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Got my hand on these bottles of colourful teas from one of taiwan's famous teashops outlet in singapore KECha: Pictured are the Ocean berry (left bottle) which comprises of layers of butterfly pea, strawberry and lemon and the wandergarden (right bottle) which consists of rose, elderflower and butterfly pea.

The set came with a bowl of herbal beef noodles with three huge and unbelievable tender beef slices, as well as tofu with century egg. Back to the beef slices, it was so equally fatty throughout that every bite had just the right amount of lean and fatty meat without being overly cloying. Love the beef slices but not quite sure if this bowl of noodles warrants its price tag. Definitely give their rice bowls a try, pretty good and authentic Taiwanese food (run by actual Taiwanese people I presume) in Singapore! 👍🏻👍🏻

The set comes with three mini bowls of their Braised Pork Rice, Taiwanese-style Chicken Rice and Intestine Mee Sua. Though the portion seemed small, it was surprisingly quite filling actually! Braised pork rice obviously took the lead with a burst of umami with every bite, there was just enough fatty to lean minced meat coated with just enough sauce that went beautifully with the rice 🐽🐽 Next in line was the Taiwanese-style Chicken Rice surprisingly, but what really caught me off guard was how well the special sauce went with the shredded chicken and was a very refreshing bowl! The intestine meesua was very average with only 1 oyster and sorely lacking vinegar. The Taiwanese Bubble Milk Tea ($3.80) was nice as well, not too sweet with lots of soft chewy pearls. Definitely a must try for first-timers, but would definitely be back to order a big bowl of the luroufan! 😍😍

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Nice place for a chinese-style family dinner, with spacious private rooms for large families and good service, definitely a place to go for special occasions! Food was good too, especially the steamed fish and wasabi prawns 😋😋 They even allowed us to bring in our own durian cake, and accompanied with a huge display and longevity buns. Amazing view of the river from the private room, amazing food and amazing service 👍🏻👍🏻

This has become somewhat of a weekly staple for me now as it’s one of the ‘healthier’ snack I can have, or that I can find before gym. ⁣Made on the spot, it is so light and crispy I feel it serves as a good snack to have before a workout though I always end up having the flakes all over me due to the crispness. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

I went for the simplest item to test them out. It comes with grass jelly, taro balls, aloe vera pearl jelly and black sugar jelly dice. I think Blackball better. Everything was fine, but it never felt shiok. Taro balls here are also so small, which kinda defeats the purpose right?

Chew on the tender soft chewy pearls with every slurp of brown sugar milk! Strong milk taste, suitable for milk lovers!

I have been keeping count of the steamboat affair with WB cos I promise him one steamboat every quarter, but this is the 5th steamboat we had this year. 🙄 WB rated this 5/5 cos as long as it's steamboat. 🤦
#ShiLiFang #Hotpot #Burpple

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We went for their Design Your Own Local Degustation Set Menu (available in 3-course set or 4-course set) which showcases the best of popular local fare in small tasting portions of each dish. You can plan your own menu by choosing your desired starter, main and additional dish from rice/noodles category for the 4-course set. And of course, not forgetting the dessert spread you can get to enjoy after your meal.

With the launch of the Durian Fiesta at Goodwood Park Hotel on 15 March, in addition to the signature local desserts, cakes and pastries, the spread features nine D24 durian creations such as the new D24 Pandan Lapis Coconut Cake, the popular D24 Mousse Cake and D24 Puff as well as the D24 Oreo Cake, D24 Hazelnut Tart, D24 Chendol Pudding, D24 Custard Bun, D24 Pancake - prepared a la minute at a ‘live’ station, and D24 Ice Cream.

The Dessert Buffet with D24 Durian Pastries will be available til 14 July 2019. Guests may call (65) 6730 1746 or email to [email protected] for enquiries and reservations.

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The brown sugar has a nice deep toffee-like flavour and is not in-your-face sweet, while the contrasting textures of the different sized boba and pearls give your mouth something to think about. I still don’t think it’s worth the long queues though. @tigersugarsg
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