Having Desserts First

Having Desserts First

For all foodies with a separate dessert stomach or just a sweet-tooth, do check out my list!
Vanessa Kou
Vanessa Kou

In the mood for all things sweet, I found their Japanese Pudding ($8) to be right up my alley. Achieving the ideal balance between eggy and milky, the pudding was creamy and rich. The custard was melting soft too. What’s more, the caramel sauce was the icing on the cake as it was on the bittersweet side (but not overly so) hence it contrasted nicely with the lusciously sweet purin. So so so good!

Loving that extra oomph, the Banana Nut Crunch Brownie ($7.40) would be my pick as the cornflakes and almonds studded atop were able to counter the decadence of the fudgy bake. Not too sweet, the slightly malty flavour of the crisp cornflakes went superbly with the crunchy nuts, banana, and the dark chocolatey taste of brownie. However, I found that there is not much of the mashed banana filling, so the taste is hardly detectable.

Filled with intense lemon curd, Flourcrafts Patisserie’s Tarte au Citron certainly made my face pucker at the first bite. However, with every subsequent forkful, I did grow more accustomed to the sourness and really started to appreciate the citrusy zing. Topped with low sugar lime meringue and edible gold flakes, the jolting tartness of the curd was well-balanced by the fragrance of the citruses which came in the form of homemade lemon confiture as well as bits of lacto fermented lemon and lime segments. The Pâte Sucrée Tart shell also had a great snap and provided a hint of buttery sweetness.

As for a refreshing perk-me-up, Flourcrafts Pâtisserie's Strawberry Watermelon Tart was a delicate number and an exquisite take on Black Star Pastry’s signature cake. Fresh, light, and fragrant; that floral sweetness and crunch from the cool rosewater-infused watermelon boule was so good. Coupled with airy vanilla chantilly mascarpone and their homemade strawberry confiture on vanilla financier; the combination was sublime. When you bite into the tart the fruity fragrance of the berries hits your palette first, followed immediately by the gentle perfume of rose flavour, the faint milkiness from the cream then the butteriness of the crisp shortcrust pastry.

Probably the darkest, and richest brownies I have ever come across; BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers' Blackout Brownies really do hit the spot when you got an intense chocolate craving. Though taking quite a hit to my wallet as they certainly don’t come cheap, I like the slightly dense melty middle of each baked square.

For the Premium Hojicha Brownie ($7.40), the taste of the earthy roasted tea filling was distinct yet somewhat drowned out by the richness of the chocolate in my opinion. Hence, it could definitely do with more hojicha. However, the bittersweetness of the two key elements is still pleasant and the combination was not overly cloying so as to overwhelm the palate with their decadence. Texture-wise, it was spot on with a soft-fudgy bite.

Nutty and chocolatey, the Biscoff Marble Brownie ($6.20) was more balanced in terms of the distribution of the filling as you get the spread in the middle and at the top as well. A foolproof option as the pairing is very complementary. The sticky sweetness of the biscoff adding a nice caramel-like fragrance to the dark brownie. And for the texture, it was a good mix between dense and chewy-soft.

The flagship exclusive Popiah Garden ($14) was a lovely way to end the meal. Presented with three scoops of gelato — Blue Pea Pandan Lemongrass, Sea Salt Horlicks, and Soursop, the handmade popiah skin “lawn” was topped with shaved peanut candy “soil” and coriander “shrubs”. A fun and yummy rendition of the familiar Taiwanese Peanut Candy Ice Cream Roll, all three old-school flavours were rather spot-on for me with my pick being the fragrant yet delicate blue pea pandan lemongrass. The Horlick had a rather strong malty profile while the Soursop was more of a refreshing sorbet with a nice fruity zing.

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Saving the best for last, the shiitake mushroom ice cream was ingenious! The almost malty taste of the cocoa crumble went oddly well with the earthy-savoury flavour of the ice cream. A playful number, the mushroom-shaped meringue was cute and the bits of nashi pear added that clean sweetness.

Keeping some of @fuelplussg’s bestsellers, their newest outlet at Tai Thong Crescent, @fuelxsg carries a pretty extensive menu - serving all-day brunch, coffee, mains, burgers, and dessert. 

For sweets, we got their Pump It Up Hotcake ($18) to share which reminded me a little of the fluffy fragrant pancakes at the good old golden arches. Despite looking thick and chunky, the banana hotcake was surprisingly moist and not too dense. Smothered with syrup (in a good way), the warm hotcake was also served with strawberries, nuts, and a scoop of ice cream. The berries offering a sweet-tartness while the bits of nuts added a nice crunch. As for the scoop of ice cream, we chose earl grey ice which really complemented the elements with a light uplifting scent of bergamot. Overall, it didn’t feel cloying but the flavour of the banana was certainly lacking.

A tad difficult to cut without leaving a big mess but Daizu Cafe’s Fuji Kori Amann ($12) was a lovely dessert to share and certainly one for the matcha fans. Covered in a blanket of earthy matcha powder, the sizable scoop of cool vanilla ice cream was well-matched with the warm pastry - delivering that contrast and also helping to soften a tinge of the crisp exterior. Not overly sweet, the kouign amann was also perfectly flaky. The crushed pistachio were a nice touch, giving that crunch and nutty flavour as well.

Packed with a pronounced black sesame flavour, the Black Sesame Monster Ice Cream ($12.90) was somewhat “sandy” in texture but the nuttiness was certainly welcomed. Robust and rich, the layered ice was not too sweet and overall features the strong earthy notes of grounded black sesame seeds - perfect for goma fans if you can get past the mouthfeel. Oh and each order of their monster ice cream comes with a choice of two complimentary toppings.

Made for the ‘gram, Roji Monster’s selection of specialty shaved ice does score on the aesthetics with the cute gooey icing sugar eyes but perhaps a little too pricey for the portion. Worthy of a try, the Uji Matcha Monster Ice Cream ($12.90) was my favourite of the two with a good dose of earthy, bittersweetness. Though it melted a tad faster than the Black Sesame Monster Ice Cream, the lingering and well-rounded tea flavour of the Uji matcha was something I enjoyed.

In line with their cute concept, the Monster Waffle ($10.90) was shaped into the store’s adorable Roji mascot. Eggy and slightly dense, the warm waffle disc had lovely crispy edges that matched well with their soft serve ice cream. Milky and smooth, the ice cream was pretty rich and not too icy. The waffles were also served with small dabs of homemade matcha cream and chocolate syrup.

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