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The dark chocolate was rly rich and decadent! Would recommend you sharing it with someone for the full enjoyment 😋

A meal with incredible value, given the hefty portion! Built this bowl ($12, regular) with barley quinoa, which we enjoyed immensely. Definitely not the usual run of the mill grains! Paired it with tender pieces of Cajun chicken, flavoured delectably. Picked roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes and kimchi for my sides - loved the herb glaze, but found the kimchi rather unconventional with its use of beans and carrots. Topped of off with furikake and italian dressing!


Colour of this bowl ($12, regular) is rather pale, but it’s flavour did not disappoint! The barley quinoa base wowed us with its light, slightly salty marinade. The snapper (+$1) was fresh and sweet. The hummus was rather grainy and lacked the usual spices, but the mushrooms and onsen egg were great additions :-) topped it all off with furikake! The basil yoghurt, served on the side, was tangy and refreshing.

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Got the Spicy Chicken Box and Thyme Duck Box, both with Tom Yum Rice base and Soft Onsen Egg.

The tom yum rice was very tasty and good, and onsen egg was done perfectly. I loved the duck box! The chicken is really spicy though so make sure you can take the heat! Loved the corn and beans that came with the duck box as well.


Unassuming but undoubtedly delicious! Even after leaving it in the fridge for 5 hours and then warming it up in the oven, the sous vide chicken was impossibly tender and juicy. The homemade chilli sauce was also a good blend of sweet and spicy. However, something that could be better would be to add more vegetables, as the shredded carrots and cucumber slices were quite measly.

I used to eat here a lot before they changed their prices/menu. Sadly, the standard had also changed along with the prices. For $1.50, I get a tiny scoop of avocado. Service-wise, one staff in particular was incredibly rude and walked up to me and my friends asking us in a very unfriendly and harsh tone if she could clear our plates. Overall, really disappointing experience.

This was absolutely delicious, and is proof that healthier substitutions can be done without major compromises on taste! The substitution of white rice for quinoa was almost unnoticeable, as the quinoa grains soaked up the curry wonderfully. Even though the coconutiness of the quinoa was much milder than in traditional nasi lemak, this was compensated by the strong coconut flavour of the curry.

Something weird, however, was that my onsen egg turned out to be an onsen egg white. 😥 not sure how that happened as I'm quite sure the menu said "onsen egg"....

They do so by injecting popular flavours from around the world to the nostalgic taste of popiah, changing and challenging the idea of how popiahs should be made, yet paying homage to their origins. Healthy, hearty and satisfying, their soups and popiahs are perfect for the busy professional on the go!
Now for the good news! I’ll be giving away the Souper Party Boxes to 3 lucky winners!
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Thks to @souperstarsg for sending these over!

Whilst the zero calorie options intrigued me- the food quality does not taste up to the other DIY bowl places. It did not seem so tasty and fresh. Options more limited too. Ok with burple but wouldn’t rush back to pay full price

Not sure how healthy these are in reality but they are tasty. At 1-4-1 they are good but wouldn’t personally pay full price.

Price is steeper than other joints serving a similar thing and it does not taste very truffle-y. However there are more veggies that they put in so it feels like a more balanced meal. I shall stick to the usual fares next time (the croissant definitely does not disappoint!).

Food are great as per many review. But their milkshake is also nice! They have 4 flavours. Photo shown is caramel milkshake w honey popcorn n caramel sauce~~ taste like popcorn with ice cream^^