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Western 🍴

Western 🍴

Featuring Burnt Ends, Fat Cow, The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza), Open Door Policy, Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore, Roosevelt's Diner & Bar, Arbite, Oxwell & Co, PS.Cafe (Palais Renaissance), &MADE Burger Bistro (Pacific Plaza)
Felicia Sim
Felicia Sim

The Rice Cakes are one of the staples at Alittle Tashi and I highly encourage you to get them as your carbs. They are similar to radish cakes, but a lot smoother and softer, with its sides pan fried till crispy! There’s an array of sauces available ($5 each) and the Miso Cream was the ultimate crowd favorite. You can pair the sauces with anything on the menu, which makes each and every dining experience unique depending on how you pair them!


Usher the year-end festive season with Oxwell & Co’s Christmas menu — Grass-fed Fillet of Beef with whipped horseradish mash and green beans. What’s not to love about a crusty char grilled steak with a pink tender center?


The iconic Great Meat Feast at The Carvery (Park Hotel Alexandra) returns with a bang this year, with not just a good selection of beef but also 2 different types of pork! All these in addition to the standard buffet line filled with an amazing selection of sides to go with the meat.

After tasting all the different cuts, I loved the Black Angus (USA) Prime Rib the most. This grain-fed breed is very tender and flavorful, and comes with a good amount of melt-in-your-mouth fats to balance it out. Extra brownie points goes to the charred crust that is achieved by finishing it over charcoal fire. After savouring it on its own, I had mine withred wine sauce and truffle butter (the bomb!) and I would highly recommend having it this manner too!

The Great Meat Feast is available from now till 22 October 2017, daily from 6.30pm to 10pm. It is priced at $78++ for adults from Mon-Thurs and $88++ from Fri-Sun.


Sticky Wings opened its door to the public today, specializing in fried chicken in three flavors — Naked, Sticky Kecap Manis and Spicy Flamin' (prices start from $7.9 for 1 drumstick and 2 two-joint wings). My favorite was the Kecap Manis with the thick sweet and savoury sauce slathered on the large pieces of chicken, which was perfect with the juicy chicken under that crispy fried skin when you bite into it. I liked the Spicy Flamin' too as there was enough heat going on!

Also on the menu is the traditional Portuguese Donuts ($1.8) that is made with yeast, eggs, butter and evaporated milk. While it was quite plain tasting, I liked the texture of the fluffy bread and would go well with the heavier tasting wings!


Vineyard at HortPark officially re-opens today after a facelift to transform into a more casual restaurant with ample natural light during day time. The new menu focuses on farm-to-table concept with their own herb garden beside the restaurant and using locally sourced ingredients.

The Local Farmed Poulet was very well marinated with tender thigh meat under the golden brown skin. It is drenched with a vegetables and shimeji mushroom ragout in a savoury poultry jus, which introduced different textures — some crunchy and chewy bite to it. This well flavored and substantial sized dish will definitely be a good choice!


Tried a couple of dishes at Epicurean Market 2017 tonight and my pick will definitely be the Grilled Ohmi Beef ($20) from Waku Ghin. It is folded and pan seared on the hot pan so that it remains tender — went very well with the refreshing wasabi from Shizuoka and the crispy garlic chips.


Start your meal at Open Door Policy with the Vitel Tone —sous vide veal loin sitting on a gluten free flat bread drizzled with tuna mayo and pickled purple cabbage. I liked the contrast between the crispy cracker and tender veal, seasoned with the tangy vegetables and creamy sauce.

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I had to take a second look to realize that this is Pig Skin Tagliatelle with the neatly sliced braised pig skin acting as the "noodles". It's tossed with an excellent savory meat and vegetable ragout. Having strips of pork skin in this manner was completely new to me, but thankfully, the bouncy chewy texture of the skin was enjoyable. It'll be good for sharing, as with the style for having Spanish tapas.


Open Door Policy introduces its gluten and dairy free menu items and one of my favorite is the Spaghetti Alle Vongole. The pasta is freshly made using rice flour and it's absolutely springy! Each strand is well coated with the Japanese white miso sauce that is further enhanced with the sweetness from the clams.


Southern fried chicken that is brined for 27 hours before being fried to a golden brown with spices and served with a cheddar cheese waffles. The accompanying hot honey sauce pairs well with the former, while the bourbon maple syrup works with the latter. I'd return for the fried chicken as the chicken and waffles combination was too heavy for me. Thankfully, the chilled spiced watermelon helped to balance it out.


This just changed the whole pork knuckle game to me entirely — an incredibly crispy skin with tons of tender meat beneath it. Beautifully marinated in a Bavarian spice blend, it is then coated with Paulaner beer for a satisfying treat. It comes with the sauerkraut to balance out the richness and a freshly made bread dumpling that displays the skill of the chefs.


Nashville Hot Chicken that uses a larger than normal sized bird with that gigantic drumstick! I love that spice rub on the chicken and fried to a golden brown while the meat remained tender and extremely juicy. A downside was that the sides (I had the Mac & Cheese and Biscuits & Gravy) were too heavy tasting which got me struggling to finish especially with the large fried chicken. It would be nice to have a lighter side such as a salad to freshen up this sinful plate!

I scored these at a 1 for 1 promotion (which unfortunately is over now) using the Burpple app. Do check out the app for more dining deals and discounts! 😉


Eating my way around Singapore & the world! Instagram | @fellldown

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