Small, minimalist aesthetic café with unique and limited offering, but is very popular. I came after lunchtime hoping to get my hands on their donuts to no avail. I had the strawberry pistachio instead, nice cake crust and comforting combination of the ingredients! Not for those who don't like nutty/strong pistachio flavor or texture as advised by the staff. I also got the osmanthus tea which is imported from Taiwan, which complements the cake well.

I came intrigued by the Pooh theme. It is a small ice cream parlour decked in yellow main decor with wooden accent and some Pooh toys and quotes on the wall for photo-ops. They offer some standard, some unique flavors. I had a double scoop of Honey Chrysanthemum with Cacao Nibs and Roasted Pistachio [$9.5 due to premium and gourmet flavors, $8 for double scoop with standard flavors]. The former was quite heavily chrysanthemum [which I like] with hints of honey that added a natural sweetness, and cacao added a nice crunch to it. Roasted pistachio was mostly nutty, which I welcomed but not everyone may like it. They offer waffles and Vietnamese coffee too. The staff were friendly and willing to give recommendations. A good quieter place to go in the area!

Going green (or not HAHA look at the disposables) with Hainanese Kaya and Matcha. This is the type of kaya that I like - heavy on pandan and very very less coconut cos I don't like coconut (hate me but anyway). The matcha is quite balanced, not sweet but not bitter too, and the matcha flavor really shines through. If they are still getting their matcha from the brand with initial M it is good processing on their part as normally I don't really like the way that brand does their matcha drinks.

One of the most famous ricotta hotcakes in town - the 20 minutes waiting time is so worth it! It is not so jelak with the decent amount of berries and sauce. The ice cream balances out the warmth of the hotcake, though due to the heat it melts quite quickly.

Decided to venture out of my usual Parmesan Cheese and Cream Crackers - Honey Cinnamon and Danish Cookie. Honey Cinnamon has a heavier cinnamon flavor and merely subtle honey. I initially thought that Danish Cookie will be the buttery and smooth type but it tastes of cinnamon, nutmeg and slight ginger instead - just like Speculoos-lite.
Medium cup $5

The chocolate is not very intense unlike in other chocolate-specific shops, but this one has an aftertaste of Hazelnut or Ferrero Rocher, which is quite unique and I sort of like. It is a great complement to their gelatos. It also seems that chocolate-based dessert is their forté as their dark chocolate gelato is popular too.
In frame: iced dark chocolate

Got their half waffle with pistachio and coffee chips gelato. The pistachio is nutty and not sweet, it feels a bit too intense to me but it is good. The coffee chips has chips and chocolate sprinkles in it, is sweeter than the other scoop and also less coffee-ish. The waffle is crispy on the outside but quite dough-y and dense inside, like halfway between the canteen waffle and café waffle so this meal is so filling! Generally I'd prefer the sauce to be drizzled on the waffle, but it comes separated. It is ok for now but the next time I'm here I should probably ask them just to drizzle it onto the waffle and ice cream.
In frame:
• Half waffle with 2 scoops [$9.90 - super affordable for the quality]

This 2020 National Day special is so crunchy and the milo flavor texture is so prominent! And it is not overly lava-ish which I quite enjoy as it is less messy.
In frame: Stylo Milo [$5.50]

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Dropped by this one-woman new gelato cart-turned-hole-in-the-wall-shop in Novena Regency (yep 'in' - so you need to go inside the building to find them). The gelato are priced $5 served in a cup and $5.50 in a cone, with additional 50cts for premium flavors. They put some hyped Basque Burnt Cheesecake on display as well but didn't try it.
As we can get two flavors in a cup, we got ourselves pistachio and chocolate hazelnut (front), and pistachio and black sesame (back). The gelato is smooth, each of the flavors were pronounced but light and not jelak. The place is quite aesthetic, yet small (4 tables, about 10 seaters) so need to be really considerate during peak hours.


A small-ish scoop of Blueberry Lavender [$5] with the flavor dominated by lavender. I barely could taste any hints of blueberry, though if you like lavender-anything you'll welcome this. To further testify about their love for lavender, they only serve lavender cone [+$1], else it would be a normal (compostable?) ice cream cup. And there is a photo op space at the back of the stall.

Strawberry rolls here - it may make great dessert with its soft crepe layer and Japanese strawberry (as the uncle claims) but the center was frozen and I could taste the ice! Hence I am not sure if it is a good sign.. And probably in this time of Covid-19 offering customers to try their samples by putting our hands into the container (instead of them serving it to customers using clean tongs and hands, not because of a 'customer is king' mentality but I think it's a standard, super basic hygiene plus minimising common touch points) is not a good idea..

Its façade mimics its neighboring offices that I almost mistook it as another office in the area. The service was fuss-free, and they only displayed a set of menu and a slice of each cake on offer on the counter. When I visited they were at 80% capacity but it felt quite empty with the grey-ish wall minimalist furnitures, though it means that it doesn't feel so crowded especially in this time of safe distancing and all. The cake is, well, cake-y, the chocolate flavoring was not strong (despite being listed as double chocolate) but I feel it is trying not to side with either #teamfudge and #teamcake without being jelak. I also got a strong white, not as strong as I expected - the milk was almost as strong as the coffee, which is not what I prefer even though the roast profile is nutty, which I like. Overall it is good for a leisurely tea time if you don't mind the grey-ish (some may find it gloomy) vibe.

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