Kopitiams and Hawker Centres!

Kopitiams and Hawker Centres!

Celebrating the gems that can only be found in the distinct places that marks our local food culture!
Shaun Sim
Shaun Sim

Hokkien Mee cooked by a ex-limousine driver; Chef Goo Red Sea Prawns Fried Hokkien Mee was born out of the Covid pandemic when the owner’s driving livelihood was affected.

The stall specialises in a variety of seafood centric dishes, including Clams Hokkien Mee and it’s signature Red Sea Prawns Fried Hokkien Mee, which I ordered but without prawns 😅

Upon receiving my meal, I was surprised at how generous the portion was and the amount of ingredients that came with it. The broth that the noodles were cooked in was really rich; prawn lovers would love this. But thankfully for me, I managed to hide it with the generous dollop of chilli given. The pork lard, sotong and thick strips of pork belly that topped off the dish gave it a rich flavour and you can clearly taste the distinct flavour of each of the ingredients through this umami-laden mess.

No trip to AVHC is complete without an avocado drink. My choice of poison has always been Mr Avocado although standards seem to have dipped a little. Guess I would give King Avocado a shot next time!

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Carrying on from my previous post about the newly revamped Plaza Singapura's Kopitiam, this time I tried one of the bigger names here, Michelin Bib Gourmand recipient for 4 consecutive years (2016 – 2019) @shihuiyuan.sg.

The first thing that I realised about the Hor Fun here is that it is not the kind that I envision it to be, the noodles here are thinner and longer, reminiscent of those seen in a bowl of Ipoh Hor Fun. The gravy is also less thick, making it easy to drink, akin to a soup that is packed full of flavours. This is due to a recipe containing over 30 herbs and chicken and duck meat and bones. The gravy is supposedly brewed for over 30 years. I opted for the duck drumstick hor fun and it was super good! The meat is fall off the bone kind of tender and soaked up the gravy really well. This also came with a side of mushrooms and vegetables and even though the mushrooms are a side here, they are so good that they are a star in their own right; you can order a mushroom hor fun instead if mushrooms are your kind of poison. To elevate the dish, try it with some of their homemade chilli as well.

I would recommend that you give this stall a try if you are a hor fun fan and if you are not, I urge you to give this a try too. It might just change your mind about the dish!

Have you visited the revamped Kopitiam at Plaza Singapura? It’s filled with a collection of Michelin food stalls and some familiar favourites. Amongst them is Ah Ma Chi Mian, which have taken the Singaporean hawker scene by storm, with at least 9 outlets today.

I ordered the Specialty Pork Liver (Dry) since this is one of my favourite dishes and I have heard good things about it! Each piece of liver was cooked to perfection! I have seen it being compared to the texture of foie gras online and this description isn’t an overstatement. It has to be said this a bit pricey though for a kopitiam meal but it is worth every cent, with its flavour and texture on point as well as the sheer amount of ingredients contained within. Order an additional bowl of to complete your meal ◡̈

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This one has been making waves recently; started by former Peach Garden Dim Sum’s Head Chef, Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun has opened a third outlet at Bangkit, after the ones in Clementi and Bedok drew crowds and queues for this silky smooth comfort food.

Specialising in HK-style Cheong Fun with all orders are freshly-made in stall;l, every element of this humble dish, from the soft, velvety rice noodle sheets to the sauce and the fillings, is prepared daily on-site using old-school traditional methods.

Currently they have it in plain and 3 different fillings:

Signature Mushroom Cheong Fun ($4); Shiitake and shimeji mushrooms stir-fried in butter and oyster sauce.

Char Siew Cheong Fun ($4); Filled with bits of pork char-siew and perfect for meat lovers. My preferred flavour 👍

Prawn Cheong Fun ($5) that’s made with a substantial amount of fresh prawns!

You can tell a cheong fun is good when it's skin is translucent enough for the fillings to peer through teasingly at you 😛 although all elements of the Cheong Fun is pretty, I would prefer to have my cheong fun skin to even thinner.

Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun is located at
📍209 New Upper Changi Rd, FoodHub 01-633, Singapore 460209
📍352 Clementi Ave 2, 01-153, Singapore 120352
📍257 Bangkit Rd, Singapore 670257

Located in a coffeeshop near Bukit Batok MRT, this Hokkien Mee stall is a delight for those of you who love your Hokkien mee to be of the wetter version. Each mouthful comes with a good slurp of the super flavourful broth! The noodles also carry a tinge of wok hei.

I also love that there is a generous amount of ingredients thrown in just look at the sotong, pork belly strips and pork lard thrown in! I opted out of prawns though. The chilli is low on the spicy meter, can ask for more if you want more kick. Good to try if you find yourself in the west!


Honestly the plating of the food was what attracted me 😅 This looks very reminiscent of The Coconut Club at almost half the price! But at $7.50 and located in a hawker center, I had high expectations for this.

However, I was kinda disappointed by what I have had here. The basmati rice was clumpy at times and did not have enough coconut fragrance. The chilli also did not give me the kick that I was looking for. It was not definitely not spicy enough to fall into that spectrum but neither was it sweet enough for me to understand the approach that they were taking? Essentially, the basic 2 stars of a good nasi lemak was not executed well here I feel.

That said, I have to say that the portions are pretty generous still and the spiced chicken thigh was done really well. It had a crispy skin on top of tender, juicy meat that was was very flavourful.

Given the portions served, the size of the chicken thigh and its location, I can understand why this is priced the way it is. However, with @thecoconutclubsg just a stone throw away, I would gladly pay more to be assured of an indulgence.

daydreaming about the perfect kaya toast set from @yykafeidian. The claypot ee mian was amazing too! But all I really want right now, is that cup of strong iced kopi

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The first thing that struck me was the huge portion size, we couldn't finish either bowl of our noodles 😅 And no, it is no because it did not taste good but there was simply too many ingredients and too much noodles, a happy problem to have if you ask me. I actually preferred the Gravy version over the Dry one because the noodles really soaked up the essence of the gravy, giving every mouthful a strong beefy flavour. The dry stir was pretty good too, perfect if you are not a fan of dishes with a robust beef flavour. The soup that was served alongside the dry-stir was packed with flavour too, a perfect companion for the dry noodles.

Because I saw that my buddy, @parttimefoodiesg, ordered this last week, I got tempted too! And this whole set of goodness only cost $14.50 on @grabfoodsg and comes with a free bowl of mushroom soup! And this is super value for money cus I could split this into two meals!

Ranked as one of the Top 10 Mee Siam in Singapore, Hup Hup (合合) has been around to delight Singaporean tastebuds for over 50 years.

The gravy here is on a sweeter note and although it does come with the familiar twang of sour and spicy too, it is light enough to be slurped up on its own.

Apart from their signature Mee Siam, they do serve up delectable bowls of Laksa and Lor Mee too!

I got a steak coupled with fresh salad greens and Mac and Cheese from The Chef’s Place! And a side of popcorn chicken as well. The portions are huge! So it’s definitely value for money! Remember to mention your choice of doneness for the beef though!

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If I have to use one word to describe this, it will be value. The portions here are huge, especially the mixed grill, which came with full portions of the pork and chicken chops and a jumbo sausage, definitely more than enough to feed 2 pax! And it comes with a side of baked potato and aglio olio too!

I also like the chicken cutlet which retained its juices despite being deep fried. Although the pork chop was too tough though.

Educator by day, sgfoodie by night Follow me on IG: @helloshaunsim

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