Having Desserts First

Having Desserts First

For all foodies with a separate dessert stomach or just a sweet-tooth, do check out my list!
Vanessa Kou
Vanessa Kou

If the cheesy saying “Everyday is Valentine's Day When You Are with The Right Person” is true, why express your affection with greetings when you can say it with edible gifts?! Spelling love with their handcrafted bakes, Puffs and Peaks’ fluffy yeasted donuts were just as good as I remembered them to be! Think silky smooth chocolate custard, earthy Hojicha cream, velvety orh nee, and my new favourite, Passionfruit curd piped generously into the pillowy perfection. With just the right amount of zing, the curd had a very bright sweetness that went superbly well with the flavour of the dough.

And having their brownies for the first time, I think I am in love! The Hazelnut Praline Brownie was a foolproof combination with a strong dose of nuttiness from the layer of hazelnut paste atop. Distinct yet not overpowering, the hazelnut swirls didn’t take away the decadence of the moist dark cocoa brownie and instead added a very nice fragrance that wasn’t cloying at all.  

Having the best of both worlds, their Classic Brookie takes a regular chocolate chip cookie and marries it to a dark cocoa brownie for the ultimate treat! The classic half being buttery and semi-sweet while the other spots a more intense chocolatey aroma. But overall, the cookie had a lovely chew as well as a soft and fudgy bite. The melty Valrhona dark chocolate also providing that extra bittersweet oomph to tie the half-and-half cookie together.

All in all, a heartfelt thank you to the @puffsandpeaks team for sending your artisanal bakes my way!


Getting the best of both worlds, Yat Ka Yan’s Yammy Chendol ($5.50) was a heaping pile of sweet and surprisingly savoury goodness. The subtle flavour of the shallot oil infused perfectly into the smooth orh nee. A tad odd at first but after a good mix, the addition of the yam made the combination much more luxe in both taste and texture. The fragrance from the caramel-y lashings of gula melaka, sweet red beans, and cool coconut milk were also able to meld well with the earthiness of the yam. And just as shiok as I remembered, the chendol providing that heady yet delicate taste of pandan is still my favourite part of the dessert.

Since I couldn’t get enough of their mochi waffle after my visit to their branch at Faber Driver, I went over to their Mohamed Sultan Road outlet in the same week. This time I had their Bronte Pistachio & Pink Himalayan Salt ($6/ Single - Gourmet) and Colombian Cold Brew & Cookie Butter Bits ($5/ Single - Premium). For the former, the delicate roast-y flavour of pistachio and touch of saltiness was surprisingly complementary but perhaps I am still more used to having the nuttiness without the savoury element. For the latter, the lack of a strong coffee roast aroma and consistency being a tad icy was a bit of a letdown but the flavour did grow on me as I ate more and paired well with the warm crisp-chewy waffle.

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Serving as a great palate cleanser as well as a light after-meal option, the Seasonal Kyoto Shiso & Yuzu Jelly ($6/ Single - Gourmet) is best described as refreshing. The subtle grassy notes and herbaceous quality might not be for everyone as the flavour is pretty exotic. Yet with the bits of yuzu jelly studded within offered a great citrusy-sweetness to the scoop.

Earlier this month when sweater weather was still a thing, I travelled down to Faber Drive specifically for Gelatolabo’s Fresh Tokyo Mochi Waffle (+$6.60) and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Made with nippon flour and mochi, the waffle was perfectly crusted. Think crisp, golden brown exterior and slight-sticky soft interior - so satisfying! Loving that initial crunch which yields to a delightfully bouncy and chewy inside as you cut into it.

Of course, having been to their hole-in-a-wall store at Jalan Besar several times, I had to get flavours that I didn’t come across previously or those that I have yet to try such as the 38% Milk Chocolate & Cereal Nibs as well as the Del Monte Banana & Cacao Nibs ($8/ Double - Premium). Not conventional but still relatively safe, the 38% Milk Chocolate & Cereal Nibs had a fun play of textures with the crunch from the clusters of handmade cereal nibs and smooth ice cream. It wasn’t too sweet and would be ideal for milk-chocolate lovers. Similarly, the Del Monte Banana & Cacao Nibs delivered a crowd-pleasing combination with the intensity of the banana flavour and bittersweetness of the dark cacao bits - very well-balanced in both taste and textures. For those in need of an added dose of chocolate, the Valrhona Chocolate Sauce (+$1) was just the thing being luscious and rich.

