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Many options available and portions are very generous, overall worth the money (at $6.90, with a base, 5 toppings and sauce). Meat items can be added at an additional price.

Chicken Wing Nasi Lemak.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/soulfood-catering/

CBD pricing for casual eats, but no complaints for $6/7...
Don't think I will be craving it anytime soon though, looks better than it tastes.

After my friend saw it back at Eatigo again, he asked me out to try this. The last time we had it was 2 years ago.

We ordered Mac n Cheese ($18), Seafood Pizza ($22), Cheese Fries ($8), Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich ($15) & Chocolate Lave Cake ($12).

The Mac n Cheese stands out the most with the how cheesy it is and what's more, there is a whole cheese sausage in it. The Cheese Fries & Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich is average.

What disappoint me was the Seafood Pizza & Chocolate Lava Cake. The Seafood Pizza's dough was hard and dry. It is tough to eat. The Chocolate Lava Cake which is the shop's highlight, was a great disappointment. The Chocolate Lava Cake became smaller than the last time we came and it was served lukewarm instead of pipping hot.

If not for the eatigo discount, I don't think I will come again. In total, we spend $39.94 after eatigo 50% & Friends halalfoodhunt.com 15%.

Hopefully, they will improve their quality of food.

Pizza is really good and the ambience is amazing (sit by the windows!!)

4 cheese hits all the right spots
Mala is unique and worth a try!

An interesting concept and food presentation. Some of the items a little salty. Food hit & miss. Overall, do try once for the experience. Will I go there again? Not really.

It’s a black cake. Dig into the moist sponge, every layer is spread with a layer of velvety chocolate spread. The cake is covered with a generous spread of chocolate. It is rich and it amazes the tastebud with every bite.