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Braised pork rice was amazing, really tender and succulent chunks of pork with fragrant rice. Not pictured but other things worth trying are their noodles and fried chicken. My go-to place for Taiwanese food!

Pork Cutlet Noodle (S$5.80)
Gongwan Soup (S$4.50)
Available at @heilunshitang in @wisteriamallsg
Felt that the broth had a slight porky taste. The pork cutlet was very tender.

Hei Lun Shi Tang
Address 🏡 : 598 Yishun Ring Road, # B1-K12/K13/K14 Wisteria Mall, Singapore 🇸🇬 768 698

Other than the signature Lu Rou Fan, @eat3bowls Pasir Panjang outlet offer outlet exclusive dishes like Salted Crispy Chicken. Lightly battered and coated in chilli powder, the bite-sized chunks of chicken were tender and juicy. Grab a iced cold Milk Tea, and it seem to bring us back to the lively Taiwanese night markets!

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💕Fresh Cockles with Special Paste.
The cockles really fresh and served with special sauce that towards to sweet. We squeeze the lemon, it gives a sour tangy flavour to the sauce. It's really refreshing.
💰$11.8 (small).
💕Braised Pork in Soya Sauce.
It's tender with the right amount of fat.
💰$9.8 (small)
💕Chai Poh Omelette.
Cant go wrong with omelette 😋.
💰$6.8 (small).
📍Springleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant.
18 Jalan Leban.

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CNY Special
Made using sweet Jin Zuan 金钻凤梨 and sour Tu 土凤梨 pineapple juices, then blended with premium green tea and ice and lastly topped with fresh milk foam

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I have been waiting and wanting to eat this for the longest! The noodles were really soft and the sauce was flavourful, however the ratio of the noodles to the sauce is 1:2.

Overall: 7/10

Tried the floss and the peanut toast. Both tasted average but with the 1-for-1 price deal, it’s worth trying! Wouldn’t pay for the full price though!

From Huoyanshaiziniu
It’s wagyu and very juicy when bitten.


Lu rou fan - Every scoop of the fatty meat melted in my mouth. The slightly sticky short-grain rice, along with the savoury gravy drizzled over, paired well with the meat.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/eat-3-bowls-station/


Featuring their Salted Crispy Chicken ($6.80) and Oyster Mee Sua ($5.80).

Slightly disappointed with their salted crispy chicken as they were served at room temperature. Wished that they fried fresh to order...

Absolutely love their oyster mee sua. Definitely a must-try here😋