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They pour whiskey on the chicken and set it on fire! It was delightful to watch and tasted pretty good and tender since it was cooked just right. At a price tag of $18, it was quite affordable.

This tasted like a Chinese noodle dish more than a Western one. It's likely due to the ingredients they use. Mix all the ingredients together and you’ll get a nice tiny crunch of the tobiko in between bites, along with shredded crab meat for texture. I did quite enjoy the al dente spaghetti tossed in beurre monte sauce.

You could smell the pesto sauce when the dish arrived. The sous-vide chicken breast meat was unfortunately quite bland. The pesto sauce was overly creamy and we couldn't taste much pesto at all. It may get a bit much if you aren't into creamy food.

This ultimately tasted like fries you can prepare at home by yourself. We couldn't taste the truffle at all, just a hint of smell of it. Skip this and get a dessert or a drink instead.

she also ordered Tonkatsu and Ebi 🍤Cold Udon with Tempura 🍤 and i did asked her how it tasted gd or nt 🤔 she told me that it’s quite rubbery for udon 😂 and not that fantastic 😅 and she went to order udon for second round during night time at somewhere. so talking about tempura, @cherrieecrafts ordered same main dish as my sister on march’s holiday and tonkatsu’s eyes 👀 look quite creepy and weird▪️◾️ ▫️◻️(u use dark mode and unable to see black square emoji) the eyes 👀 looked much better ▪️▪️▫️▫️when we ordered same main again on last thurs.

my sister ordered chocolate mint frap (she’s a fan of mint related stuff).

so for food’s review otherwise, i ordered iced matcha latte ($13.90) and given a free designed coaster on all different drinks. i felt that matcha latte was quite milky 🥴 (they used farmland milk) and sweet taste tbh. i also ordered Magical Matcha Terrarium Garden ($24.90) with sweet and brown syrup. i felt that matcha was quite 👌 and a bit of bitter taste inside the matcha sponge cake. 🤔 i felt that the cake ingredients was quite dry but tbh without ice cream scoop, it cannot complemented well. i wished that ice cream scoop can be bigger 😏

The deco is super cute and nice all harry potter theme nice wall paper as well suitable for birthday celebration. But the lunch set herb chicken so so only.

Surprisingly juicy and flavourful. Resembled that a little of what is served at wedding banquets but a very yummy version. I even dabaoed home the remaining cos it's so good I can't let it go to waste.

Probably the famed soup. For $30 it's a really small bowl. But I guess good for the been there done that? Tastes 10/10 quality soup too but I probably will not order again.

I wasn't expecting the food at dragon chamber to be this good. But almost every dish was a hit!

This was a simple dish but done very well. It reminded me of cai png but somehow elevated with lots of zhup. I will definitely return again.

Yummy treat with a little surprise from the smoking (dry ice) cauldron, adding a little mystical and magical feel to the dessert. A pity the dry ice melted a little fast before I could take more pictures/videos.