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Recommended lists of Best Healthy Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Vegetarian, Healthy Best Places for Vegetarian in Singapore 2017 Keep this guide in your back pocket if you're a vegetarian, and if you're not, for times when you're dining with a vegetarian, or when you simply feel like going meat-free — it's great for the environment AND your tummy! We've put together the best spots in Singapore to inspire you to get your green on, from well-loved vegan burgers to super affordable vegetarian hawker fare and hearty Korean plates. We've even scoured the island for vegan treats, including dairy-free ice cream and scrumptious vegan cakes!
Burpple Guides, Healthy Best Salads in Singapore March 2017 — For those looking to keep to your #eatclean routine, we know how tough it can be in Singapore, considering the amount of good food we're surrounded by. However, these salads have proven to be tasty, quick, healthy lunch fixes that won't leave you too stuffed to function. Here are our best salad picks to try!
Burpple Guides, Healthy Best Grain and Poké Bowls in Singapore 2017 Your new year's resolutions may or may not have included eating healthier, but either way, we've rounded up the best grain and poké bowls in Singapore to provide you truly delicious meals that are also good for your body! Gather your friends or colleagues for this one-dish meal that's a good balance of carbs, protein and greens. You know what they say — eat clean, train mean and live lean!
Bars, Hidden Gem, Others, Good For Groups, Cafes & Coffee, Healthy CBD Affair Weekdays can be fun too with good food :)

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Their falafel is my ultimate favourite and looks like I am going to crave for it every now and then! Other toppings include an egg, pumpkin, kidney bean and red pepper!

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Had A Square Meal : A Bowl, Drink ( Sparkling Water Or Juice) $19

I was satisfied with the meal.

Healthy choice, non processed food, “real” food!

The experience was pretty much normal, like typical fast food restaurant that serve “real” food

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Location: @tiannsbakery 71 Seng Poh Road, #01-35, Singapore
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This is exactly how chicken rice would taste like in the soba and soup style, especially with the ginger punch and cucumbers. I enjoy the collagen broth that's light and carries the flavours of chicken well too. ($7 with burpple 1-for-1). Anticipating trying their cold soba next time!

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When life gives you the sours, remember the vibrant colours that may seem elusive now. After all, a medley gives the perfect balance. So hang on.
$9.90 for a generous helping of original shoyu salmon, and spicy tuna. Once again, just really glad it’s going to be Friday. #apoketheory #pokebowl #sashimi #herpenandfork #sgblogger #sgfoodie #8dayseat #burpple #vscofood #openricesg #cafehoppingsg #instafood #instafood_sg #onthetable #stfoodtrending

• Regular - Romaine Lettuce + Salmon Poké ($12.50)
• Regular - Sushi Rice + Avocado Salmon + Hawaiian BBQ Chicken ($12.50 + $1)

But if no chips, carbs can do too 😂


~$15 for a Medium size

At Poké Doké, you are able to choose from 3 different sizes of servings that you want and what to go with it.

For a medium size, you get:
1 base
2 scoops of poké
4 add ons

Scoops of poké actually just meant the meats that you can choose from their selection.

I chose spicy salmon and tuna for mine. While there are other more “premium” stuff that you can get by paying the extra bucks. E.g prawns

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It’s been a while since I visited Herbal Oasis for a good soup fix! Given my recent OT marathon at work and accumulated slept debt, I thought it is timely to give the Black Chicken Herbal Soup ($18 for rice, soup and side) a try, which apparently is a “booster for qi and blood for vitality and rejuvenation”💪🏻 The blackish soup does not have the most appetising appearance, but it’s really good! I like the sweet herbal taste, which goes really well with the sweet potato brown rice. The black chicken is soft and infused with the herbal fragrance of the soup😋 Glad to tick yet another good soup off their menu!

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Reasonably priced and yummy salad for pre/post workout.

At a little corner of orchardgateway, there stands a little salad store selling all kinds of nutritious goodies.

I got myself a DIY Salad with Burpple Beyond, so technically, this is ~$6. I liked that the portion was huge and filled me up. There were a few bases to choose from, such as wholewheat pasta, lettuce and gluten-free pasta. The selection of toppings and sauces were typical of most salad bars, but I guess on days you want to eat and still be full, this is it!

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I got this on Deliveroo because I really wanted something cold and yummy. This looks like a gooey mess but it’s a nutritious bowl of goodness.

The base was spirulina, spinach and mango. The toppings were seasonal fruits, granola, almond butter, goji and chia seed parfait. I love chia seed parfaits! They are so delicious and healthy.

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