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Burpple Eatups

Burpple Eatups

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Joo Bar, Sacha & Sons, Diamond Kitchen (Science Park), Wildfire Kitchen + Bar (Evans Road), Slake Bar + Kitchen, ParaThai
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Another unforgettable dish at @diamondkitchensg

This Diamond Gan Xiang Crab is wok-fried with a chef-special sauce that comprises of over 20 spices and ingredients, including a special homemade sambal, two types of curry powder and soy bean paste .

This signature dish is packed full of fragrance and taste that is sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave u craving for more.


OMG! Such fresh juicy crabs with rich yummy salted egg yolk sauce! I am missing this already! *drools *

Had crabs for three dinners in this past 2 weeks and I must say this is the most enjoyable of all !

Thank you @burpple and @diamondkitchensg for such a yummy Eatup yesterday! :)


Big juicy grilled garlic prawns with Arborio rice and asparagus in rich prawn bisque!


Beautifully grilled squid with black glutinous rice stuffing .

Interesting and may need a little getting used to for some. Actually, the squid is yummy on its own, I prefer having it plain in order to fully savour the squid.


This dairy-free milk is made in-house from cold-pressed macadamias, almonds and dates. The nuts are soaked at least 12 hours before it is double-sieved to achieve its luscious consistency .

Sounds just what I need on this rainy day to have some warmth, both physically and emotionally.


Thinking of what to eat for lunch?

If you are in town, you can try this Fried Wild Rice ($11) with smoked lap cheong and a surprise onsen egg is awaiting you in the midst of the crispy fried rice!


Thank you @slakesingapore and @burpple for the Eatup tonight !

A discreet bar & kitchen at Swan Lake Avenue that serves exquisitely flavored dishes with Peranakan and Vietnamese influences .

Featuring the Grilled Whole Norwegian Mackerel with Truffled Sweet Potato Fries. Nicely grilled and beautiful presentation .

Thank you @zippyzipeng for being the hand/torso model! :p


Craving for this Yucha Sojurita ($28, for 2-4 pax) the moment I am back.

Miss this refreshing mix of frozen soju, yucha (yuzu), lemon juice and Cointreau with an overturned bottle of Hite beer .


Anju - Food that goes well with alcohol .

One anju to accompany our cocktails and makgeolli was the Tofu Chips with guacamole and kimchi salsa ($14). The guacamole is good but the Kimchi salsa is the bomb! And of course I will like to think (fool myself) that Tofu chips are healthier. :p


What better way to start off the @burpple #eatup tonight at @joobarsg than having cocktails featuring their own house brewed organic makgeolli (Joo Brew) .

The Busan Breeze ($20), named after the coastal city of Busan that features Korea's largest beach, is a blend of Joo Brew, Tanqueray No. 10, Peachtree Schnapps and Blue Curaçao, and served with cucumber and fresh rosemary garnish to give it that refreshing touch .

The Hong Dae Tripping ($24), named after the Hong Dae area which is famous for its indie music and urban arts culture, is a delicious mix of Joo Brew, Grey Goose, Apricot Brandy, Cherry Blossom Syrup, Lemon and fresh Rosemary. Sweet and sour, Yums !

In this instant, I'm more of a fan of arts culture than coastal city. :p There is this excitement and lingering from the 'culture' .

Thank you Burpple and Joo Bar for the Eatup tonight! :)


Hor Mak Pla (Thai Style Otak-Otak) - Not a big fan of Otah/Otak, so I don't really fancy this dish. But I do love the presentation, especially when cups and cups of them were lying in a line in front of me! :p


Eating as a form of leisure and exploration. Instagram: @eleoration

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