Ang Moh Food 👱

Ang Moh Food 👱

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ni eats
ni eats

The bad lighting at the outdoor seats doesn't do the dish any justice. The slow roasted lamb shoulder was super tender and flavourful! Same goes to the beef w a slightly char and crisp exterior. Which went very well with the green harissa dip.


Added $2 for the option of thin crust. The combination of classic pepperoni and meatballs w peppers, olives and mushroom on top of charcoal baked thin crust.. 😋😋😋

A place that I used to frequent in sec sch but haven't been here for the longest time! Had their Monday daily special: Wagyu Beef. Which I would say is pretty huge for $9.90 but do not expect too much taste wise. But nevertheless, marche is still a great place for you to hang out w your friends!


Kinda craving for this now. The chicken thigh meat is scored to make sure it is cooked through fast without losing its moisture. Resulting in a juicy chicken with a crunchy batter and that sriracha glaze that gives a nice kick, causing the tongue to tingle a little.


Seriously how were we not the winning entry. With a killer combination of buffalo sauce, manchego cheese, wagyu short rib meatballs, basil, artichoke hearts, jalepeno and shaved prosciutto. Create your own DIY pizza at @altpizza and go crazy over the 40+ toppings you can choose from! Then share it w #myaltdiy to stand a chance to win weekly prizes! Absolutely love the crisp exterior of the dough and slight chewiness it had! Thanks @burpple for the invite and @altpizza for hosting us! #burpple #burppletastemakers #eatup


This dish definitely looks better than it taste. I love tuna steak and it's so hard to find in Singapore. So thought I shall try it as the description didn't sound too bad. Sesame crusted tuna steak with black fettuccine and tomato relish. The tuna steak was ok but not great. The flavours of the tuna was mainly from the sesame seeds itself. But the fettuccine.....was just bad. It's like oily noodles with no taste at all...and the tomatoes were just raw fresh tomatoes. So if you're here, just go for their pizzas and wine. Can't go wrong with those!


Weekends are finally here! Why not enjoy tea w your friends and gossip over tea and scones. When the 3 tier set came, I was taken aback by how few items there is for 4 person... Until the waitress said, it is free flow. So it's like a buffet but you are served! The salmon quiche was not bad but the meat was a bit too minced that you can't tell its salmon. Everything else were pretty good but not great. The only thing we ate countless off were the scones! They constantly toast more scones, so when they arrive, they are hot with a slight crunchy exterior and fluffy interior! I had a strawberry vanilla tea and it was so smooth and comforting! If only I wasn't having a sore throat that day :/ I would have enjoyed it a lot more!


I had to change the steak to chicken because my dad doesn't eat beef. I love the honey back ribs! Sweet sticky sauce on tender pork ribs, who wouldn't love it. I love the roasted potatoes underneath all the meat as well! You can choose which meat sauce is your favorite and dip it! The meats are all generally good, but I wouldn't say that for the seafood. The prawn was a little mushy but a good experience so far.


Thought barley risotto sounded really interesting. Served with lobster and sour cream. Thought I wouldn't finish the serving on my own. But the bite of the barley and the seafood stock taste was just so addictive. Before I knew it, I finished the whole plate!


Seriously one of the best Mac and cheese you can find in Singapore. The sauce is not overly creamy and gelard, making it easy to eat. And that melted cheese on top is just amazing!


The service here actually was a lot better compared to the last time i came. This aged ribeye was not bad with a nice bite to it. Their whiskey whole grain mustard goes really well w the steak!


Lamb was very tender and the Worcestershire sauce was strong. But with more potato than anything else, it soon became very gelard. Not quite worth the $38.


ni eats

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