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White Coffee, Black Coffee, Matcha Latte & Mocha are cold brew coffee.
Chocolate, Rose Chocolate, Matcha & Bandung Cold Brew are non coffee.
Thank you @enchantedcafe for the delivery
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#burpple #burpplesg

Discovered this really delicious and smooth cold brew during the CB period. Tried their Cold Brew White so far and it’s really good! Will be trying their other cold brews like Bandung and Rose Chocolate which I heard are really good too. Bit pricey at $6.90 per bottle though so can’t drink it as often as BBT :/

Taste like a mix between Bandung with Milo. The Caramel Cheesecake was sooooo good thou.

Thanks again! #tingzieeats #burpple

Another series featuring their non caffeine cold brew options.

Comes in a set of 8 different flavours of cold brew. Only featuring 3 of the more mainstream drinks with caffeine here.

There’s no need to stay dry during this #StayHome period when Singapore’s top bars have hustled to come up with ingenious ways to get their liquid concoctions to us (and goodness knows we need it more than ever!).

A fine example is @NativeBarSg, ranked no. 12 on #Worlds50bestbars. I got to try their new range of bottled cocktails when co-owner Vijay dropped them off at my home two nights ago. After opening the first of their four cocktails, the “Hibiscus” to be specific, you can colour me impressed. I loved its refreshing and none-too-sweet blend of hawthorn distillate, hibiscus jus and kithul palm syrup coupled with the buzz from the high alcohol kick (approximately 23% to 25%).

I am now more excited than ever to slowly savour the other three:

- The “Foragers’ Garden” - Composed of housemade matcha, bluepea flowers, calamansi and matcha kombucha, this also has an alcohol content of about 23% to 25%.

- The “Peranakan” - A jackfruit rum, laksa leaves, goat’s milk, candlenut and gula melaka blend that is stronger at 30% alcohol level.

- The “Pineapple Arrack” - An even more potent creation with Ceylon arrack, old coconuts, pineapple skin and Sri Lankan spices, estimated to hit the 33% to 35% mark in alcohol.

Their bottled cocktails are extremely easy to enjoy as they only need to be stuck in the fridge to chill (shelf life is 6 months but frankly, I am sure to be done with them much quicker) and then poured over ice. One bottle is good for between 6 and 8 portions, which makes it good value and more importantly, very-pleasurable-bang-for-your-buck if you ask me.

To order, just DM @NativeBarSg on Instagram.


You can't go wrong with ribs, although to be honest this was passable only. The buttercream and pesto mayo helped. Sides were pleasing, from mash to grilled vegetables and pickled beetroot. Pretty plating too.

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Executed really well. Al dente pasta, good crab, topped with smoked salmon and tobiko. Tossed in beurre monte.

I can’t rmbr the price for this. But this is a good appetiser to share!

Yes, this dish is good and is spicy. The presentation is great as well - but if you want to eat “la zhi ji”, head to chinatown and get it at $10 a plate.

This dish takes awhile to prepare - so be sure to ask for ALL food to be served if not you will have nothing to pair it with.

The beef is tender but the sauce is more on the sweet side.

I would say skip this dish if you are debating between others.