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😉 Okay, lame jokes aside, this Strawberry Shortcake really impressed me with its fluffy and moist vanilla cake and fresh sweet strawberries, causing me to slice off a bite, one after another till it disappears like *poof*! Themed cafes in Singapore really are not the most ideal places to go to for satisfying food, but Enchanted Cafes manages to prove otherwise; even their gimmicky sounding drinks prove to be at the very least better than average, and I suppose it will be safe to say that I would see myself considering to return here if I am at Rangoon Road.

Let's create magic. "Ready?", the girl asked as she shined a light on our blue drink. Before we knew it, she poured the orange liquid in and the drink turned from blue to purple, and glitters started swirling within as she stirred. This concoction of magic potion looked all the more convincing with the dry ice mesmerizing us with illusions of heaven.
But obviously we weren't ready for this - none of the above was captured on camera. So we ordered another cup, and another.. before deciding to live with my imperfect photography that didn't do justice to this magical moment.
Thankfully this is a nice drink that is delicately sweet with floral tones, and we enjoyed all 3 cups. And thankfully I'm with a friend who believed with me that it's alright to do stupid things :)
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Whilst the sweet sambal paste is an admirable cast member (albeit rather on the ‘humji’ side), the absence of the moistness of fragrant coconut rice is sorely felt. 3.5/5

Other quirky local flavour-inspired pizzas include their Chilli Crab Pizza with deep-fried Man Tou Dough (!?) and their Gu Lou Yok Pizza which pays tribute to the classic sweet and sour pork dish. Quite a fun ride.

After having countless disappointing fish and chips, this one here at a superhero cafe actually was nice and the portion was substantial enough to be shared 😃
Nice ambience too, especially if you’re into comics and figurines.

Wishing a Happy Valentine’s/ Friendship’s Day to you! 🌹 Thank you for being part of my foodie journey 🙆🏻‍♀️
Featuring The Grumpy Bear Blue Berries Cake Jar (S$12.90+) with fresh cream, mixed berries compote, meringue drops and a Grumpy bear cookie. .
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Kumoya x CareBear
8 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199320

I was invited by Chef Shen Tan to her second ever @ownselfmakechef private dinner pop-up. The first was the pork-centric “Aporkalypse” but the second session, aptly named “What The Duck”, paid tribute to the quacking fowl.
Pictured above is the made-from-scratch dessert that brought the meal to a resounding close. After a series of highs from the six courses that preceded, I was feeling extremely stuffed but this was fabulousness maximus, so I just had to clean up every bit.
Those double scoops of salted egg ice-cream were very good - so flavourful, thick and creamy. But with the tender roasted “duck kwa” (“bak kwa” made from duck meat), crispy duck, grated salted duck egg yolk and squiggles of a dark caramelised soy sauce with five-spice and gula melaka butterscotch, “HALLELUJAH” happened.
If you are interested to find out more about Chef Shen’s upcoming private dinner sessions, do follow her on her Instagram: @OwnSelfMakeChef

If you always have a hard time deciding between noodles and rice, Chef Shen Tan of #ownselfmakechef solves that problem by serving both at her “What The Duck” private dinner. And they are pretty generously apportioned, almost mini meals in themselves.
Shown above is the noodles. Chef Shen uses the fine egg type from local brand “Handpicked by @mysingaporefood” which she tosses in duck soy stock, duck fat and chilli. Piled on top are pieces of duck that have been rubbed with a red curry marinade and confit before being finished with a pan sear. Moist, tender and raring with flavour, they’re a good match for the medium-spicy noodles.

Chef Shen Tan’s combination of piping hot, silky soft steamed rice rolls with the kidneys and liver of the duck plus crystallised ginger, was brilliantly on point (probably the most exotic company any “chee cheong fun” has ever kept). The organs, braised till soft but retaining some chewy texture, had no gaminess whatsoever, which is why Burpple Tastemaker @blueskiescottonclouds who usually avoids offal, finished her entire serving.
A very spicy sambal belachan and soy balsamic reduction, all homemade of course, were the best complements anyone could ask for.

This was no ordinary “png kueh”. It‘s filled with minced braised duck hearts, water chestnuts, garlic chives and coriander, and for an extra moreish touch, pan-fried in duck fat and clarified butter. To balance the richness, it was served with a soy and balsamic reduction and a fiery sambal belachan. What a tasty snack to get our 7-course meal rolling.
Last night’s “What The Duck” meal by Chef Shen Tan comes under her new private dining venture: @ownselfmakechef. To find more out about it and her “Aporkalypse” dinners, do follow the Instagram account.

The One with Eggs from Chick & Duck, Mentaiko Hollandaise, Toast & Smoked Duck.