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It’s probably one of the closest fried chicken found here that doesn’t disappoint and reminds me of those in Taiwan. Humongous, generally larger than my hand, thick slab, easily bitten and torn off while retaining its juiciness. And as much as the bones of the cutlet cause inconvenience, they somehow contribute to authenticity.

We had the flavored ones; Hot chick made of chilli paprika powder hand-made from Anaheim peppers. It was a burst of saltiness initially, but the spiciness slowly crawls in and lingers on. People who have low levels of spicy tolerance, do be careful! The Taiker, on the other hand, was more like a Japanese flavor as it was dusted with Japanese sauce and seaweed powder imported from Okinawa. It was actually not bad as the seaweed powder exudes a marine flavor that cuts the plain meatiness, pairing with a slightly sweet Japanese sauce. However, it got a little mundane and I was glad to have it shared.

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The service staff are really friendly and attentive. The waitress took the time to explain the different types of soup bases. She even advised us against ordering too much food and she was right because we ate till we were really food and it was lucky we listened to her. Food wise I must admit that the place is pricy but it's a good quality soup which I will be willing to pay for because you do not get such good quality ingredients in a hotpot soup base in other cheaper places. What you get is quality good for health nutritious flavourful soups and the beef cuts and belly cuts were pretty tender. I order the fish maw premium soup and spicy soup base, snowflake beef, pork belly and naibai. Do note that the spicy soup packs quick a spicy punch. They are not kidding.

Rated ⭐️⭐️⭐️ by @foodkingnoc, @xiangxiang.sg is a hidden food gem at @bedokpoint, offering a range of Taiwanese delights such as the one featured, Crispy Chicken Strip Mee Sua and Pork Cutlet Rice.

👉Braised Minced Pork Rice - SGD7.80

Being allowed to choose your desired ratio of fat to lean meat, I decided to go for their 1:1 golden ratio as recommended by the cashier. Although there was nothing fanciful or exciting about this bowl of lu rou fan, every component was still pretty well-executed, except for their braised egg. Believe me, this will be a great comfort food for takeaways during this crucial period🙏.

P.S. Their homemade chilli definitely packs a punch.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Honestly one of the best 盐酥鸡 in Singapore! But it’s quite pricey. I requested for without basil(because I don’t like the smell or taste) quite late but they still helped me remove it which was nice.

Three Pork Bento 三猪便當(S$7)
Topup S$1 for winter melon tea as soup was only available from 12pm onwards.
Available at @heilunshitang
Love the moist pearly japonica rice. Very tender flavourful braised minced pork, stewed pork belly and braised pork. Like that it’s not too salty too. Served with carrot, cabbage, shiitake mushroom, preserved mustard, and braised egg.

黑輪食堂Hei Lun Shi Tang
Address 🏡 : 1 Queensway, # 02-47 Queensway Shopping Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 149 053
Open ⏰ : 11.30am - 9pm

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Still trying to figure out my favourite combination. I really like their wintermelon shaved ice as a base, and usually choose an assortment of their chewy toppings like golden sweet potato and sweet potato balls. Their pearls are also really chewy and nice! The only topping I didn't really like was the aiyu jelly as it had a sweet floral taste to it.

Price: $6.40

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Used to be my favourite, juicy and crispy. Unfortunately, the standard is consistently dropping. I’m getting not freshly fried and dry ones more often than before

I love pot. Like seriously, pot is hot. And hot pot is great especially on a rainy day like today. For legal reasons that’s a joke.⠀

I’ve taken to calling Shi Li Fang budget hai di lao, but perhaps I judged it a little too harshly. Sure, the meat ain’t topnotch, but it’s decently affordable, and they hit the spot real good. Veg is also pleasantly fresh, so you can feel somewhat less guilty. And finally, the soup bases, especially the chicken collagen one, are superbly sapid. ⠀

Yes, I know the soup base is an MSG bomb, but say it with me kids: we’re here for a good time, not a long time!

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Braised wagyu beef lamian. It’s good but quite salty towards the end. I won’t drink too much of the soup. Their century egg tofu served chilled is refreshing!

Can’t go wrong with a staple - the lu rou fan ($6.90) features white rice topped with braised meat. I would have like more sauce (I like my rice doused!) but it was definitely tasty. The meat is nicely layered and tender!

One of those places that have withstood the test of time!! Their noodles with pork chop ($6.90) is one of those dishes that make for a really hearty meal. Wished the portion of noodles was bigger, but it’s a delightful mix of QQ noodles in dark sauce and the fragrant aroma of fried shallots. The pork chop is slightly sweet, tender and crispy!

Tried TSP's food ytd for dinner and I must say, i really like it☺️

For the affordable prices and filling portions, you can try out their variety of dishes and you will not regret it👍🏻

Bought the chilli burnt chicken($10), cod fish($15) and bok choy($5) with 2 bowls of rice.

I would say, i really like the chicken and the fish and bok choy was yummy too!😋 It feels like homemade comfort food but its brought to the next level🥰 I would definitely visit again omg ratings 9/10!! Cant wait to try out other items on their menu😇