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Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim

Chicken Yakiniku Tori Yaro specialises in chicken, with a wide selection of cuts to allow diners to taste different textures such as the tender Chicken Thigh, firm-fatty cut of the Chicken Tail, soft-juicy Tsukune meatballs, or more uncommon cuts such as chewy Chicken Gizzard, crunchy Chicken Soft Bone or tender-chewy Chicken Heart, all to be cooked over an electric grill. Remember to pair these meats with the different variety of customisable sauces and condiments.

Other signature items include the Tori Yaro Chicken Ramen with a twist (where you can grill the Chicken Chashu to get that smoky-char flavour going and savour it with the ramen for that umami-rich punch!), and also the savoury Tantan Tofu as a side dish!

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Next were the Takeshi Kaidan & Salmon Kaidan Sets which were beautifully presented in flight of stairs! Taste wise, these sushis don’t disappoint too, you can really taste the freshness and quality in each piece of sushi!

Recently visited Takeshi-San, a newly opened Japanese restaurant located at Holland Village (opposite Wala Wala). The standout dish among those that I tried was the A5 Wagyu Truffled Inaniwa Udon. It featured A5 Miyazaki beef that was so tender, flavourful and juicy, served together with Inaniwa Udon that was really smooth, and coated with aromatic truffle cream sauce and an onsen egg for that extra creamy texture!


The umami Tonkotsu Base Broth is simmered in-house for 12 hours and infused with a secret Sakura Ebi Paste for the extra oomph! The Ebi Fry is only breaded and fried upon order, while fresh bread crumbs are used for the extra crunchiness. It tasted exceptionally well with the home-made tartar sauce too.

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The Miso is curated from Nagoya, Japan while the recipe is bolstered with Red wine & Tonkotsu Broth. The Japanese Pork fillet is done just right with a touch of pink in the middle, thus ensuring the tenderness by not over-cooking it.

Easily one of the best Tonkatsu I’ve had in awhile! Yongenton Pork, highly sought after for its great balance of fat & marbling, is used for its juiciness & tenderness! Fresh bread crumbs are also used to give it a long lasting crunch, while a special technique is in place to drain off the oil from all Katsu as much as possible to rid the greasiness.

Kanada-Ya will be opening their second outlet at Change Alley Mall tomorrow, and there will be 2 new ramens exclusively available at this outlet!
One of them is the Black Garlic Ramen (in frame), where you can tantalise your taste buds with the heady scent made with fragrant black garlic paired together with their mouth-watering tonkotsu soup & topped with Belly chashu! There is also a new vegetarian ramen option available with the Truffle Veggie Ramen.
Salad lovers can also try their specially crafted DIY fusion salad bar with wide variety & countless options of the freshest ingredients like Bulgogi Minced Beef, Cajun Chicken Fillet, Smoked Salmon, Tofu Steak & their signature Chashu on the Midori Bowl.
Opening Special: Enjoy 100% unlimited cash rebate on your first meal via the Kanada-Ya app from 15th to 17th October 2020!⁣⁣⁣

The tornado omelette was so fluffy, while the chunks of beef were tender, and the demi-glaced sauce was so rich and meaty in flavour, combining perfectly with each spoonful of the omelette and rice (hidden beneath the omelette)!

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Are you up for a spicy challenge? Spicy lovers will be glad that Monster Curry’s Monster Spicy Challenge is back with four levels (Levels 10, 20, 50 & 100) of spiciness to choose from! 🔥🔥🔥

I’ve always been a fan of the Japanese Curry Rice from Monster Curry with their huge portions and the delicious demi-glacé curry! Featured here is the Chicken Katsu Curry with Level 10 spiciness which i thoroughly enjoyed! The chicken katsu was huge and crispy while the level 10 hot sauce added an extra kick to the savoury curry sauce! To be honest, i felt level 10 was not too challenging for me, will be back to try the other levels next time! 😂

Another dish that i highly recommend is the Dashi Oden, which appealed to my taste buds with its comforting broth and simple, yet delectable ingredients! The ingredients include the flavourful chicken meatballs, soft, juicy daikon (radish), delightful konjac (yam) and bouncy chikuwa (Japanese fish cake). The different elements combined together to create a wondrous burst of flavours and textures!

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The recent rainy weather got me craving for the A4 Wagyu Dashi Shabu that i had at Dashi Master Marusaya recently! Think melt in the mouth wagyu beef cooked in an umami-laden dashi broth that’s sweetened with 8 types of shredded vegetables... just thinking of it makes me salivate! That’s not all, after you’re done with the meats, a choice of udon or porridge is added to the broth to complete the Dashi Shabu experience!

Other meat options include the A5 Wagyu, Pork and Homemade Chicken Meat Ball.

Greatest Love ($38.90): Luxurious bento set filled with an array of their signature food items like Buta Kakuni, Chilli Soft Shell Crab, Aburi Hotate with Truffle, Smoked Duck Salad and more! Truly a mouth-watering delight!

Supa Hero ($28.90): Assorted Sushi Platter filled with creations such as Unagi Cream Cheese Maki, Tamago Kappa Maki, Temari Sushi and interesting ones like Crispy Rice Teriyaki Chicken / Crispy Rice Lobster Salad Mini Burgers! Great for sushi lovers!

Japanese Fusion Pizza ($29.90): 3 pieces of delicious Japanese fusion pizzas with flavours such as Spicy Salmon with Wakame, Jumbo Crab & Chicken Teriyaki! Deep fried tempura is used as a base and sushi rice rolls as the ‘crust’! The Jumbo Crab was our favourite flavour, it was really enjoyable together with the crispy base!

The Father’s Day menu is available till end of June, you can call them at +65 8777 3163 for orders and delivery.

Constantly on the hunt for good eats! Instagram: @jonnyboyeats

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