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This plate of fried rice sets the bar for our expectations at this new F&B establishment on 2nd floor of Square2. Really nice wok hei and spicy flavour... what really wets our appetite is the presentation of this dish, all that sakura ebi, dried chilli worked up the overall appeal and giving a new definition to tall, dark and fragrant!


The crab cake is so fresh I could just have it on it’s own. That’s not to say the tomato aioli is what I would pass. The cheat is there is only one egg-benny. But who cares when it comes with their signature “way for too good” bacon strips.


Surprise to find this at the patisserie which is glorious, hearty and exactly how my breakfast would look like. The only regret is I have no more capacity for their cakes!


The guacamole at Sarnies need no introduction, the rich superfood itself complimented with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese holds up so well this vegan dish. The thick slabs of Rösti was an add on which pleasantly surprise in complimenting the toast. The poached eggs at Sarnies are just just so amateurishly done.

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Get your BB fix with smoked salmon, cheese sausage, bacon, tater tots, mushroom, rucola, choice of eggs and toast with berry infused butter. Great way to start a day!


Not sure if the name of dish was descriptive or predictive - certainly playful, but those who are spice-sensitive will certain break a sweat with the alluring spicy and sour Nage (broth) that simmers the blue Irish mussels together with lots of greens, peppers, onion and garlic. It’s oriental and yet the main ingredient/ lead actor (mussel) is not a typical Asian ingredient - think: Ghost in the Shell, might be the alternative name to the dish? Beautiful plating, served with smooth yam noodle. A dish well enjoyed by the fellow guests who even demanded this as a single person serving. The only feedback we gave was the ladle used was too shallow for scoping up the noodles and Nage, leading to your impulse to go straight from the pot!

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Yes, a duck confit for brunch. And Symmetry yet again does it so well - soft juicy and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. Served with a poached egg, teta tots, rucola salad and ratatouille.


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