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Yeung Kai Ho
Yeung Kai Ho

The @rafflescourtyard x Pun Im collab was pretty interesting! Highlight was the Miang Kham at the top left is a highlight. These one bite wraps are sweet, savoury and spicy all at once. The sweet, sticky sauce binds all of the various condiments together for an explosive bite

Resumption of bigger groups for dining in makes mookata all the more enjoyable! @phukettownmookataamk offers up one of the better mookata deals - approx $26 for their 2 person set which comes with quite a wide variety of meats. Their pork belly is a highlight!

1 Like is a nice place to chill and eat with friends by the lakeside! The boat noodles are cheap (80 cents) although they aren’t spectacular. However, the other dishes are worth trying! Their chicken skewers were especially tender and grilled to perfection!


New dry porridge managed to bring a taste of Thailand here in Singapore! The soup was very flavourful, and the meatballs were marinated very well. Also very shiok to eat the crispy pork skin by dipping it into the soup. Great meal for breakfast or rainy weather!

Honey garlic fried chicken ($6) from @pokpok.thaikitchen was so good! The crispy and garlicky paired really well with the sticky honey sauce that wasn’t too overpowering. Everything is really affordable as well. Would come back for good and affordable Thai food!

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The peppery Yaowarat thai kway chap is pretty different from what we would think kway chap to be. The soup is peppery and spicy, yet very light and flavourful. Each bowl is topped with crispy pork belly, fish sausage, pork slices and pig stomach - very yummy and goes really well with each bite of the slippery rice noodles. Their pork belly is pretty good, as is their other side dishes like the chicken wings and charred cabbage. Everything is cheap (around the $5 range) and pretty worth it!

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Super yummy no-frills fried tofu! Contrary to what it’s name suggests, it isn’t too salty and actually has the right amount of savouriness. The outside is wonderfully crispy while the inside has a silky, egg tofu-like texture. Good accompaniment to their wanton mee as a side!

Soi 19 has opened a branch in serangoon! The deceptively pale noodles were actually really tasty and well-seasoned by the sauce (there is a dark sauce option if you prefer that). The wantons were really good as well - similar, if not better, than the ones served at pon tian. Personally, I really loved the generous helping of fried lard that made everything more indulgent and gave the noodles a nice crunchy texture. Would recommend the large as they give more ingredients and gives you a bang for your buck. Serving time could be a bit slow, so come earlier to avoid the lunch or dinner crowd.

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Beef noodles from Beer Thai House Restaurant in Golden Mile Complex. The chewy, thin rice noodles is perfect to slurp up with the flavourful broth. They are also super generous with their toppings, giving you liberal amounts of bean sprouts, herbs, fried garlic, and lard! It comes with beef slices as well as tripe. Worth a try!


The quality of their fried rice itself is quite consistent - tasted just as good when I last came. The rice is very aromatic, and is just the right consistency; not too mushy but not too tough either. Lots of egg and chicken was added plus the portion is quite big so it's quite worth it. I would say go for their seafood because the chicken, while nice, is nothing particular to rave about.


A sinful, eggy mess that is just excellent when paired with rice (look at all the sauce!). I like that the sauce is very thick, with lots of egg added inside. However, some points must be deducted for the slightly burnt aroma (probably from the curry sauce being burnt when fried) and the relatively small portion (for $18!!). To be fair though, this is one of their pricier options and they have cheaper items on the menu. Also, the crab does get a little soggy if you leave it there for too long, but I don't think this will be left alone for too long!


Mookata really hits the spot, given the cold and rainy weather!The meats were nicely marinated, and ingredients were quite fresh. The best part is the soup which is super flavorful nearing the end of the meal. Cook a packet of the tom yum maggi mee in it and you have a scrumptious bowl of noodles. It costs $39.90 for the set which can fill 2-3 pax (although you may need to order more if there are 3 people). Not really worth the price, considering that there are mookata buffets around. Make sure to grab a seat outdoors so you don't smell too much like barbecue after your meal!


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