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Lunch Ideas

Lunch Ideas

Featuring boCHINche, Xiao Ya Tou, Birds of a Feather, Lolla, Timbre+, Grain Traders (Telok Ayer), My Awesome Cafe, Plentyfull, Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant (Far East Plaza), Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut (Lucky Plaza)
Jayne Tan
Jayne Tan

Loved the fragrant, thick slices of ginger in this! There were many earthy mushrooms in there too, and the prawns were generous and fresh. Will order again for lunch. Got this 1-for-1 with Burpple Beyond too! Super worth it.


Incredibly thick and fresh fish slices with a flavourful soup that hits the spot. This was a $9 bowl of just fish slices - generous portion for sure. So so satisfying!


Superb. So interesting these flavours, a must try!! Glazed with fish sauce and spicy miso, it’s fantastic with a squeeze of lime.


This new 2-week old spot in Icon Village is really surprising. Although the decor might look like it’s more suited for dinner, they turn out superb lunch bowls like this. The pork is so darn tender, and the rice is very flavourful!


All this for three of us was just nice, total spent $12.70! Epic meal, the chapati is warm and fragrant, perfect as always. The keema was hearty, spicy, not gamey at all and just a great Indian bolognese! The bittergourd was the star for me 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Another lovely lunch at Azmi’s.


SO GOOD. Hearty, melt in your mouth goodness that got everyone else in the office jealous. Get this and a side of baguette with Kombu Butter for a really satisfying desk lunch. You can get this delivered through the Burpple app too!


Got this delivered to the office for lunch - could not be more satisfied!!! Love love love this dish at brunch in Lolla, so seeing this on the delivery lunch menu was just perfect. A tad pricey but a true treat. Think generous chunks of crab and melty Emmenthal and mozzarella...


Totally enjoyed this super affordable salad lunch which was $9 only! Got the mushroom whiffle, which is a creative egg white omelette stuffed with spinach mushrooms and cheese, really tasty. The salmon took me by surprise - perfectly cooked! I also got really nice, sweet roasted pumpkin below.


I have to say I've never had duck gizzards in my salad before this. It was a surprisingly tasty touch, cooked crisp for the smaller pieces and slightly chewy for the bigger ones. This salad also came with slices of smoked duck breast, walnuts, and a very nice rillette on toast! Overall satisfying, but a bit pricey for me to come back. The bowl was huge, and the amount of mesclun salad it comes with was really generous!


Wow. What amazing value! The potato soup was hearty and somehow not jelat, very soothing. This set also comes with a basket of free bread (a little hard) and good butter, more than enough to dunk into the soup. The beef medallion blew me away - at this price, one would not expect this generosity or execution. The place is so nice too, with very high ceilings and attentive service. Well worth dropping by for a lunch meeting if you're in the area!


The other option in the set lunch, perfect for sharing with your friend who's definitely getting the steak. These two mains complemented each other really well, with this one being comforting and hearty while the steak is totally indulgent. This dish was so generous in the amount of prawns and scallops hidden under that lasagna sheet, immersed in a broth that made it a really comforting stew-like dish. It also came studded with chunks of mushrooms and artichokes that were lovely. The fried dill on top was such a good touch! You know if I'm not really feeling like steak, I wouldn't be any less happy with this dish.


Loves dosai, biryani, cream puffs, butter, mee pok.

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