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Flat noodles wok fried served in a bowl with short rib and a poached egg was brought to the table, before the staff poured piping hot truffle gravy into it and mixed everything up for me before my eyes. Upon serving I was already wowed by the aroma, and with everything mixed up together as it should be, the flavours all worked out very well. Loved how the truffle gave that extra kick, and how the shortrib was decently tender. But what I really enjoyed was the deep fried hor fun strips which was a fun addition to the dish, with a nice crunch that blended with all the savouriness.


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Deep fried chicken chunks though the batter was made softer with the lemon sauce that was on the sweeter side. The crushed milk crackers wasn’t very milky in taste, but the crunch it gave with the chicken chunks was delightful. The broccoli was somehow very well executed!? Pretty decent dish but something I’d skip to try something else.


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Headed out to cq after a reaaaaally long time in-order to celebrate another friend’s birthday 🎉 Made the decision to go to this arcade/bar called level up ⬆️.


There were 12 of us so to get a table we had a 600$ minimum spend 🤑. But it was worth it as essentially we got unlimited coins to play as many games 🕹️ as we wanted too, with really good live entertainment in the background 🎸. Really the music @ level up was just something else all together 😍

The food was unexpectedly very good 👍 👍 We started out with a fries platter which we absolutely devoured in no time 😝. The platter had an assortment of fries (curly and the sweet potato fries were my personal favourite). It came with 4 really yummy dipping sauces as well 😋

We then had some chicken poppers (not in picture) which were really crispy and flavourful (🌶️). We ordered some pizzas to go around. I only tried the mushroom and egg pizza and it was pretty damn good 😌. The runny egg j seems like a really unique pizza topping 🍳 but it plays w the rest of the ingredients pretty well.

Finally, we finished off with a nice vanilla ice cream and brownie note (had walnuts in it unfortunately 🥲). It was good (common brownie win 🥇).

Everything about level up is phenomenal, except for the service. Yet again all the staff seemed extra frustrated. Running a bar must be tough work 🤷‍♀️

Rating: 4.3/5

Very good quality seafood here. However, this place is a bit pricey. The place is airplane themed and the staff are friendly.

$25 each
(Left) Pineapple Arrack | Ceylon arrack, old coconuts, pineapple skin, Sri Lankan spice
(Right) Sarapan | Coconut distillate, toasted bread crumbs, butter roasted coffee, soy gula melaka, Pandan egg strings

The girl at the front desk was not approachable, did not offer to take our order even though we were standing infront of the cashier , and she stood infront of us and stared, we had to ask if she could take our order and she replied yeah?? 🙃🙃

Would not go back there.

There are other bagel stores around that has competitive prices with friendly staff🙄

Experience not just one famous brand, but two coming together to excite the world: The first LINE FRIENDS pop-up café in Singapore and South East Asia featuring LINE FRIENDS and BT21!

From 21 Oct 2022, Kumoya @kumoya_singapore  will be transformed into two different worlds. The BT21 world complete with décor and characters including KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY AND VAN. Turn your head and you will joined by the famous LINE FRIENDS World of popular characters. Both in one space. 

Location Kumoya, 181 Orchard Rd, Orchard Central #04-08, Singapore 238896

#kumoya #linefriends #bt21 #themecafe #orchardcentral #burpple #burpplesg #burpproved #burppletastemaker

Oh... The irony.🤣
There was no coffee but in fact sell coffee and what's more interesting is that they are fruity coffee. Something that was not common to find in this little red dot.
I had the Watermelon Latte($5.50) 🍉 because i saw it as a refreshing concoction that would please my tastebud. The latte was indeed thirst-quenching fruity sweet. Strong, smooth and milky coffee, with little bitterness and come with watery watermelon bits. It was a good chilly coffee but I expected better. The overall sweetness masked up the coffee taste quite a lot TBH I feel. Well, that being said, I would still probably try their other weird combination like grape or mango latte.🤣
🚩There was no coffee, 277 Orchard Road, Getaway, 01-08 Orchard, Singapore 238858
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Feature :
💕Main - Aqina “Pineapple” Chicken.
This is really good, Whole roasted organic kampong chicken from Malaysia, fed with pineapple enzymes, served with jasmine rice seasoned with lemongrass, ginger, coriander, pandan leaves and chicken fats.
The rice fragrant and the chicken is tender,juicy and flavourful
💰$110, for 2
💕Main - Tilefish.
Japanese Amadai pouring piping hot oil over the scales, as a result crispy scales with tender meat, served with leeks slow cooked in butter and potato mousseline
💕Main - Suckling Pig
Spanish suckling pig, consisting of deboned and deconstructed legs, shoulder and belly, restructured together and pan roasted till crispy,
Served with pork head terrine, Apples and pickled red cabbage tartlet
💕Starter - Frog Legs.
Tender frog legs coated with a light tempura batter with slightly tangy & spicy tomato powder and piment d’Espelette, deep fried it and served with premium mangetsu scrambled eggs, crème fraiche and fine herbs.
💕Starter - Carabinero Prawns
Charcoal grill Carabinero prawns from Spain, with sauce made from uni, kombu
💕Dessert - élan’s Chocolate
Smooth milk chocolate mousse and a tart passion fruit jelly, on a ginger & almond sponge cake
💕Dessert -Lemon
A “frozen lemon” consisting of zesty palette-cleansing lemon & kaffir lime cream, lemon compote & basil gel in a white chocolate crust.
📍 élan.
1 Scotts Rd,#01-13.
Shaw Centre

#elandining #elansg #elanrestaurant.

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Unique mini cones filled with sweet kaya mousse, and topped with fragrant coconut ice cream. The saltiness of the cone and peanuts helped to balance out the sweetness.

Great elevation of classic duck rice with the introduction of succulent duck confit and creamy onsen egg. The rice was a delight with the flavourful soaking up of the herbal broth.