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Mostly pretty food or things that are so ridiculously amazing I just have to share them with the world. Freelance writer for juggling between internships waiting for uni to start.
Marshall Too
Marshall Too

I was expecting so much more from shiberty. The whole thing just lacked coherency and was a very messy execution :( I think much of this was because the shibuya toast tasted very.... Homemade. Which is something I would expect a lot more the price I was paying. #burpple #marshmunch

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The soy bean ice is pretty discreet but I was so mad the upsize didn't have come with more toppings.... Just more ice!!!!! I heard the soy bean/milk is much better here. Ok I just wanted to check out SG's most expensive bingsu AND AND. I will go on to find a place that can realize my bingsu dreams #marshmunch #burpple

The salmon/tuna/other Japanese meats I cannot remember were fresh as heck but all this time I was mad scared of a GB5 infection post meal lol I see the hype in the chirashi fandom but ok sashimi is really not ma thing #marshmunch #burpple

WHEN THEY R AT THESE PRICES U JUST BECOME CURIOUS HOW GOOD ARE THEY, this one is a tad too sweet with predictable milo/Hershey sauce combo for the Choco banana($8.80) Seems to be a more reasonable ice kachang tbh, but at these prices still passable #marshmunch #burpple

Poured a full cup of soya bean milk and the ice absorbed it right through! It comes with a generous serving of peanut powder and dashes of peanut butter that just comes in successive layers through the ice. I can't believe the better bingsu's in Singapore would be found in somewhere so central tbh #burpple #marshmunch

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Pretty innovative but the rice lacked that garlic pang or flavor. A fat piece of white chicken with each piece, bound by a seaweed. It is pretty inexpensive at $8 for 6 generous pieces but i was quite underwhelmed by the other tapas pieces, only this really warrants a visit. I was particularly annoyed they don't serve tap water here and only offer $5 bottles lol #burpple #marshmunch

Crisp with a reasonable chew, you get to choose any ice cream flavor with no additional top up. Can't remember what I had but it was a Christmas pudding special with berries and gingerbread crumbs. Mmmmm 👌🏻 #marshmunch #burpple

Ok jokes aside, cheap bingsu's like this don't match their sisters in NTU. Random spurts of blueberries with block of cheese on lazily shaven ice. Think I'm left with Kokomama and I can give up on the bingsu trend for good lol #marshmunch #burpple

Or honeycreme disappointment part 2. The soft serve itself is pretty decent - it's a first for me to really taste the milk when put against honeycreme/milkcow base. For $6.80, they give a very hearty serving with 💯💯 presentation, but I will never be bought in again to pay a premium JUST for chio soft serve. If u wanna walk the walk u gotta talk the talk. #marshmunch #burpple

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NUS Business, 21 📩 [email protected] I write for a food blog here 👇

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