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Back for more of their quality cakes, I finally got down to trying Kki Sweets’ Nero ($12.50). A luxurious blend of flavours, the dainty cake was pretty potent but in a good way. The intensity of the truffle cream in the center matched superbly well with the bittersweetness of the dark chocolate mousse and glaze. However, if eaten alone, the taste of the black truffle might be a tad overpowering. Thus, I would recommend a forkful of all the elements as when biting into the layers, I quite like the puff of lingering truffle fragrance that hits the back of my throat before the decadence of the chocolate would balance out the earthiness. Texture-wise, the soft interior paired nicely with the crisp chocolate shards as well.

An ice cream parlour I have been meaning to try, The Humble Scoop at Katong Shopping Centre certainly didn’t disappoint. For something sweet, the “In-Kueh-Dible” ($3.90/ single scoop) is a yummy blend of salted coconut and gula melaka. Though the flavour of the coconut was mild, the caramel-like fragrance of the gula melaka was distinct and coupled well with their waffle ($4/ a la carte).
Next for something rich and creamy, the "Orh-Bee-Good" ($4.90/ single premium scoop) is my favourite of the two and understandably their most popular flavour. Inspired by Pulut Hitam, the traditional black glutinous rice and coconut milk dessert, the texture and taste of the scoop was so on point. It was sweet yet not overly so, slightly nutty, a little chewy, sticky with a lovely dose of coconut.

In the mood for a stronger dose of coffee and wanting to give their Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk soft serve a try, I also got their classic Espresso Affogato ($7.50). A sweet deal if you want the best of both worlds, the affogato served as a good pick-me-up. The swirl melted pretty quickly but the resulting concoction was smooth and worked well to balance out the strong espresso in my opinion.


Giving their signature cream puffs a caffeine boost, Baristart Coffee’s January exclusive Coffee Flavoured Cream Puff ($6) was a hit for me. Loaded with luscious Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk custard that is infused with their mild coffee blend, the thick cream was aromatic yet surprisingly light. With a nutty, sweet, and milky undertone, the addition of the coffee was certainly a plus in my books. The sizable choux pastry puff was also airy and crisp - overall a great accompaniment to the generous amount of velvety custard cream that is encased within.


New year, new cakes to try! Thus, I had to control the urge to order their signature Orh Nee Cake when I saw it on display and instead had their namesake LUNA 2.0 ($9) and Matcha Opera ($8).

My favourite of the two, the Matcha Opera was right up my alley as I appreciated the earthiness of the elements without them overpowering one another. Not too grassy, bitter, or sweet, the slice would satisfy any matcha fan. The alternating layers of matcha chiffon sponge, matcha mousse, and matcha ganache was very enjoyable taste and texture-wise. Embellished with matcha powder and Chantilly cream, the cake wasn’t dense or dry and was overall very well-balanced.


Rich and indulgent, the Valrhona Guanaja 70% chocolate mousse entremet ($9) was intense stuff. Packed with a crunchy core of crushed hazelnuts, salted caramel, hazelnut dacquoise, dark chocolate-coated feuilletine, and crowned with hazelnut sponge; the myriad of textures added to the whole experience. Chocolatey, nutty, and sweet, the combination reminded me a little of a MARS bar with the use of salted caramel too. An ideal treat for chocolate lovers, the bittersweetness from the mousse helped to balance the cake and made it less cloying. The shiny dark chocolate glaze also provided a nice depth to the cake though a tad gelatinous in my opinion.


Surprised by how much I enjoyed it, PS. Café’s Dark Chocolate Banana Cheesecake ($15) is probably my new go-to dessert there. Loving how well the flavours of banana and cheese were able to meld together in the body of the cake, I really like the smooth texture and the fact that the elements were not very overpowering. The chocolate ganache at the very top also adding some bittersweetness to the light cheesecake while the pastry base held a very delicate buttery fragrance.

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