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served all day err day, my only choice

(smoked salmon dill cream cheese bagel $13)

Feature :
💕The Dashing Magical Rainbow Dash Burger.
Blue Dash Rainbow bun served with crispy juicy chicken Katsu, cheddar cheese, tamago and veggies.
Diners can choose from Impossible patty,chicken Katsu (feature in photo) or Ebi Katsu.
💕lychee Galaxy Yuzu Soda.

My Little Pony merchandise available for sale at the café.

📍 Kumoya.
181 Orchard Rd, Orchard Central #04-08, Singapore 238896.

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Lovely ambience brought by the speakeasy concept, and this was nicely paired with delicious and unique Chinese food. Every dish we ordered was 💯 The staff serving us was extremely attentive, a bonus as well!

This popup cafe had a menu tailored for fans of Precious moments x Care Bears. We tried the caramel waffles for dessert. For drinks we ordered the chocolate milkshake and the bubblegum soda served with a big cotton candy. Not really big fans of these cartoons but we still enjoyed our time there.

- rude service staff. girl at the cashier was talking on the phone while trying to take my order. then she left halfway while taking my order without saying anything, she just walked off……..
- waited more than THIRTY FIVE MINUTES for our order. we weren’t told that we would have to wait that long beforehand.. and there are no seats in the place either, so we stood the whole entire time. we were only the second in line and the place wasn’t crowded at all but we waited SO LONG because they were very slow and inefficient. only ONE girl was preparing all the orders and the other girl was talking on the phone, walking around.
- no apology given whatsoever from start to end. ridiculous. no explanation or apology was given, extremely unprofessional.
- a poor couple came in shortly after us and they had ordered grab pick up. when we got our order 35 minutes later, they hadn’t even started on the couple’s order. the rude girl even told them that there are still many orders before theirs. unbelievable
- the bagels themselves were actually quite delicious. otherwise this review would be 0 stars not 1 star lol

With their chefs and Singapore’s top bento artist, Shirley Wong (@littlemissbento), they created exclusive SpongeBob inspired meals with IMPOSSIBLE FOODS.

💕No Problemo, The Impossible Burger.
SpongeBob Bao Tamagoyaki served with impossible homemade plant based burger patty , caramelised onion, cheddar cheese, mini tater tot, Patrick matcha bun and Salad.
💕Aye Aye Captain, Impossible Japanese Croquettes Curry Rice.
Tumeric Rice served with impossible homemade Plant based Katsu, pineapple curry and salad.
💕Mini Tater Tots,Sweet Potato Mochi Ball.

These three items are my favourite, the plant based meat was marinated well, taste similar to meat, not dry and how to say no to sweet potato mochi ball 🤩

8 Jalan Klapa, singapore 199320.


so so SO adorbs 😍
but it’s pretty much all aesthetics

The pretty one with the duo jasmine flowers right in the centre is called …. Drum Roll .. Regina ❤️ , floral and fragrant it’s my favourite from the 5 we ordered

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