Brunch O' Clock

Brunch O' Clock

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Kieffer Tay
Kieffer Tay

I have nothing but praises for this dish.

Essentially salmon ikura eggs benedict, the ikura gave the dish an added element of umami that was already present from the smoked salmon.

Poached eggs were cooked just right, bursting yellow river all over the bread. The hollandaise sauce was slightly on the bland side though. It was missing some tartness as expected from typical eggs benedict dishes. Other than that, you should definitely order this instead of the Salted Egg Prawn Benedict whose reviews have been inconsistent.


1) Seared Salmon, French Beans, Grapefruit, Asian Herbs, Cucumber & Chili Caramel Dressing ($28)
Ordered this thinking it was a main but portion wise it looked like a salad dish. However, looks are deceiving and I was impressed with the quality of salmon used as they were fresh and seared crispily. Dressing was sweet and the whole bowl held a party of flavours with the grapefruit providing the tart burst.

2) Luxe Burger with Grass Fed Beef ($28)
Mad love for the beef patty which stood out among other beef burgers I have tried before. Meat was neither gamey nor overseasoned. Tender was the meat with a dressing that kicked some serious ass. Shoutout to that charcoal buns which was fluffy but not dry.

Will definitely return.


Spectacular dish from Pacamara's new menu.

3 fluffy pancakes which were moderately dense and flavourful. Comes topped with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream, bananas and drizzled with salted caramel sauce which was so sinful.

The sauce was the winner for me, slightly salty but not too sweet and I was impressed, being a non caramel fan. My friend mentioned that this dish was way better than their Lemongrass Pancakes from the old menu.


Simple and beautifully executed. Skimming that slab of melting butter into the crepe, drizzling fresh lemon juice from that fresh wedge of lemon.

The small sugar granules gave the crepe some crunch. Crepe was thin and doughy which it should be. Must try. Next up, Yuzu Butter Crepe.


Came here to try their famed Truffle Eggs with Focacia on Toast but alas it was unavailable today. Sigh.

Went with my gut and ordered this. What I got was 3 thin but fluffy pancakes which tastes really great. Maple syrup was infused with orange essence which I felt was the hero of the dish. I do not normally like whipped cream on anything but it worked well here. Peaches were fresh and firm, not soggy.

Well definitely come back next Monday and try my luck with their Truffle Eggs.


Looks like Paddy Hills increased the price of this dish and also altered its presentation.

Fought temptations to order the Berry Ricotta Hotcake but went for 3 Fluffy Pillows instead. Granted, I was disappointed with the new presentation, but what was presented before me blew my mind.

Plate as large a frying pan, stunningly big portions of food was what greeted me. I pondered how to shoot this dish, as it was as large as a round stool. 3 fluffy as heaven pancakes, berry soup littered with juicy berries, umeshu jelly, yuzu sorbet and blood orange. Simply heaven on a plate.


I immediately knew I had to order this when I saw it on the menu. Granted, I have not tried Paddy Hills' rendition of it, thus i am unable to compare. (Anybody wants to bring me to Paddy Hills to eat?) After all, only 3 cafes serve this dish that I know of. (Strangers' Reunion being the 3rd one)

The serving portion of the hotcake was so big it actually had me doubting my ability to finish it. The dish looked like a garden though, littered generously with fresh fruits and topped with a dollop of ricotta cheese. The fruits play a perfect harmony alongside the fragrant hotcake, which was very fluffy and light inside. The natural tartness of the fruits helped to cut the creaminess of the ricotta cheese.

I will recommend this dish to anyone who wants an interesting take on a hotcake (please don't ever use Macdonalds as an example). This dish will be great for sharing as the portion is really sizeable.


I wonder why I took so long just to try Artistry's highly raved PB & J French Toast but now I can finally say that I came and I conquered this dish, or rather, be conquered by it.

After reading a few reviews that mentioned the lack of peanut butter in their toast, I was pleasantly surprised to taste copious amounts of luscious peanut butter slathered in between soft fluffy toasts, the raspberry jelly a sly partner in crime which attacked my taste buds with glee.

The berry compote at the side was sweet and tart, pairing well with the creamy vanilla ice cream. The cold ice cream was a stark but good contrast to the warm toast, the vanilla also helped to balance out the richness of the peanut butter. Definitely will recommend and return for this dish alone, if not for their other impeccable mains.


8 yummy wings that exceeded my expectations. The honey coated wings were not too sweet and did not override the paprika powder that was dusted on each wing.

The paprika provided a slightly spicy kick to each wing and both spicy and sweet flavours came full circle to provide a burst of flavour. The meat was tender and well cooked through.


Specially dropped by Lola's Cafe since it is so near my place just to try their Avocado Eggs Benedict.

The poached egg was beautifully done in terms of the texture and the way the yolk flowed out was picturesque. The tastefully buttery Hollandaise sauce was slightly tart and went hand in hand with the creamy and rich avocado hiding underneath the 2 eggs.

The avocado was thankfully rich but not cloying. The brioche toasts, acting as the pedestals for the 2 eggs, was fluffy and soft. Overall this dish was delicious and would warrant a revisit anyday :)


Pancake Stack ($15). Essentially 3 fluffy as pillows and plump pancakes stacked atop each other, then sinfully drizzled with viscuous maple syrup, topped with bananas and slapped with a dollop of ricotta cheese.

Have always been a waffles person but this pancake stack won me over totally, hands down. Going through the huge pile was not overwhelming even though it looked super sweet. Finished the whole stack despite having a heavy lunch.

Pancakes, contrary to popular belief, are not pedestrian at all, or at least these 3 pancakes tell a different story


Why not try @crownbakery's variant of Hainanese Chicken Bread - fluffy soft bread filled with chunks of succulent chicken thighs. Oh, and finish off with a spicy dose of the accompanying chili!


🍴Aspiring foodie 🍴Insta: @decipherkieffer

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