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Sandwich fillings include turkey, stuffed tomatoes, salad, and was topped off with dijonnaise sauce. There were fries on the side as well. I couldn’t help but feel like I was eating a subway sandwich unfortunately, at least it was yummy, but not worth the price.

For drinks - we got Chandler Bing (City Roasted) Latte ($8), and Chandler Bing Friendspuccino (Maple Toffee, Chocolate ice cream, Cinnamon & Soy Milk, $10). We chose these drinks based on their ingredients, not the character :P Drinks were good.

Overall the food here was average but pricey, $21 before GST for a subway-like sandwich didn’t impress me. Though this is to be expected - you kind of pay for the set up of the cafe, it’s great for fans of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
The menu is crafted based on the characters from the show, and you can roam around in the cafe to take pictures with sets from the show.

Your standard eggs benedict with mentaiko hollandaise sauce on top of poached eggs on toast. There were a few slices of smoked duck on the side as well.

Food was alright but pricey, as it was quite a small serving for $22 before GST. Though this is to be expected - you kind of pay for the set up of the cafe, it’s great for fans of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
The menu is crafted based on the characters from the show, and you can roam around in the cafe to take pictures with sets from the show.

It is a hip place to visit with a hidden entrance.
The truffle beef hor fun is a must-try dish .
Innovative and bold !
We ordered 5-6 dish and the total cost is ard 250. It is pretty fair for five adults lunch.

Fluffy Teriyaki rice in Rilakkuma served with assorted tempura, Veggies, tamago and miso soup.
And with starter Rilakkuma Dango Baos with Sweet Matcha.
3 littles buns with sweet mactha as a filling served on a skewer to resembling Japanese dango.

Orchard Central, #04-08

Servers went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. Interesting drinks selection. Free sparkling sake and rum honey drink were both very nice

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Surprisingly good and the truffle smell was strong. My kind of mushroom soup where you can feel and taste the mushroom bits. It was served extremely hot so it was nice to drink. Dipped the bread stick into the soup to stir the soup evenly with the truffle oil and then eat it. Yummy!

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It's quite mandatory to make a reservation before going to the cafe given the high demand. The cafe is spacious and the cats are well—looked after. Most of the cats were napping when we visited so we didn't get to do more than petting them. $16 gives you 2 h in the cafe and a canned drink. You can also choose to top up to get an artsianal tea or coffee. E.g. This hot chocolate that was both smooth and cute.

Food are Delicious, price are reasonable. love the Harry Potter Themed!!

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Visited Choice Cuts Goods + Coffee’s new space within the shophouse located at 446 Joo Chiat Road — the cafe was formerly situated within Katong Point, and is one of my favourite hideouts apart from Brawn & Brains within the same neighbourhood given the underground vibes of their former space.

The revamped space is now brighter and a whole lot more Scandinavian as opposed to that of their former location even despite the use of the very same furniture as they had previously, but I am glad that they are still serving up almost the same selection of food and drinks as before. This was an item that I have had my eyes on for quite a while; something which was also unfortunately sold out during my last visit. Going for the chicken bratwurst option (the beef was already sold out when we arrived), there is simply no regrets for this one. It’s a really simple deal here; toasted bread roll, egg mayo spiked with truffle, and a chicken bratwurst in the middle — nothing too complicated nor hidden; really enjoyed that fluffy and light toasted bread that is slightly crusted which holds are firmly to every bite, while the chicken bratwurst comes with a good snappiness as one chews on the meat. The sausage comes just nicely saltish; all that being well complimented by the truffle egg mayo — a mix that was not too creamy, yet carries a whiff of truffle that helps to ante up the flavour profile of the egg mayo without overwhelming the other elements of the entire dish.

Simple as it is, but very satisfying — the Bjorn’s Truffle Egg Mayo Hot Dawg is much like the other items I had tried from their menu; a dish that is pretty straight-up in the face with the elements that they use without trying to be too fancy nor pretentious. Congratulations to the folks behind Choice Cuts Goods + Coffee on the opening of their new space; definitely coming back for more of the Hot Dawg buns, as well as giving that Cheese Pepperoni Pizza Bagel a try soon!


An hour plus queue time to get in is a minus point. The food looks and tastes good. Everything are cute. They sells cute merchandise but not cheap too. For whole experience wise, I'll say it's still okay if you don't mind to wait long.

This is not a restaurant, rather it’s more of an experience.

You’re basically eating in the dark so you don’t know what you’re eating until you get explanations after your meal. You do get tasty stuff that’s appropriate value for the money though. Do highlight any dietary restrictions or allergies before dining... this is really important.

Since it’s dark, the wait staff in the dining hall are naturally visually impaired as they are the best fit for this role. Anything you need help with, just ask... you won’t see anything in the dining hall, except for maybe the red infrared camera... That said, no food pics... if you want one, face your camera down on something and shoot... that’s what you’ll see, just black...

Cocktails are slightly pricey though.

Taste: ★★★★☆
Price: ★★★★☆
Value for money: ★★★☆☆
Service: ★★★★☆

This was my very first visit to this restaurant. Spaghetti with creamy pesto sauce looked and tasted yummy. I would strongly recommend this delicious main course dish. It comes around $16 but I would say it’s worth the try.