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This is my first time here and I’m taken aback by how unprofessional the service staff. I came early to this place before dinner time because I wanted to choose an outdoor corner to sit. I patiently asked if I could be seated at another table, but the staff refused angrily and frustratedly. I felt I was unwelcome to this shop. The service provided really made my lose all my appetite for the night. I’m utterly disappointed.

Dedicating a post for this. Got to come have it. So delicious that we had 3 plates of it.😋
Cockles were fresh. The sauce pairing was fantastic , just that its too spicy for us to handle. Spicy but shiok! Refreshingly awesome.🤗
P.s. Should have posted a week ago but I happily write other posts till I forget about it.😅
🚩555 Villa Thai, 30 Cosford Rd, Singapore 499550
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Mookata has always been one of my favourite go-to food whenever my supper crave hits! It’s always a hearty meal with great company over a shiok mookata session!

If you haven’t try it out before, you are missing out! It’s so suitable for lunch, dinner and supper! You can enjoy both BBQ and steamboat, best of both worlds 🙌🏻!

First time trying out @bangkokstreetmookata and they offer a standard mookata fare, with platter options for groups as well as ala-carte menu. A pretty good and affordable place to hit up whenever your mookata craves hit!

We had Mango Sticky Rice($10) together with Mookata as a side rather than dessert. 555. Fragrance warm sticky rice with got like jasmine taste was nice. Paired with sweet Thai mango then drizzle with coconut milk. I find that the mango wasn't sweet enough for me as I eaten better one before.😅
🚩555 Villa Thai, 30 Cosford Rd, Singapore 499550

For the price, it isn't worth it. It fulfill the basics but not that satisfying moment when you drank it. Plus the sweetness level is still not enough. Rather off drinking their Ice Lemongrass($7) which was much more thirst-quenching and refreshing.
🚩555 Villa Thai, 30 Cosford Rd, Singapore 499550

Welcome to "Thailand". 🇹🇭 555
Joining my friends for a short getaway to have some food @555villathai .🛄
The location although was quite ulu and dimly lit but the atmosphere and crowd here were vibrant and enthusiastic.🥳
We had Mookata for 4($69.90)😐 which consisted of,
- Marinated Pork(450g)
- Marinated Chicken(250g)
- Lemongrass Chicken(250g)
- Prawn(6 pcs)
- Scallops(4 pcs)
- Cheese Tofu(8 pcs)
- Vegetable Basket(1 Set) - Beancurd Skin, Glass Noodle, White Cabbage, Enoki mushroom, Corn & Watercress
- Raw Egg(2 pcs)
- Thai Mama Noodle(2 Pck)
Add On:
- Bak Kwa($10)👌
- Pork Belly($9)
- Pork Collar($10)
Meat were grilled and vegetables were boiled over charcoal stove to give its unique smokey taste. Marination was okay but meat taste boring, old & not tender. Seafood were not that fresh either. At least the soup was great. Oh and their homemade chilli sauce that helps a lot in elevating the food.😙
TLDR; food normal, portion little, price expensive.
🚩555 Villa Thai, 30 Cosford Rd, Singapore 499550
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Expect long Q during mealtime. The price is rather cheap and ingredients are fresh. Craving satisfied!

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Tucked away at Sembawang Hills Food Centre in Upper Thomson, @noshkata_grill is a newly opened mookata stall, serving fresh & affordable platters that’s perfect👍 for a satisfying😌 dinner grill with your friends or family. Offering a slight twist to your usual mookata experience, you get to enjoy complimentary garlic🧄 bread🍞 as an appetiser while waiting.

👉Noshkata Platter (2-3pax) - SGD29.90
👉Meat Platter - SGD28.80

Fresh seafood🦐🦑, well-marinated meats🐔🐷, great service. What more can I ask for🤔? All in all, my family and I had a great time there👍.

You definitely won’t regret getting their cheese🧀 dip (SGD3.90) for a super SHIOK🤤 experience!
Swipe left👈 for that alluring cheese pull.

Thank you @n_g_lia @noshkata_grill for having me☺️!

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Excellent value, 4 pax at 30 dollars. Most meats are about 2 to 3 dollars. Meat was well flavoured too, didnt even need use the chili sauce.

Soup used was corn soup instead of chicken stock, so there was a sweetness to it.

3rd time here! Ordered Mega Meat Mountain. Quite a Big portion (consist of 6 different meat marination) only at a price of $39.90! My group of friends (3 guys & 1 girl) could not even clear our food. My favourite is their signature pork belly! 😋

Service was fast and great. Rec the chicken the most as it was very well marinated. Should have more flavours of meat as the other ingredients were quite average. Soup was good and flavourful!