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Featuring Wildseed (The Summerhouse), YiLi PaoPao Ice (Orchard), Jack Ripper, Hansang Korean Family Restaurant (Square 2), Medan Town, Seoul Yummy (Square 2), Pontini Italian Restaurant, Fishball Story (NUS University Town), Akari Japanese Dining & Bar, Red House Seafood Restaurant (Robertson Quay)
Sihan Lee
Sihan Lee
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Loving the mini touches of greens that help to cleanse the palate after a very lardaceous affair of Iberico Pork Collar at @TheDisgruntledBrassierie.


😍😍😍 Flaky, sweet and studded with toasted sesame seeds for an exquisite bitterness.

Visit during 3 to 5pm on weekdays to enjoy 50% off all noodles, congee and dim sum at all Canton Paradise outlet except ARC and Changi Village outlets. That's your Friday pre-dinner plans sorted right there! 💪


Featuring the simple unadulterated pleasures of topinambur risotto, pearl onions and mustard cress. Get it between gin slings at @AtlasBarsg during Singapore Cocktail Festival!


For just $60++ per head, you'll get to enjoy a 5 course Dim Sum x Cocktail pairing. One of my favourite pairings by far has got to be the Ginseng Daiquiri & Deep fried squid with cumin salt and pepper. The alcoholic beverage is somewhat healthy in its ginseng and ginger inception along with dark rum forming the base. And if its food you're after, you'll be delighted to know tt portions are substantial despite the bargain price. The squid , crumbed in a light batter is uber tender, slightly salty but goes down oh so well with the herbaceous tipple.


Fried Wanton skins replace the tortilla chips while Chinese-style pulled pork and melted cheese is piled on high. As most wantons will be reduced to a soggy mess upon contact with the slightest bit of moisture. Same goes for this dish, however, the assault of flavors combined with luscious sour cream made up for all grievances. Highly recommended with drinks at @luckybar.sg.


// I whispered softly to the {Special Pork Katsudon} before parting my lips, chewing down on braised onions and tender pork before closing my eyes in silent reverence. おいしいです. Oishii desu ne.

#sihanshoots #tonkatsuginzabairin

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😉 // **NEW** on the expanded Asian fusion menu at @PhatCatLaundry is the {Halo-halo Sundae} ~ ube ice cream, coconut ice cream, nate de coco, jackfruit, palm nuts, cornflakes (which were the deal-breaker in this eqn) and quinessential evaporated milk.

A neat rendition of the over-excessive Filipino dessert drink and much more balanced in terms of sweetness than the norm. So much love. Excuse me, I think I'm going to need a minute here.


Crispy Pigs Ears perfectly done all the way thru with portions of the white cartilage chewier than other parts for tt bit of textural contrast. Perfect beer snack? I say, yas.


Here to justify the long queues at lunch is the locally-inspired {Spicy Chilli Crab Tendon}; true to description, the spectrum of flavors fall more squarely on the spicy and salty side. Voluminous bowls of imported Japanese rice is topped by black tiger prawn tempura, asapragus, pumpkin, salmon, eggplant and kakiage amidst under treasures and drenched in that snow crab fluffed up sauce. Definitely a steal for just $14.80!


The {Tempura & Ajikurabe} set comes in at a humble $32 yet you'll derive immense satisfaction from this. Well, if its decreed by the emperor to be produced for royalty, you know it ought to be good stuff.


Sihan Lee

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