yolk that lacks ooziness considering how it was well-done. Not worth the hype at all, and more so considering the long waiting times of over 30mins.


Checked out this new kiosk just around Happy Hawkers coffeeshop at Blk 204 Bedok North Street 1. Serving up waffles and Goreng Pisang, their signature is also undeniably the highlight of the stall. The Pandan Waffle was chewy and wafts of Pandan fragrance; some may prefer it to be chewier, while the slab of fried chicken was the highlight of the dish — tender, juicy and succulent whilst being briny with a hint of sweetness from a drizzle of honey. Coming with a side of waffle fries, the waffle fries were also crisp — a substantially-sized item at just $5.90; very value-for-money considering the quality it comes at.

From SPRMRKT’s new spot at Cluny Court; the concept attempts to move away from McCallum Street’s cafe roots — instead, brunch and all-day breakfast are served on weekend brunch/lunch service; the former consisting of more adventurous items such as pasta, soups, salads and meats with a local infusion. The all-day breakfast carries all-time favourite from SPRMRKT McCallum Street — classics that some may still revisit SPRMRKT for.

Using the American Chicken & Waffles as a base, Prawn Paste Chicken is used for a local touch; the fried chicken being crisp on the exterior and tender within — comes with a tinge of umami from the prawn paste. Waffles waft of buttermilk fragrance; light and crisp on the exterior yet maintaining fluffiness within. The accompanying Thai Chili comes on the sweet side; compliments the waffles better than the fried chicken — that being said, flavours of spices and herbs used for the chili dip is pretty evident, especially for the ending notes. A pretty well-sized brunch item for $20++; not what I exactly would call pocket-friendly, but definitely comes with a certain level when quality is concerned.


Also got myself the Whoaffle Set which entitles one to the one scoop of ice-cream, a sauce alongside their signature Whoaffles. The Whoaffle is essentially their variant of the waffles — theirs can be described as crisp without being too dense nor thick (therefore lacks the fluffiness, but it's actually not so filling). The Toasted Marshmallow ice-cream that I opted for wasn't too heavy on the palate with its mellow sweetness, while the Espresso Butterscotch was a new sauce offered here which carried a hint of smokiness amidst the sweetness which went pretty well altogether.


From Daan Daan Dessert Bar's new location at Pasarbella Suntec — replaces the former retail stall that opposite Wolf Burger. The stall serves up ice-cream in cones, cups or their signature Gai Daan Zai aka Egglets.

The egglets here do waft of the fragrance and carries the flavour of buttermilk and is generally crisp, though the "bubbles" seem to lack that softness texturally — instead, the entire Gai Daan Zai felt rather firm in order to achieve that crispness. Mao Shan Wang Ice-Cream was pretty balanced; its not overly pungent, yet creamy without being overly sweet — good for those who prefer their durian-flavored ice-creams to come a little more refined than how some other places prefer to go heavy and full-on with that punchy flavour of the king of fruits.


Came across this new ice-cream parlour on Burpple that seemed to have opened during the weekend. Pretty interesting considering it's a rather local-themed and almost nostalgic set up — they also offer very local-centric items such as Pandan Waffles (one can even opt for Kaya spread) and Sugee Waffles with the ice-cream with familiar childhood biscuits for toppings.

Overall the waffle here lies closer to the cakey sort, and that it does carry a light hint of almond as almond powder is mixed into the batter to replicate the flavour of Sugee Cake; personally though I would prefer to have a stronger hint of almond. The waffles also seemed to have carried a little gritty texture thought that was barely noticeable unless someone were to really go into detail. The coconut ice-cream was actually pretty creamy, rich and refreshing — my favourite out of the three that I tried (Speculoos and Toasted Marshmallow being the other two).

Would really like to commend the service of here — the staff was pretty apologetic that she has run out of Pandan batter for my initial order of Pandan Waffles, she initiated the change to Sugee Waffles at no extra charge. She came serving the Sugee Waffles with peanut spinkled over the top to the table, and that's when she actually asked if I could eat peanuts out of her own initiative; ended up replacing my order yet again with another fresh Sugee Waffle while I could have easily scraped off the peanuts — really friendly and takin care of her customers well!


This was on my to-try list for quite a while; sure, there's quite a lot of chicken with waffle dishes out there but Kung Bao Chicken? Perhaps not.

Coming with three quadrants of waffles, a sunny side-up and bits of fried chicken atop two of the quadrants, I have to say admittedly that the Kung Bao sauce was actually pretty good; thick, savoury, a little sweet and actually carries a light but evident spicy kick. Would probably prefer the fried chicken chunks to come in full pieces rather than cut-up; a little texture seems to be lost there. The egg yolk remains flowy, and that the waffles are pretty fragrant but would probably appeal to those who prefer soft, cakey ones in contrast to the crispy waffles.


I have only heard if one place so far that used to serve waffles with chocolate chips incorporated into the waffle batter itself, and this is the second one I have came across. The waffle is probably one of the better ones I have ever came across — the buttermilk aroma pretty evident and was a little crisp and fluffy with chocolate chips that are melted within the batter for a little chewiness and chocolatey flavour. Opt for the maple syrup as a sauce so the flavours of the chocolate chips and waffle shine through within getting overpowered by heavy tasting sauces. Ice-cream flavours here are regularly rotated around with a board indicating the flavours available — the Creme Brûlée comes with a little crackling sugar while being mildly sweet; quite appetising if you are looking for a lighter flavour to pair with the waffle.


Feelings got a little cheated when it arrived because we thought it was going to be a chocolate waffle rather than just a classic waffle drizzled with Valrhona chocolate sauce. Look beyond that however and it's probably the best waffle you can get at $12.50++ and with an interesting Black Pepper ice-cream. The waffle is delightfully crisp on the exterior and plush inside, but the Black Pepper ice-cream can be abstract for some — go slow because it has a vanilla ice-cream base so it carries just a very faint flavour until you finish the waffle where you could feel that tingly peppery flavour in the throat; don't worry though for it would never hit anywhere near being chokingly spicy. Still, very interesting to have with a waffle that is to die for.


Rose Waffle, Rose and Lychee Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet, Lychee Purée, Lychee, Fresh Raspberry, Rose Petal and Macaron. The waffle itself is rather decent; a light hint of rose and quite crisp with a plush interior. Rose and lychee sorbet was a tad too sweet, though I liked the tartness of the raspberry sorbet which was quite balanced. Overall it comes together tasting almost like Bandung with notes of lychee detected — a flavour that should reside well with ladies looking for a dessert that isn't too sweet.


Waffles here needs a bit of fine-tuning; a little soft and limp lacking crispiness and fluffiness, though the charcoal flavours seem a teeny weeny bit stronger than other charcoal waffles. The Thai Green Tea ice-cream goes extremely well with the waffles however — rich and aromatic with an evident perfuming floral fragrance; very intriguing indeed!


Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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