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Working around Fusionopolis in Buona Vista? Head to this casual bistro in Galaxis for a wholesome lunch with colleagues. For a lighter meal, opt for the Roasted Sesame Salmon protein salad ($14.50) or highly recommended Turmeric FIsh and Egg ($13) protein grain, which comes with a side of red rice, coconut flakes and silverfish sambal. Each set comes with a kombucha shot for an added boost of digestive goodness to avoid that midday energy crash!

Photo by Burppler Victoria Moey

Got this delivered the other day, and got to say I’ve never been more disappointed 😢😢 Portions were measly (ordered 2 types of CHICKEN aka cheap meat you can afford to spam) and definitely not worth at this price. Got the soba salad with Definitely don’t remember ever being so sad eating Maki-san, but won’t be having this again for a long time to come 😥😥

Are you team yoghurt drink or team BBT? Regardless of which team you’re on, have a healthy, nutritious and refreshing yoghurt drink from homegrown Hey Yogurt that can definitely quench your thirst. They have a wide variety of flavours from purple rice to fresh fruit to local flavours such as pulut hitam.

It’s gotten more convenient for easties to try them as Hey Yogurt has recently opened two new stores at Tai Seng and Our Tampines Hub. If you’re a westie, you can go to their Jurong Point outlet.

The yoghurt is freshly made by hand daily and uses premium Australian dairy. Overall, I found the yoghurt to be thick and smooth with the right level of sweetness, making it easy to drink. So here’s what I had.

Dreamy Purple Rice ($5.90). It’s probably the standard option to try this when having a yoghurt drink. There’s a good amount of purple rice in the drink so it can act as a potential meal replacement. I found the rice to be soft and not too chewy which makes it easy to drink. And purple rice is healthy, so don’t need to feel conscious about your carb intake.

Avocado ($7.90). We are all familiar with the avocado milkshake we buy from the juice stalls. But this is a guilt-free version. While there’s a good deal of avocado in it, I wished that the avocado taste could be sharper to fully replicate the milky version.

Hey! Cranberries ($6.90). A very fruity drink packed with loads of cranberry bits in every sip. Overall, it’s not too sweet and it’s a good drink to have if you want some antioxidants.

It’s truly guilt-free. So what are you waiting for? 😂

Awesome find with Burpple Beyond near my place. We love ordering the big breakfast set as there's everything we like inside! For the 1 for 1 mains, do note that breakfast items are not included but hey who says you can eat fish & chips and pork chops for brunch? 😋

$9.90++ dinner set for a starter (salad/mushroom soup), a main, and a drink?! What a steal! The serving was so huge that we rly couldn’t finish. It was really yummy too, super value for money.

Good bites is located at Bishan Sports Hall which is 10-15 mins walk away from Bishan MRT. However, it’s worth the walk. The cafe had rly good vibes, great photo ops (hello neon lights) and super friendly service crew who are rly approachable and welcoming.

Please do make a reservation before you head down. They had to turn away several groups of customers who did not make a reservation bcos they were fully booked! Also take note that 15-20 mins waiting time is expected even if you’ve made a reservation as they are currently facing huge crowds.

This place is a gem and definitely worth going back to!

$13.90 ShopBack Deal - for two burgers, two sides and two drinks! Super worth! (They also have 1 for 1 reals on burpple)

We got the Sizzling Singaporean Burger and American Burger, paired w broccoli & edamame salad and salted egg salmon skin! The drinks are just the typical sodas.

Really appreciate the fresh vegetables and onions they have in the burger. The sides were also “not like the typical fast food chain sides” - I would even say the sides are good! The salad came w lots of cheese, and the fish skin were really yummy!

Pink Fish is actually a fast food chain, but from its sustainable packaging and the exterior of its store - it certainly does not look like one! And most importantly, they priced themselves like the fast food chain they are!

Defo would come back here again!

This place sells 100% vegetarian food! Mains were surprisingly not bad, preferred the pizza over the pasta. Felt really quite healthy after eating this hahahaha. Desserts (ice cream) aren’t featured here but wasn’t great as it tasted like those bought from supermarket LOL. Nonetheless, can consider trying this if you around the area and wanna eat something healthy!

Very generous with the ingredients and Soba goes very well with the Wasabi Salmon. But still prefer the Tuna Signature Bowl or DIY Poke Doke Bowl.

Coming in 2 different sizes, regular & large, the unagi rice bowl is your quintessential jap rice bowl that you can order at most jap restaurants.

Thick slabs of unagi glazed in teriyaki sauce is soft & almost melts in your mouth is set on a bed of japanese rice that soaks up the tasty sauce. Easily a staple rice bowl if you don't know what to get.

The difference between the regular & large is the amount of unagi you get! If you prefer more unagi, go for the large, otherwise the regular should suffice.

Every rice bowl comes with a bed of Japanese Short Grain Rice, a side of greens, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, Onsen egg, nori flakes, tobiko & sesame seeds.

You get to opt for a choice of brown rice (+$0.50) if you're about #heathierchoice!

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The first thing that hits you is a whiff of truffle in the air. Shimeji mushrooms are deep fried to a crisp & tossed with truffle oil, then placed atop the Kombu stock-cooked spaghetti.

Flavours wise, it was the perfect crunchy, truffle-y kick that every truffle friend loves. Kinda like your favourite truffle fries, but a more substantial option.

As stated on the menu, every bowl of pasta is cooked in kombu stock till it's al dante (spot on on texture), which really shines through in the spaghetti. It is then topped with an onsen egg, tobiko, nori flakes & sesame seeds.

If you're on #BurppleBeyond, don't forget to claim this as part of your one for one!

Oh btw, they are able to do a vegan option too, upon request!

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This bowl seems a little plain at first, but the flavours are surpassingly on point when you have it! The mix of the saltiness from the mentaiko, paired with the creaminess of the onsen eggs gives you a carbonara-like sauce & a crunch with the fried salmon on the side.

Only downside was that the salmon was a lil' too over-fried, but the fish was still juicy upon cutting into it.

As stated on the menu, every bowl of pasta is cooked in kombu stock till it's al dante (spot on on texture), which really shines through in the spaghetti. It is then topped with an onsen egg, tobiko, nori flakes & sesame seeds.

If you're on #BurppleBeyond, don't forget to claim this as part of your one for one!