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Featuring Rakki Bowl, Nishiki Tako (ION Orchard), Salmon Samurai (100AM), HANA, Amoy Street Food Centre, Kajiken (Tanjong Pagar), Ramen Champion (Bugis+), Ramen Keisuke Tori King, Maccha House (Orchard Central), Chabuton ([email protected])
Rachel Loke
Rachel Loke

The takoyakis here are made fresh to order, and eating them warm really makes a difference! I prefer the chilli crab one, as the chilli crab topping tastes real and the chilli wasn't too spicy. The aburi cheese was a little bland than expected? But overall still worth a try if you like cheese!

The broth was indeed spicy, the kind that has an after taste. A pity it slightly overpowered the miso-tonkotsu taste, hence the spice made it harder to enjoy the broth. Perhaps those who really love their food hot and spicy would better appreciate this? Ingredients wise they're similar to the other ramen we had too.

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Decided to try out this place since it's new on Burpple Beyond and we wanted Jap food. When we first arrived at 6.45pm on a Saturday, we were shocked to see that there was only 1 table occupied! Nevertheless we gave it a shot, and I had this bowl of ramen, which was one of the very few non-spicy options on the menu.

The Mentaiko roe was alright, not too overpowering. In fact the Tonkotsu base was strong, although a bit too oily. The chicken slices were tender and I like that they were quite generous with the ingredients in the bowl. Overall, I guess you can't compare to the ramen specialty stores, but still worth a try if in the area.

I loveee salmon and was so excited to try both the bowls! Glad to say that the seafood was fresh, and omg that beautifully torched Mentaiko!! Match made in heaven with those thick slices of salmon! 😍 The portions were adequate enough for the price point, and pls get the Large size (as pictured) if you're hungry. Can foresee myself coming back, especially with Burpple Beyond 1-for-1!

5 slices of salmon mentaiko sitting on a bed of lettuce, adorned with 4 pieces of cherry tomato. Love the salmon, nicely seared with the mentaiko, which was not too overpowering too. Though I felt the bowl was quite lacking in variety - literally just those ingredients in the exact quantity as mentioned above.

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A pretty good bowl of ramen considering the price, portion and taste! The broth was pretty strong and flavourful, while the 3 pieces of char siu were also tender enough, though not the melt in the mouth texture. It also comes with the ajitama egg. Noodles were slightly thinner than my preferred kind, but overall it's worth a try!


The ramen bowls here feature ingredients of different seasons. The autumn bowl consists of 6 types of mushrooms, and you can really taste the earthy tones of the broth! Also, when they first serve this bowl to you, there are 3 different broths concentrated at parts of the bowl - garlic butter, truffle mushroom and tonkotsu. You are recommended to take a sip of each of the three, before mixing them up. Noodles wise they're slightly thinner. Overall a good bowl of ramen with intense flavours!

Dry ramen in a hawker centre! Plus it's affordable and delicious too! The noodles was slightly thinner than Kajiken but still had that QQ bite. Sauces made it flavourful too. Will order again if I'm craving dry ramen but don't wish to hurt my wallet!


Have always enjoyed the mazesoba/dry ramen here, and on my most recent visit, I decided to up the ante with this dish. Everything about it was great - the grilled cheese, mixed with the noodles, plus the cod roe!! Love the ooey gooey cheese especially! It does sound jelak and the intense flavours may leave you a little sick of it towards the end, but any hungry soul would be able to finish this!

Finally got to try this very popular dry ramen chain! It was very flavourful with the medley of sauces. I also like the noodles, chewy enough with sufficient bite.

Mentaiko and carbonara are irresistible to me, hence I was very excited to try this. Sadly, I found the mentaiko quite muted. Yes it was creamy, but the flavours could have been stronger.

This bowl comes with chashu, pork belly and toriniku (pork jowl), suitable for those who love pork! The broth is the traditional tonkotsu one - very rich and flavourful! Pretty value for money bowl, I'd say!

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