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Katherine Catapang
Katherine Catapang

Good ending to the meal but pricey for what it is.

Yam taste was not prominent. The paste felt really diluted and watery. Doubt this place will survive given the price and quality.

Forgot was these were called but they were both yummy but light. The berries one was quite akin to a Japanese cheesecake. Of the two, our fave was the matcha one. The sweet red bean cream went really well with the bitter matcha.

Not sure where the ricotta is but I did enjoy this very much! The hotcake was nice and fluffy, and all the accompaniments went well with it. Just wish the ice cream scoop was bigger!

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So so so good really. Besides the generous amount of cream, I find that the crust that holds it is what really elevates this puff from all the other puffs out there. It's a bit crispy and would actually taste good on its own!


So good!! At $4.30 each, it's pricier than most puffs but I think it's worth it cos it's filled with so much cream. You can really feel the weight of all that cream when holding a puff in your hand haha.


Had roasted pistachio and hazelnut milk chocolate. Both were good, but my fave is the pistachio. The toppings were really sweet though!

This is a really good alternative to Haagen Daaz! The flavour is done really well and it comes with a generous amount of macadamia bits inside. Best of all, it only costs $2.50!

Not really a fan of bingsu but my friend loves it. This cheesecake bingsu was about $16. I would much rather buy two cakes!! Not that the bingsu tasted bad but I just cannot see the justification for the price. This was just the milk ice base topped with cookie crumbs, a few pieces of cheesecake, and ice cream. Also, the menu at this place actually doesn't include the GST which I find strange considering we have to pay at the counter. So when paying I was confused why the price isn't the same as the one on the board. Lame attempt to make the bingsu appear cheaper? Anyway, the good thing about this place is that it's open 24/7. Decent place to chill.

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Dropped by Flor for dessert after having dinner at Lucha Loco. The sweetness of this was subtle, which my boyfriend and I liked. We liked the crunchy choco balls sprinkled on top too. The description on the shelf said it comes with banana inside, and when we cut it there was about a third of a banana holding the whole thing up! We like banana, but didn't appreciate that it was such a big part of the dessert, volume-wise! After all, this wasn't cheap! (Can't remember the exact price, but about $7.) Overall, this was good but I prefer their Pumpkin Pie and cheese tarts.


Quite expensive. This plus coffee amounted to $40. French toast was so-so but my friend raved about it. They should have been more generous with the pieces of french toast given the price. Matcha pancakes come with brown sugar syrup. The matcha sauce was nice, bitter in the right amount. Ice cream was good too. Pancakes were thick and fluffy but quite dry. Could've done with even more sauce(though it already looks like a lot) to combat the plain and dry pancakes.

Boyfriend dropped by my place with sweets from Flor! He got me this cake (pie?) since I love pumpkin. We both enjoyed it very much, the sweetness was subtle. First bite was the best, you could really smell the aroma of the pumpkin.

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