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Chicken Wing Nasi Lemak.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/soulfood-catering/

Eggs Benedict with salmon, paired with Ice Lemon Tea/ Hojicha Latte. It is also a place suitable to get work done!

We tried both the chunky’s cheesy and chunky’s connecticut at $29 for 2 sets. Lobster meat was very substantial. Very worth the price!

🍔 The portion is huge, recommended to share with your friends. Many interesting dishes to look out for at this cafe. .
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Fat Po
10 Tebing Ln, 01-05/06, Singapore 828836

Duck burger ($17.90++)

Had this with burrple beyond 1 for 1 so it was really worth it. Fries portion was substantial and i liked that they were nice to the bite.. crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and also well seasoned. The smoked duck burger with charcoal bun tasted really good, just that as with smoked duck slices, harder to cut and chew. Other than that, would say that the burger was on point.

Simple and unassuming, the salmon was pan-fried to perfection with a crispy skin and medium done inside. The miso glaze added a combination of savory, salty and sweet element to the dish, which complemented very well with the butter rice. Two thumbs up for a satisfying and delicious Asian-fusion dish. 👍👍

Creamy cold white brew to energize and refresh you mid-day. Smooth with no bitter aftertaste.

Coffeeshop western food that serves delicious meat. Comes with 2 sides of your choice. Happy Chef has recently moved to 465, just one block behind the previous location.

Honey BBQ Chicken $7

This came with a salad buffet during lunch!

I ordered a side of truffle fries with the fish and it was the better of the two. The fries were crisp and the truffle oil was enough to make it stand out from normal fries, though I wouldn't exactly say that the truffle aroma was very strong. Unfortunately, they used white fish which is a bit dry for my liking. Thus, despite the batter being tasty, I was not too impressed with the fish. I'm not sure why they have not switched to using exclusively cod or haddock for fish & chips - it may be a bit more expensive but well-worth it in my opinion!

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On my plate is tuna salad, mesclun, roasted eggplant, tomatoes and hummus. I liked the tuna salad and roasted eggplant the best. The hummus was by far the most disappointing, as I could detect the graininess of unblended chickpeas.

Other options included a penne salad, antipasti, tortilla chips and salsa, and a watermelon passionfruit mojito-like mix. I don't think it is very good value for $12.95 (++) to be honest. :/

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This comes with a salad buffet during lunch!

I felt the white fish was rather dry, and the cheese-ebiko mix was an attempt to cover this dryness with flavour. It worked to some extent, but in the end the dry flakiness of the fish stood out most. Some people may like this texture of fish, though, but it is just not me. Other than the fish, I found the sweet potato fries and paella rice very satisfactory. I only wish they came with a sauce of some kind to balance out the heatiness.

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#meatlessmonday instead of #meatymonday?! No no, nobody kidnapped me and replaced me with a btec clone, I’m just here for them joocy, joocy sponsored burgers.⠀

Word (no, bird ain’t the word this time) about @thegoodburgersg and their Impossible patties has been steadily spreading, and your resident meat-a-holic is here to pass judgement on ‘em. Yes, I know that an impossible patty has enough estrogen to turn a guy into a girl after about six of ‘em, but that’s a topic for another day.⠀

The Classic ($16, additional $6 for another ‘patty’) is pretty friggin’ close to a real burger. The patty is almost close enough to fool you into thinking you’re actually having meat. Well, close, but no cigar. The texture is a lot looser, less dense, and it just doesn’t have that pushback & resistance that real beef has. Think of a beef patty that has a lot of veggie filler within, and that’s what the Impossible patty is.⠀

They sold me on the taste, though. It’s just a classic all American greasy spoon burger, complete with melted cheese, pickles, and @thegoodburgersg secret sauce, which I’m sure is just ketchup & American mustard. Apparently there were onions in the burger, but I never found it. What really amazes me is that fact that the patties have the ability to acquire a compellingly charming caramelised crust. Yep, just like the real thing, damn! It’s downright delicious, and it’s...dare I say it, enjoyable.⠀

You’ll definitely want to double up on the patties as one is not enough. However, due to the high cost of Impossible patties, the cost of $22 is pretty steep, especially compared to the real deal. But if you’re dead insistent on not eating Connie the Cow, then it’s hard to do better than @thegoodburgersg.

Thanks for feeding us @thegoodburgersg, and mucho gracias to @burpple for the invite!