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Tried Triple A, Nutty Party and the one with coconut sorbet and all did not disappoint! The choice of butter was a surprise as many places did not offer this. Tried the almond butter (healthier) and cookie butter (for those with sweet tooth) and both were very yummy! The place is not kids friendly tho. Will definitely be back for more!

4 toppings for large for $9.90. Pretty yummy, very refreshing :-)

While everyone else is raving so much about their aburi bowls, I decided to give the Yaki Salmon Udon today as I was craving for udon. It was delicious and healthy at the same time 😋 the udon was very QQ and felt a bit warm (maybe because the salmon is freshly cooked) Would have been perfect if the noodle was completely cooled

A pretty average açai bowl, unfortunately didn’t find it value-for-money.

It's such a pity that the cake was a tad dry. I'm not a big fan of old-school buttercream either, especially in this case where it was rather grainy on some parts (either because of dessicated coconut or sugar— I'm not sure). The gula melaka was fragrant as expected, but the dish is nothing mindblowing as a whole. Perhaps it's tailored more towards the our parents' tastebuds as the theme suggests.

This is part of the Oldie-licious 8-course set menu.

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A dish that clearly showed the skills and creativity of the restaurant. Elemen's nasi lemak came with fragrant coconut rice, infused with the beautiful indigo hue from butterfly pea flower. I had expected a somewhat doughy texture from the "rendang" but I was pleasantly surprised to find how tender and smooth it was. They also didn't downplay the use of spices and chilli as I found both the rendang sauce and sambal flavourful with kicks. The tofu otah underneath the rice was another lovely touch to the dish. I almost forgot that this whole dish was entirely vegetarian because of how good it was!

This is part of the Oldie-licious 8-course set menu.

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A refreshing palate cleanser that needs no more introduction. A deceptive item because it made me feel less full and less guilty even after having 4 courses.

This is part of the Oldie-licious 8-course set menu.

Giving a unique twist to the famous Peranakan dish kueh pie tee, they created a mini bowl from deep crispy, fried popiah skin. The filling was also slightly different from the traditional kueh pie tee. It came with cubes of turnip, carrot, and shiitake mushroom having been stir-fried with soya sauce and garlic. It kinda missed the savoury shrimp taste, but still tasty nonetheless.

This is part of the Oldie-licious 8-course set menu.