Korean Fried Chicken, Korean Korean Stop salivating and go munch on those Korean Fried Chicken while you continue drooling over Hyuna in her version of Gangnam style on YouTube.
Brunch, cafes and more Okay..Bars and cafes are sprouting all over Singapore like wild flowers. Personally, I wouldn't mind ordering some take outs and sit under the void deck while enjoying the company of a couple of friends. Nowadays to avoid being mistaken as a Karang Guni man, I have moved to your so called "hipster" cafes. Here's a list of chill out cafes that will rob the broad daylight out of you which you so enjoy.
Ramen Slurp Like U Mean It! In Japan, it's a form of respect and appreciation to slurp loudly when savoring your ramen/tsukemen. Over in sg, nobody gives a damn. People are just too engrossed in their slutty conversations and neglect their tastebuds. This list promises to keep you from gossiping about the latest office scandal and just concentrate on chowing. Get a life changing experience and the occasional tears of joy here!!
Supper places Let's face it. There's no place like Singapore when it comes to supper where we are so spoilt for choices. Listed here are the places for the night owl!
Chinese Cuisine It's more than just chin chong chin chong
Oishi Land When I say Japanese food, I mean the real deal that u get from the Land of the Rising Sun. Not some sloppy, half hearted work that you will find in Sakae or Itacho (oops)
Desserts Looking for a place to chill out with friends or catch up just like the good old days? How bout some badass desserts to go along with while you yak about how lousy your boss has been treating you. Sounds good? No fret, cuz this is only the beginning!
Western Western food is often the top choice for most of the romantic affairs happening here in Singapore. Restaurants with quality food and ambience will make to this list. For all the lover boys out there, fret no further cuz this list will totally swoon your date!