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Recommended lists of Best Healthy Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Vegetarian, Burpple Guides, Healthy Best Places for Vegetarian in Singapore 2017 Keep this guide in your back pocket if you're a vegetarian, and if you're not, for times when you're dining with a vegetarian, or when you simply feel like going meat-free — it's great for the environment AND your tummy! We've put together the best spots in Singapore to inspire you to get your green on, from well-loved vegan burgers to super affordable vegetarian hawker fare and hearty Korean plates. We've even scoured the island for vegan treats, including dairy-free ice cream and scrumptious vegan cakes!
Burpple Guides, Healthy Best Salads in Singapore March 2017 — For those looking to keep to your #eatclean routine, we know how tough it can be in Singapore, considering the amount of good food we're surrounded by. However, these salads have proven to be tasty, quick, healthy lunch fixes that won't leave you too stuffed to function. Here are our best salad picks to try!
Burpple Guides, Healthy Best Grain and Poké Bowls in Singapore 2017 Your new year's resolutions may or may not have included eating healthier, but either way, we've rounded up the best grain and poké bowls in Singapore to provide you truly delicious meals that are also good for your body! Gather your friends or colleagues for this one-dish meal that's a good balance of carbs, protein and greens. You know what they say — eat clean, train mean and live lean!
Bars, Others, Hidden Gem, Healthy, Good For Groups, Cafes & Coffee CBD Affair Weekdays can be fun too with good food :)

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Top 10 places for Healthy

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Hong Kong style braised crispy noodles in a thick herbal gravy sauce, served with shiitake and king oyster mushrooms, tofu puffs, Chinese cabbage and egg(optional). A vegetarian eatery offering wide range of cuisines, ranging from western (burgers, cutlets), Italian(pizzas) korean(kimchi fried rice, mee hoon kuey etc) to Asian delights such as this dish featured here. Was pleasantly surprised when it was presented to me as I was expecting a clear herbal soup such as those in bak ku teh instead of a thick, lumpy gravy that’s usually present in hor fun. Nevertheless, being a fan of the latter, I enjoyed this thick gravy that was flavourful with a subtle herbal flavour which wasn’t too overwhelming. The noodles are essentially those you see in Sheng Mian that’s crispy (before being drown in a pool of gravy). Along with a generous portion of meatless ingredients from chewy, juicy king oyster and shiitake mushrooms, crunchy Chinese cabbage, soft tofu puffs to silky shredded egg omelette, there’s also wolfberries present within for an extra boost of anti-oxidant! ✨ Overall, a hearty and satisfying dish that’s a great comfort to indulge in sin-lessly, especially when the weather shows no mercy with a sudden downpour😌.
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Been exercising a little more frequently these days so feel the need to eat clean (so as to not be counter-effective!) Glad to be at Haakon for dinner tonight for their nutritious and wholesome, yet filling bowls. I customised mine, choosing the half brown rice and salad option, and would say it’s a decent serving size. Been going meatless pretty regularly now so I opted for tofu, beetroot hummus, mushrooms and veges to fill up my bowl.

Located at many outlets! We had a Mega-San $9.90. Pick and choose your base, sides, topping and sauce and make it your own bowl! Their ingredients are very fresh and savoury. We love the Yuzu Sesame sauce as it goes well with everything! A healthy bowl to end our wonderful weekend. @rollwithmakisan #hungryunicornsg #makisan #makisansg #katongi12 #salad

Pleasantly sweet with subtle hints of herbaceous notes goes well alongside toppings of banana, goji, blueberries and passion fruit. 🤤
The addition of granola and toasted coconut flakes provided the bowl with such an addictive crunch with the creamy cashew butter as the icing on the cake. There are many many açai bowl shops now around the island, however Project Açai is one of the pioneer and my go to spot for anything Açai. 🔖
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This was super filling, and had sufficient healthy options if you pick the right ones. Wished they had more choices for lean protein though

Avocado Rhapsody Slice - which had alternating layers of chocolate cake and avocado buttercream. The chocolate cake was moist and yummy, while the rich avocado cream was slightly buttery. Embedded in the buttery avocado cream are chunks of soft avocado.

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With prawns, scallops and mussels, it looks good on paper but didn’t quite meet the standards of other grain bowls I had there. Overall felt abit dry and lacking in flavor. 🙁
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I also topped up $5.90 for a small "Watermelon Grape" acai bowl that was refreshing and filled with generous servings of fruits

Note: this is from their Star Vista outlet but there's no location tag for that yet
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Calling for A.V.O.C.A.D.O lover
Try out the iconic avocado dessert here
Avocado Lemon Dream - Creamy avocado topped with yogurt cream & tangy lemon curd
Avocado Dessert Platter
•Gula Melaka Cake
•Avocado Citrus Shortbread Pie 👍
•Avocado Yogurt Pavlova

Just a few doors down from Birds of Paradise. Left: mint with chocolate chips. Right: strawberry. Light and flavourful, recommended for the lactose intolerant who love sorbet. At $3.50 a scoop and only 140cal, what are you waiting for?

Sausage Platter
- love the unlimited bread
- All tasted great
Vegeterian Salad
- was very refreshing and loved the pesto

obv would come back to this place💜