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Recommended lists of Best Western Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Western, Burgers 12 Best Burgers In Singapore Few things are more comforting than a really, really good burger. You know what we're talking about... Thick patties with juicy centres, topped with melted cheese, crispy bacon, delicious mushrooms, caramelised onions, and all other sorts of sinful indulgences sandwiched between two perfect buns. Lucky for you, we're giving you the low-down on the best burger spots on the island!
Western Best Steaks You Can Find In Singapore Tastemaker Seth absolutely loves his steak, and has gone to great lengths to find the best there is in Singapore. Add these great restaurants to your list for future feasting!
Interesting, Western Western Grub Everyone's favourite, be it if you are a child, teenager or an adult. Food that we will never get tired of and leave you wanting for more!

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Top 10 places for Western
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Having 2 mains for the price of 1! ☀️
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Melty, gooey cheese topped with honey, thyme and almonds. We really enjoyed this one! Flavours were an explosion of goodness! Gets cold & hardens fast, BUT, you can ask for it to be reheated :)

Ordered the beef (black puff) and pork to try. So darn good! Melt in your mouth meat and unique spices used in each. ($15 for the pair)

DYO salad bowl - pick a base with 5 other toppings. There are additional charges for protein. So here’s my pick of the day - Romaine lettuce as my base, chicken breast as my protein with beetroot, pumpkin, chickpea and broccoli as my toppings. No dressing to go with it and make this the “cleanest”meal ever in my entire life!

Been here numerous times, decided to be adventurous and tried the black pepper crab linguine which was so good i finish every strand of noodle, spicy and fragrant, cooked to an al dente perfection! First w the mozarella pizza, good portion for the price paid! And the usual pesto chicken linguine order.. So much love for dean & deluca!

Light, fluffy pancakes paired with fried egg, bacon and bratwurst sausage. Second time trying this and it did not disappoint! The pancakes are especially good when eaten with a generous drizzle of maple syrup! Everything complemented well, although the sausage could have had more flavour.

Pumpkin pancake topped with smoked salmon, poached egg and a generous serving of hollandaise sauce and roe. The spiced pancakes were the star of the dish (perfect for cinnamon lovers like myself!) Felt that the savoury toppings were a tad heavy and did not go too well with the pancakes. Nonetheless, this dish is worth a try for the great pancakes alone👌🏼

Too sweet! The cookies and cream milkshake was much better.

Was expecting more flavor from the patty. Additional $1 if you want cheese in your burger!

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Dish was served with only 2 prawns of which one was not fresh at all — It was served mushy and soft. If not for burpple 1 for 1 this dish is definitely not worth the price tag

Black pepper seafood pasta . It just get spicier and spicier after every consumption . 🔥