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Pork Floss Egg & Condensed Milk Toast, Signature Milk Tea

A bit expensive but v juicy inside. Quite impressed, though personally I prefer xlb

Went on a Wednesday evening and it was already crowded for dinner. Place was reminiscent of school with wooden tables and chairs with blackboard showcasing its menu and quirky menu books looking like school textbooks 😆

Their Intestines Oyster Mee Sua was pretty good- vinegary soup which is not too thick, soft oysters and generous amount of ginger at the side! Do give it a try.
I ate it with the Taiwanese sausage as a side and i think its too thick and dense which wasn’t that enjoyable unfortunately...

Their chicken rice to me was pretty mehh and having chicken rice at this place may not make your trip worthwhile as its a pretty common dish.

The star of this place is their Lu Rou Fan which looks glistening and literally melt in your mouth while still maintaining its flavour🤤you can order it as a set which comes with the cabbage, soft boiled eggs and a drink. Heads up, their eggs are just plain bad. Their brown sugar bubble tea has just the right amount of sweetness and the bobas were so QQ. It was also worth the price given a big glass and they also use metal straws 👍

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Price: $5.90 for 2 Taimei Hot Chick (Mala)
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Amazing as always. Generous portion and the Mala seasoning is so good! One of the best Crispy/Fried Chickens you can find in Singapore!

You can't go wrong with Taiwanese Fried Chicken, one of the most renowned street snacks in Taiwan. The fried chicken here is juicy with a sweet and savoury coating, and Burppler boo tay says it's "honestly one of the best chicken cutlets ever, surpassed my expectations for its low price ($6.90)." The SingPost Centre outlet is also the only place to offer the exclusive Monga Fried Chicken Bento Sets, combining fragrant chicken rice and their amazing chicken.

Photo by Burppler Cliffton Choo

What a gem of a place. Music by Taiwanese artists, the 3 staff sounding like teletubbies, and impeccable food.

Shredded chicken rice was unexpectedly satisfying from the oil and the soy sauce. I tot it was gonna be dry but it was very well balanced w tender chicken.

Luroufan was incredible as well, they nailed the texture though the taste has their own spin on it. Impressive nonetheless

Intestine mee sua(I changed the oyster to extra intestines) was super flavourful and comforting. Intestines were braised very well, soft and fatty. Vinegar and grated garlic were present too.

Usually I love Lu rou fan but I felt their intestine actually impressed me more!! Nonetheless all 3 bowls were fantastic, definitely a place to check out

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Using 1 for 1 Burpple app!
For 2perons is really too many 😂
3persons share is just nice!

Food taste : 3/5
Environment : 3.5/5
Staff : 5/5

The ginger milk tea is something I will order again! I don't have a sweet tooth and I found the tea just right for me. The pearls were meh...on the soft side, may be due to the hot tea, i'll probably skip it the next round.

The oyster mee sua was a comfort to my tummy on a cold rainy afternoon. Only ingredients in the bowl was the few pieces of oyster on top so i added the 盐酥鸡 which was nice and crispy. The mee sua was tasty and a little on the salty side, probably cause i didnt add the vinegar. Overall pretty good.