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Braised pork rice from The Voice Taiwanese Cuisine @thevoice.sg at PLQ Mall.

Visited this place with very low expectations after reading reviews on burpple app. But i ended up being very pleasantly surprised by it. I like that the braised pork was not super duper fatty. So it is good for ppl like me that dont really like fatty meat!

Ample sauce was given and there was half a braised egg too! Be warned that the chilli sauce is super duper spicy though!!

This was very worth it with the 1 for 1 on burpplebeyond app!

Decently comforting bowl of soup that had a mix of squid and pork balls. A little pricey, but the size of the squid and pork balls themselves were quite substantial.

Pork Floss Toast Set w Soya Bean ($2.60) ($9.40)

another toast recommendation from ig post that they have shared. the egg is quite milky and creamy complement with pork floss was a bit spicy and crunchy.

LeNu doesn’t disappoint. From the noodles to the soup and beef, it was an awesome experience and a rainy day comfort food.

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Oreo cheese milk tea, regular ice, 0% sugar $6.40
+ Boba $1.00
Total: $7.40 for 2 drinks

Reccommended to get 0% sugar if u dont like too sweet. Because the Boba and oreo is already sweet

Overall Worth it πŸ‘πŸ», must try! 😁

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Bubble milk tea (0%) ($3.90)
Pearl were all mini, and were q chewy. Most flavour only came from the pearls tho!

Grass jelly milk tea (0%) ($4.90)
Bubble green tea (0%) ($3.90)
Q like their green tea, there's a nice floral fragrance - altho it kinda reminds of Ayataka πŸ˜‚.

Honey green tea w/o pearl (50%) ($4.90)
Could taste a light honey flavour with the green tea.

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This was prob my favourite dish! There's this slightly sweet sauce that reminds of teriyaki sauce?! The chicken was also pretty tender.

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Sauce was decent, and the pork belly was pretty fatty, so you gotta enjoy fatty meat to enjoy this!

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The garlic taste was v strong here! The noodles here were really thick as you'd expect from udon.

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Been seeing many talk about their food recently, and finally went to their Serangoon outlet to try!

Sesame Cold Noodles ($7)
Those who like the Kewpie Jap sesame sauce will like this, it's really strong and pretty fragrant, albeit a little too salty!

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This, on the other hand, I will not recommend yall to have this. Looks pretty good but not even close to Taiwan Standard and just tasted weird. Braised meat were hard to chew and the flavour it gives is just uniquely weirdly kinda salty. Not juicy at all. Can't really explained about it. Pearl rice the egg were okay. The braised sauce just doesn't suits my palate. I had a hard time swallowing this. Sad. Comes with pickles which were surprisingly refreshing.

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Mee Sua was comforting and yummy. Slurpy thin noodles in savoury gravy. The gravy leans toward more watery than starchy which shouldn't been the case but at least still tasty. The small oyster were pretty plumpy despite its looks and fit with every mouthful of mee sua. Help yourself with the pouring of vinegar to add some sourish pungent aroma.

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