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Kopitiams and Hawker Centres!

Kopitiams and Hawker Centres!

Celebrating the gems that can only be found in the distinct places that marks our local food culture!
Shaun Sim
Shaun Sim

I like that the Oyster Omelette comes with big, plump and juicy oysters while the omelette comes slightly charred at its sides, adding an extra crisp to the dish!

This is one of my favouritest dishes at this hawker center in Kaki Bukit. The Hokkien Mee is one of the best that I have had, it comes very wet, the way I like it and you can taste the sweetness of the seafood in the broth. I also like that they are generous with the amount of ingredients thrown in, a must try if you ask me!

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I got the shaved noodles instead of the La Mian and was impressed by how they have managed to get the shape of the noodles spot on that it gives the correct amount of texture that one would prefer. I am also impressed by the generosity of the amount of sliced beef that I got with my bowl of noodles. But the one thing that I preferred most was the broth! My first sip sent me to beef heaven; you could taste that the broth was made from beef bones and meat instead of the usual pork broth one would usually get in places elsewhere. The broth was clear and very flavourful, although it might be a tad bit salty.

TLDR; good beef soup noodles!

Helmed by 2 young chefs, Hammee’s serves up one of the best burgers that I have had in Singapore!

I love how the buns had a distinct buttery fragrance is toasted to achieve crispy edges but remaining soft too. I also love how generous they are with the cheese slices and impressed by how the flavourful beef patty was able to lock in its juices! The fries here are also good on its own! Crisp on the outside yet fluffy on the inside, could definitely do with more of this goodness ◡̈ My only peeve about this place? I wish they could give me more of those caramelised onions!

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The portions here are huge and it seems like almost everyone seated around me has ordered from the same stall.

I love the huge portion here which definitely kept me full after a long day of work. The beef was also well seasoned and flavourful but was a little tough. I’m not sure if you can choose the doneness here but I wasn’t asked and maybe that’s why I found the steak here to be tougher than my liking. But am definitely gonna try out the pork or chicken chop here again soon!

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: Because the owner wants ayam penyet 😂

Back here to fulfil some ayam penyet craving but not as impressed this round because I found the chicken to be overly oily this time and the rice was not as fragrant as it was. But the chicken thigh was still moist and tender despite being deep fried; a comforting meal still nonetheless!


Although many reviews raved about the Xiao Long Baos here, we went for the spicy wonton instead and got a very pleasant surprise!

The meat filling of the wonton is substantial while the wanton skin was silky yet thin but enough to hold the fillings in tightly. The spicy sauce packs a slight kick and has a savoury taste that keeps you going back for more. Definitely coming back to try the other items here!

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Really love the chicken chop here as chicken thigh is used here and the meat is juicy, succulent and tender. The exterior of the chicken is charred and Smokey and added an extra dimension to the chicken chop ◡̈

Don’t be fooled by the long queue at this stall! We queued for 45 minutes only to be greeted by a bowl of fish soup that taste somewhat similar to majority of the other stalls out there. At best, it’s only slightly better than what you can get at random stalls. That said, however, the fish slices here are really fresh though. Perhaps one should try the fish head soup since thats what majority of the patrons here got.


The queue here is relentless as usual and a sip of the gravy explains the reason perfectly. The full-bodied gravy goes with the noodles perfectly; with every strand coated with the starchy gravy 😍 The myriad of ingredients swimming in the bowl makes the queue and the price worth every bit.

Definitely a great way to mark the end of a work week with our favourite bowl of Lor Mee over lunch.

The Lor Mee here goes for $3 normally but when you lunch with a Physical Ed teacher, he naturally goes off the menu and get a $4 one 😂

We had some of their recommended dishes and thought that they were pretty good.

The Chicken Mack Spicy, an interesting fashion of local and western cuisine results in a Mac and Cheese that is topped with spicy minced chicken. My favourite though, is the RJ Original Pizzawich. A combination between pizza and sandwich, it has spicy minced chicken sitting on a bed of egg mayonnaise base topped with cheese, onions and jalapeño. The flavours came together nicely and wasn’t too overwhelming, must-try if you find yourself here ◡̈

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Probably the best steak that I have had from a humble coffeeshop western food stall. The beef was seasoned perfectly and cooked to perfection. We asked for it to be medium rare and was greeted with a steak that was pink but not bloody on the inside with a slightly charred crust on the exterior 😍 mad love for the potato salad here as well ◡̈


Educator by day, sgfoodie by night

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