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llLllLlLlong awaiiiited! but we got there mentaiko pasta n salmoN bowwwlll at dual near Bugis!

would give it a 8/11!! the bowl was really filling w Super a lot of liao n a generous portion of salmon, salmon was well cooked n mooooiST N the other Liaos were Super well seasoned esp the carrots n potTatZ : ) also got choice of white/ brOwn ris so HEALTH! would liken this to pickleville buT is cheaper here n location more accessible~~~

5.6/11 for mi !! mentaiko taste iS nice and also w d extra lil red stUf in top complements d pasta !! but honestly it was a lil gelaT towards d end as d taste of mentaiko rly p strong mm v filling meal but nOt v satisfactory as it made my tumtum a lil weird aft eating tHat HAHAH but still worth a try !!!

Tucked in the quiet & serene Espa. Dishes are beautifully prepared & exploding with flavors! Service was great & set lunch was value for money.
But... as each dish was prepared to perfection, you need to be patient.. 😀

The salad portion was amazing and with the 1 for 1 beyond deal, it was extremely worth it. We got to try the kefir and kombucha as well which is made in store. Overall, super nice place to chill and enjoy quality healthy food.

This delightful bowl was from Shake Farm's brunch menu. I was so happy and surprised to see macro counts on the menu; this delicious looking bowl cost $26 and packs 41g of protein for only 600kcal. Arugula, sauteed spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes and sweet potato-carrot mash provide a bed of veggies on which sliced ribeye steak and two sunny side eggs. The rainbow of colors looked so eye-appealing, exactly how I like my salad bowls.

The steak was well cooked. It was rather thin but still retained its juiciness and was well seasoned with black pepper, albeit rather oily. The soft yolks of the eggs were like a salad dressing, pairing well with the earthy bite of the arugula, juicy pops of the cherry tomato and the sweetness of the mash. Altogether, it was a filling, satiating post-workout meal.

I liked the whimsical, colorful feel of the restaurant. The fairy lights, strings of flags and neon signs stood out from the more minimalistic nature of the other food places in the area. Also, the fact that it is open on weekends is a major plus.


Also, tried this previously at Katong! Wanted the coco glow but they ran out so we got the nutty party and triple A instead. Portions were huge for Burpple's 1 for 1 (applicable to Large size), and could replace an entire meal, we couldn't finish it! Also, they didn't redeem our voucher (2nd time they forgot, tbh I don't think they rly care~)

Added the buttermilk waffles on top of the sundae! Well it’s the weekend! I’d love for my waffle to be more chewy in the centre with that crusty crispy exterior. Surprised that the Tahitian vanilla ice cream did not have any visible vanilla beans (my indicator of legit vanilla ice cream). It was overdressed with all the sauce and toppings and wouldn’t hold on its own. Sigh, suffice to say this is just another pretty face in the crowd


Lettuce 🥬
Sweet potato 🍠
Pomegranate vinaigrette

Thankfully lives up to its name - a refreshing treat in the recent ~heatwave~ and was honestly bigger than expected so it was worth it (especially w burpple beyond!) The tartness of the smoothie was contrasted with the sweetness of the granola and fruits so it was gr8......BUT the consistency was a bit watery so it could’ve been a bit thicker!!