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Price : SGD 8.80+. It's not very spicy which is a good thing for me. The sauce is quite yummy.

It's nice. SGD 13.80 +. The portion is alright.

Came here for the steak buffet and service was quite fast compared to last time as we came at 8pm Thursday this time. Food was not bad considering it as a steak buffet of $33

The usual hangout for good rustic Italian fare. This establishment is really popular with in the neighbourhood.
The Orecchiette Pasta ($19) was perfectly al dante and had strong notes of saffron and pork. I liked that it was topped with what I believe to be crispy pork which added a much needed crunchy element to the dish.

Went on weekday night, food is very good! love the carbonara and fish n chips! Great ambience at jewel as well! Service was great too!

Went on weekday night, food is very good! love the carbonara and fish n chips! Great ambience at jewel as well!

Brunch at @focr.sg on a relaxing Monday. I’ve always appreciate cafes that opens on Mondays as early as 8am! ✌🏻 Food was yummy, company was great and a nice weather to walk around the hood [stay tuned for photos of our mini “tour”🤣]

I’ve ordered the vegetarian option:

SEA SALT RICOTTA AVOCADO TOAST $16 - sourdough toast, guacamole, avocado, ricotta, poached eggs , roasted tomatoes, dukkah, sea salt.

And my friend ordered the BAKED EGGS $19 - tomato sauce, bacon, chorizo, baby spinach, feta cheese, almond, sourdough toast

Mine was delicious and refreshing!
However, I wish the poached eggs were more flavorful as they were rather bland. Would definitely go back to try the other dishes.

Finally tried wow wow west at ABC brickworks and... not a fan. My chicken was quite over cooked. It was a thigh cut but they somehow managed to cook it till the edges were rock hard. Have to hand it to them though, portion sizes were pretty massive.

Yum spent $23.40 in total
Fish & Chips were 10/10
lotus rice was interesting n flavourful

We had their Crispy Pig Ears ($21), as opposed to the usual braised cooking method which we are familiar with, was crispy and savory which balances out well with the red date sauce and pickled ginger flower. A little sweetness and citrusy to it. The key to it is have everything in a bite! Then you could taste the varying flavors.

The other dish I had was the Banana Leaf Sea Bass ($29) grilled in banana leaf and interestingly served with banana purée and shrimp sambal. Sweetness in a dish which you least expected it and the shrimp sambal wasn’t the spicy kind, but more of aromatic from the hei bi.

Very interesting concept with creative dishes.

Poet Burger
Shepherd's Pie

Food: 7/10
The burger was pretty good but it felt like the Shepherd's pie could do with more seasoning

Ambience: 8/10
Love the quiet ambience in the afternoon and staff were friendly

What do you know about breakfast? Next level morning manwich fully stacked with a porky fennel sausage, greasy hash, cheddar, onion marmalade and smoked onion aioli for that ultra-savoury post-all-nighter pick-me-up that’s oozing all over the edges from a squished sunny side-up egg. Bliss.

Taste: 3.5/5

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