No pork, no problem. Still so yummy.
Denise Ong
Denise Ong

I had to return to this store for the Nasi lemak craving fix. Still at its best, no frills, straight up yummy. The chicken wing is seriously so juicy and crisp. And that pile of sweet sambal chili, looks like it can kill, but definitely bearable, well balanced with the sweet and spicy.

If you don't mind and want to die of a slow death, please have this bowl of delicious Mee soto. Generous, potently spicy (don't be con by that small portion of Chili), it gives you a ringing in your ears, and dull pounding of your head. Your nose will eventually run, and the intensity of the spice creeps in and swallow your mouth whole.
It's flavourful broth can be in the oily side, and it give a hint of sour notes, probably a squeeze of lime before serving. The parsley added more to the broth, and who can forget an additional side of Bergedil (mashed potatoe balls coated thinly with beaten egg before frying). My meal is completed.


Full flavoured, Lemak, distinct taste of lemongrass and spices of Tom yum sauce, drowning and coating every strand of the al dente fettuccine. Instead of cream, when associated with pasta, this dish uses coconut milk. Giving this dish a more homegrown, Asian Flavours, rather than a remake or "inspired" cheap-thrill which I personally detest. Come with clams, and squid and a singular prawn, at a price of $10.80 (comes with a can of drink). This wallet friendly, house favourite certainly give the Long standing 49seats a run for their money. Their attention to details, and attention to any of the customers surely make any visit heartwarming, and endearing. It is like visiting an old friend.
Heads up to all Muslim friends, this is a halal certified place. Another great place to have great food without a worry :)


This is always the next best thing, after the famed and original Changi Nasi Lemak (Named: International Nasi Lemak). The queue is just as bad, and the standard is just as good. Soft, fragrant jasmine rice, fluffy and aromatic with light Pandan scent and taste. The golden fried til crisp battered chicken wing is delicious as well as being so moist. Always piping hot, because of the huge turnover, you can bet that you never get a stale wing. The star, honestly had to be the awfully, ridiculously fragrant Chili on the side, that have both the kick and taste. Sweet and spicy, you can taste the spice right through, knowing how well they stirred and fry the Chili paste to perfection. Take care, as to not overdoing it, cause you to be stopped momentarily and to gulped down cups of drinks.


Fluffy basmati rice. Golden fried chicken wing that is not heavily coated in thick batter. A good-sized kunning fish (in which is getting more expensive at the market). Crispy ikan bilis. And oh-so-sweet yummy Chilli. Everything for that ridiculous great price, it's no wonder there is always a queue for their Nasi lemak. What a steal.


There is always a queue, for their food. And I can understand why. Wholesome malay food for the masses. Cramped with four people in that tiny stall, the whole crew will cooked up a storm. The Mee soto that I ordered, big on flavours, oil and portion. Had to add the deep fried potato patty, just cause to seal a good breakfast. I cannot imagine anyone having a full-on Nasi Padang for breakfast, but a mighty crowd of them sure did. Maybe I will, on my next visit.


Probably isn't like the best in JB, but I swear this is good enough for me (seeing how SG's isn't all that awesome). With the RM dropping, every Singaporeans are heading in for the hack of it. I returned to turned myself into Cookie Monster and was hungry, so I randomly walked into this Jem at City Square Mall. Huge chicken, fried to perfection and those golden batter are simply to die for. But the chicken isn't the one that won my heart, but rather it's that spicy God-given Chilli that stole my heart and soul COMPLETELY. Tangy, sweet, and spicy were dancing with my tastebuds. And while it is a tad too spicy for me, I can't help it but to push one cause it is thy addictive. Portion is great and for that price, it's worth that every "mall-penny".


Power breakfast with this bowl of SEDAP mee rebus, of gorgeous sauce that is rich thick and delicious. Follow the Malay regulars and asked for a fried chicken wing, and this bowl will send you to heaven and beyond. The sauce coating the oh-so-well-fried chicken wing, gives the chicken many dimension of texture. The saucy gravy to the crispy skin (well-fried) and finally to the soft juicy meat! Sing hallelujah 😋


This bowl is the bomb, the soup is thick and flavorful. And I will always ask for the potato pattie, so that it can soak up and soup and give another dimension to the already yummy pattie. I have seen some old folks asking for more soup. I think on my next round I should as well, simply because I can't get enough.

This place is supposedly to have the best biryani, and so why am I eating naan? Because it's one of the best in singapore (as according to my tastebud). It's the lightest and fluffiest naan I have ever tasted. Usually the naan is on the very doughy side, this naan is crispy one one side and soft on the other. And it's thin, not the usual thickness of a naan. So yummy you can have it on its own.

Dancer eats, Dancer dance.

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