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Prime striploin came out very rare, even when i asked for it to be medium rare. It was sent back and came back out medium well. Frutti di mare pasta was not bad but the mussels tasted like the ocean. Fries and broccolini were pretty average, nothing to rave about.

Rating: 6.5/10

It’s my first time stepping into Fat belly after hearing so much about it and it certainly didn’t disappoint. First of the ambience makes the perfect chill date after a long day of work. There were so many options to choose from but for the appetisers I settled on having the burrata cheese with sourdough. The vinaigrette went so well with the burrata cheese and sourdough. The sourdough was crispy yet fluffy, man left me wanting for more! The star of the show however is definitely the BEEF ✨πŸ₯© I tried the Denver, and boy did it not disappoint. It was so tender, and came just the way I liked it- medium rare. They cut it well against the grain and each mouth you could feel the juice just bursting in your mouth. I was full, but my stomach still called for more when my eye caught hold of the desserts. I settled for the burnt cheesecake and it was BOMB. It paired so well with the strawberry jam as well as the biscuit crumble bits, the perfect way to end the night! Would recommend you going if you’re a huge beef lover because this was worth every penny!

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After the outstanding showings of meat, this dish paled in comparison. I'm not sure whether it's because I was too cheapskate to afford the more expensive cuts (the hangar was oos), but this steak was really chewy and average. Well, at least it was impressive that the done-ness was consistently medium rare throughout. Probably through sous vide as it took a good hour to arrive.


Looks are deceiving because this was heaven in a mouthful. The cured beef carried an euphoric amount of spices while the outside of each slice screamed with smokiness. All I wanted was more.


Marvelously layered with a modest amount of melted fat and roasted char, each slice of the brisket packs a delectably tender texture.

Though this plate looks small, you wouldn't want to miss this. I haven't tried a lot of American barbeques but quality-wise I found this miles ahead of the one at decker barbeque.


I’ve reviewed and raved about the Camden Hill Cheeseburger before, and the sides for this are generally the same. I chose this because I’ve never tasted beyond meat before and this actually was cheaper than the cheeseburger. However, I don’t recommend it because I found that the beyond meat tasted weird with a permeating bean flavour. I guess I’m in the impossible camp!


Regrettably, I didn’t try this during my exchange in the Netherlands. I’m not sure if this version is authentic but I didn’t really like it. Yes it came with a weighty amount of beef within, but the meat was all so battered and one-dimensional that it tasted like a croquette of mushy baby food. You can try this for the novelty – some reviewers said they liked it, but I it was quite average for me


Way too well done steak, crispy at some of the edges and rly hard to cut esp since they don't give you a steak knife. Sauce had a huatiao wine taste, making the whole dish feel asian. Fries were the last of their batch, so they were short, overly crunchy and rly salty. Bun was rly greasy but it seems like you can opt to change it to sth else. Also ordered a pork chop which was ok, and came with the same stubby salty fries. Like most of the other reviews, I rly don't get the draw of this place.


Decided to try out the pandan shake as it was a Singapore-exclusive item. For $6.90, you get a pandan-flavoured milkshake with bits of gula melaka (palm sugar) on top! My first thought was that the milkshake tasted like the chiffon cake that you could get from a neighbourhood bakery and the pandan taste was really strong! However, despite being impressive at the start, the drink got a little too sweet towards the end and it became a little too cloying to drink. :( Shake Shack could try to reduce the sweetness of the drink a little, or you could share the drink amongst two to make it more bearable!

Overall, I think it's nice to try the pandan shake as it is eye-opening, but their conventional milkshakes taste better 😁

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At their best, their roast ckn is pretty solid. Thigh was juicy, skin had a bit of crisp, and marinade was fine too. Understandably the breast was abit dry

Their veggies had an unpleasant butter taste, doesn't go well w the veggies at all

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