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Looking for a place to chill out with friends or catch up just like the good old days? How bout some badass desserts to go along with while you yak about how lousy your boss has been treating you. Sounds good? No fret, cuz this is only the beginning!
Ray Tan
Ray Tan

First time trying their original signature diabetic series. It’s actually not as sweet as the pseudo ones i’ve come across. The bobas have a nice chew to it as well. Not too chewy like a well done steak and not too nua like a bowl of flaccid noodles. Overall i think it’s not bad but don’t expect me to queue an hr for this.

5 for $14.50; 10 for $26.50; 16 for $41.50;
Besides being known for their girls, Taiwan is also a famous attraction for pineapple pastries. Hails from Nantou, SunnyHills pineapple cakes are made and imported directly from Taiwan. With no preservatives, the pastries can last no more than 3 weeks. Shaped like a Tetris block, the outer layer of the pineapple cake is smooth and not flaky. Pineapple paste has a nice bite to it, not too sweet and you can still taste the pineapple bits in it! The only downside is the expensive price tag. Honestly, I still prefer Chiate’s cranberry pineapple tarts but SunnyHills is almost a winner in my opinion.


Chocolate: 8” $38, 10” $58
Durian: 8” $48, 10” $78
Tucked along the narrow street of prata haven, Jalan Kayu, lies this unassuming cake shop. From afar it looks like one of those shady massage parlors from Chinatown. However, in it stood a big boned fella, brimming with confidence, as though he knows this will not be the last time you are here to buy his cakes. True enough, Jane’s cake station may seemed a little snobbish with only 2 flavors of cakes in its arsenal. But that is exactly how you know they are good. Jane’s chocolate cake standard is really decent. Except for that hint of saltiness that baffles me, the rest is simply impressive. Chiffon is moist not dry. Chocolate fudge is not too thin nor thick. The fudge also does not harden after long hours of chilling in the fridge unlike most fudge cakes, which is amazing! I personally prefer Jane’s over Lana’s. No offense to Lana lovers out there heh. Overall, i give it 4.5 chopsticks outta 5!
位於在惹蘭加由路中的店屋裡,居留了一個小蛋糕店。Jane’s 蛋糕店只賣巧克力以及榴槤口味的蛋糕。可見得店長對於自己蛋糕的水平十分有信心。巧克力蛋糕的威風濕潤而不會乾巴巴的。巧克力糕層在冰廚裡凍了幾小時也不會硬化。只是巧克力味道有一口不明的淡鹹味。但也蠻特別的吧!整體來說,我個人蠻喜歡Jane’s 的巧克力蛋糕 讚讚讚!

The signauture Boufe cake of this cafe! Plentiful amount of chocolate glossed over the entire cake simply makes u hangry at first sight! Inside contains chocolate mousse infused with a passion fruit mango centre. The concoction is simple yet pleasing even to the fussiest food connoisseur. Well done! 不肥蛋糕是這家店裡的招牌甜點!蛋糕裡的巧克力慕斯以及百香果的中心搭配得令人匪夷所思! 贊!


Had this fantastical looking toast at the ever popular Dazzling Cafe located on the ground level of the newly revamped Capitol building. Thick toast is hollowed out and filled with toasted cubes dripping with mango sauce and topped with coconut flavored ice cream. Simply drizzle the honey over the entire toast and enjoy! There's even a unique rose syrup sauce by the side which taste pretty refreshing! Every toast looks just so magical and alongside the cutesy rabbit eared chair, I swear if you wanna xian any charbor just bring her here and she's yours.


$5 single scoop; $8 double scoop; New gelato parlour tucked opposite the popular Penny University along East Coast Road. Pretty chill place to hangout if you stay around the area and got nth better to do.

Chocolate Mille Feuille ($14) & Raspberry Tart ($8). Both taste pretty amazing! They have a food menu as well but everyone there seems to be just having desserts & coffee


French Vanilla Mille Feuille (~$7) Nice presentation! Not fantastic but taste pretty ok

Hokkaido Chocolate Mille Feuille (~$7) It's not as sweet as it looks. Those who prefers a light flavor would probably love this!

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Ray Tan

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I'm a food anal. Appease my connoisseur tongue please👅

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