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Super succulent and moist, the Roast Irish Duck ($22/ Quarter) was another hit. A tad fatty and heavy but the glistening skin had that lovely crackling crispiness. One to share among 3 to 4 people, the protein was really well-executed. Would go great with a steaming bowl of rice.

In the mood for fancy hor fun, The Dragon Chamber’s Wagyu Truffle Beef Hor Fun ($32) ticked all the right boxes for me. Doused in a copious amount of rich truffle gravy; the slurpy noodles were so moreish. The wok fried flat noodles, crispy deep-fried hor fun strips, silky poached egg and slices of premium US Wagyu short rib came together nicely offering a myriad of fun textures. Though the sauce could definitely be more earthy and “truffle-y”, the hot savoury mix was flavourful without being cloying. The beef was tender too and seasoned well.

really enjoyed this pandan butter roasted coffee cocktail!! taste a little like kopiko candy from the soy gula melaka. the crunchy salted egg biscuit on top was completed the “egg kopi” impression

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q a strong tasting bar snack!! went v nicely w the strong cocktails

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jackfruit rum cocktail. was q strong at first but after the ice has diluted it a bit, it started to taste like aiyu jelly! texture of the jelly on top reminded me of agar agar

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Great place, managed to walk-in party of 4 on Saturday. Service was top notch they made us feel comfortable and explained each drink in great detail. Pandan drink and highball (pictured) were highlights.

Seafood pizza is pretty common, but clams alone on pizza? That’s a little more rare, but @choicecutsgoods does it at $13 a slice. Their Clams Casino has clams sautéed in white wine along with garlic, onions, peperoncino (capsicums) on top of the thin crust pizza and the housemade marinara. I was expecting it to be a Boston white clam pie, but nope, it was clams on a base of marinara instead. It reminds me of seafood marinara, albeit with only clams and with pizza instead of pasta.

The Clams Casino is definitely a milder flavoured pizza, even occasionally bordering on sweet. Sautéing the clams adds a subtle sweetness to it, and the roasted peppers & onions add even more sweetness to the savoury pizza. There’s a lot of onions on this pizza, so onion haters might wanna give this one a miss.⠀

Still, I quite enjoyed this sweet & savoury Clams Casino, and you too could get lucky with a slice of this pie.

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@choicecutsgoods have been banging out bagels and spinning up vinyls in Joo Chiat for years, but pizzas are a new frontier from them. The bossman, Dre, is besotted with New York, so he decided to create a slice of the Big Apple complete with pizzas right here in Singapore. The pizzeria definitely does channel some NYC vibes, especially with the shallow, standing only counters on the wall.⠀

All the New York style pizzas here are eighteen inch whoppers divided into six slices, so each slice of pie is pretty hefty. Choice Cuts has six staple pizzas and one special on rotation, and the special that day happened to be the Big Poppa ($14 a slice). Pepperoni, fennel sausage & bacon adorn the tremendously thin crust pizza for that ultra meaty satisfaction, and the Big Poppa is big on satisfaction alright.⠀

The dough base for the pizza was truly impressive, as it managed to achieve balance. The crust was thin yet satiating, it was crisp yet soft, and it was neither dry nor soggy. The rim of the crust was the most intriguing part, as it was light and riddled with air pockets, yet it was supremely crunchy and rigid like a good cracker. The pizza dough is baked till an almost uniform golden brown as opposed to the usual spots of charred dough you’d get elsewhere.⠀

The tomato sauce on the pizza was decent, albeit unremarkable, and I was expecting more cheese on the pizza, perhaps due to expectations that came from Youtube food shows & Man vs Food back in the day. Still, the melted cheese here is sufficient, but the simple yet stellar toppings really stole the show. The pork pepperoni was splendidly salty, slightly spicy & herby, while the fantastic fennel sausage was the winner with it’s juicy, fennel-infused meatiness. And of course, the smoky bacon made it even better. But wait, you even get a couple of basil leaves as garnish to cut through all the rich, cheesy & meaty elements with it’s pleasantly pungent aromas!⠀

Choice Cuts got some choice slices on deck, so make your way down to this quaint lil joint to get your cut of the pie.


White Negroni 2/5
Malita 2/5
Ants 3/5
Achar 3/5

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Flat noodles wok fried served in a bowl with short rib and a poached egg was brought to the table, before the staff poured piping hot truffle gravy into it and mixed everything up for me before my eyes. Upon serving I was already wowed by the aroma, and with everything mixed up together as it should be, the flavours all worked out very well. Loved how the truffle gave that extra kick, and how the shortrib was decently tender. But what I really enjoyed was the deep fried hor fun strips which was a fun addition to the dish, with a nice crunch that blended with all the savouriness.


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Deep fried chicken chunks though the batter was made softer with the lemon sauce that was on the sweeter side. The crushed milk crackers wasn’t very milky in taste, but the crunch it gave with the chicken chunks was delightful. The broccoli was somehow very well executed!? Pretty decent dish but something I’d skip to try something else.


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Headed out to cq after a reaaaaally long time in-order to celebrate another friend’s birthday 🎉 Made the decision to go to this arcade/bar called level up ⬆️.


There were 12 of us so to get a table we had a 600$ minimum spend 🤑. But it was worth it as essentially we got unlimited coins to play as many games 🕹️ as we wanted too, with really good live entertainment in the background 🎸. Really the music @ level up was just something else all together 😍

The food was unexpectedly very good 👍 👍 We started out with a fries platter which we absolutely devoured in no time 😝. The platter had an assortment of fries (curly and the sweet potato fries were my personal favourite). It came with 4 really yummy dipping sauces as well 😋

We then had some chicken poppers (not in picture) which were really crispy and flavourful (🌶️). We ordered some pizzas to go around. I only tried the mushroom and egg pizza and it was pretty damn good 😌. The runny egg j seems like a really unique pizza topping 🍳 but it plays w the rest of the ingredients pretty well.

Finally, we finished off with a nice vanilla ice cream and brownie note (had walnuts in it unfortunately 🥲). It was good (common brownie win 🥇).

Everything about level up is phenomenal, except for the service. Yet again all the staff seemed extra frustrated. Running a bar must be tough work 🤷‍♀️

Rating: 4.3/5