Cuisine ||                                                                            [Western]

Cuisine || [Western]

Featuring Spathe Public House, 49 Seats (Kreta Ayer), The Tuckshop, Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre, MEDZS (Orchard Central), Sacha & Sons, Cha Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant, Salute Coffeeshop | Casual Dining & Imported Beers, Les Bouchons (Robertson Quay), Jumbo Coffee Hub
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WahSoGood x

One of the most value for money brunch fare, given that spread of meats. I'm sure this would definitely please any meat lovers out there.


The concept of Les Bouchons is simple. One page menu and comes with the theme of steak; Sirloin, Ribeye, Filet or L'Entrecote perfectly for 2pax. Each main course comes with a side salad and their famous free flow of fries. Don't expect much on their one page menu but with the selections given, the appetizers and desserts were amazing enough.

The above; Grilled Sirloin, Medium Rare, weighed about 300grams, a fist sized steak with a good spread of fries. My steak was perfectly cooked, evenly pink in the middle, alittle blood for flavor and golden crisp chargrilled on the edge. Despite being so tasty, it also gave me an organismic experience as well.

All in all, worth a try! 🍴

Something but yet filling? This can be one of the best choice to have at Sacha & Sons.


This goes really well with the meat platter and it comes with three choices of beef: pastrami, corned beef & roast beef!


Chopped liver on toasted brioche? 😳 a reminder to self: try it with an open heart as it may not appeal to everyone's liking. But this definitely recommended for liver lovers 😏


Sachs Toast will be one of the wisest choice as starters, calling out your name for those crispy bits of chicken skin!


Chicken Chop;

I'm glad the black pepper wasn't overpowering as I'm not really a big fan of black pepper sauce. They have another signature flavor which is cheesy chicken chop. So pick your choice right!

The mash was alittle dry so maybe lack of butter but this is a healthier choice if you don't mind the mash to be alittle dry!

Overall Ratings: 👌👌

Damage: $13.90 😔


Salmon steaks are an easy hunt, because it's available almost everywhere. Let's talk about a good fine quality and affordable. This is one of the best I have tasted and it's the only stall that I patronized now to satisfy my salmon cravings!


Cajun Chicken with sides (Pasta Salad & Baked Potato). A plate full of goodness! 😍😍😍


What meat grills you can think of, Tanglin Halt Western Stall will provide! Here's one of their dish, although it may looks ugly on the appearance but this taste as good as one will not be enough! Be surprised!


Tuck Shops are known for local delights but they revamped it into new age concept with many unique dishes prepared by the chef. Here's one of the dish! Perhaps it gets alittle dry after eating it for a moment. Alittle of gravy on it definitely makes it better!


Look! The crispiness of this pork knuckle. Crunchy & tasty! Totally mind blown by this knuckle when I dined at salute a few days back! Indulging this at a pocket friendly price which gave me reasons to be back soon!

(Personal opinion: I honestly think salute serves the best pork knuckle in town, hands down!)

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Life is a blessing to have good food around the world! 💥 @wahsogood

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