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Meats are fresh and the soup is so tasty

New Udon Mookata has relocated to 119 Lavender Street, serving the same popular mookata at S$45 for 2 person.


Pork Mini Steamboat (S$5.80)
Accompanied with rice (S$0.50)

Ordered Tom Yum soup base but it tasted like tomato soup. No spicy or sour note. Packed with sliced pork, enoki mushroom, cabbage, and a wedge of tomato. Help yourself to 3 sauces : Thai Mookata Sauce, Seafood Sauce, Suki Sauce.

Golden Circle Thai mookata & steamboat
Address 🛖 : Recess Time, 152 Ubi Avenue 4, # 01-01 Smart Innovation Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 408826
MRT 🚇 : Ubi (Downtown Line DT27)
Note 📝 : Parking is chargeable at S$1.61 first hour and very limited. Basement carpark only for seasonal parking.

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Service- to the expectation level of what you’d get in a hawker centre- was prompt & polite by most of the staff, curt by one of them.

Pro-tip: Sit near their stall (#01-08) to replenish the soup & sauces. Even better if you’re near the sink to wash your hands 🙃

I ordered 2 rounds of food & that was enough. Was given an order sheet to fill up at the start, but for the 2nd round I was given a blank sheet of paper to write out my full order (referencing the laminated menu)…

“You’re not gonna order like 10 items, right?”, I was told.

I could’ve. But didn’t feel like it.

Thanks Scale Microinfluencers for the invite.

🍲 2 soup base choices: Chicken/Tom Yum

🚶🏻‍♀️ Soup refills are self-service at the storefront

🌶️ 2 options for sauces: Chilli & garlic soy sauce; also self-service

↙️ Located on the ground floor of Berseh Food Center, which wasn’t overwhelmingly crowded on a Friday night

Thanks Scale Microinfluencers for the invite.

🍴 They have a la carte options, but Scale Microinfluencers had reached out to me on this "promotional" invite where I’d get 50% off their buffet price (U.P. $22/pax)

🥩 Decent variety of meat: Chicken & beef options. Seasoned ones (garlic/teriyaki) were flavour-bombs, & I ordered a mix of plain & seasoned ones for balance

😛 If the Beef Tongue doesn’t sell out for the night - you’re lucky! I love beef tongue so much; not enough places in Singapore serve it

🦐 Seafood options are available on the a la carte menu, but are excluded from buffet menu

Thanks Scale Microinfluencers for the invite.

TIL: "Mookata" loosely translates from Thai to mean 'pork' & 'skillet'… But Sedap Thai is technically a Thai Halal steamboat, so you can’t call it a Mookata joint 🙏🏻

📱 My >24hour-in-advance booking wasn’t registered by whoever mans their WhatsApp system, & that caused some tension when I arrived. The infamous "Chinese guy with a man bun" (go read their Google reviews) rapped on my phone rudely when I showed him my confirmation, instead of using his words to tell me that the SOP is to book only the day of, before 4pm. I mean I assumed "okie" means confirmed. But maybe my English isn't so good ☠️

.. But it worked out fine in the end, in that I was served within the 15-min wait they said I'd have to put up with (since I "didn't have" a booking).

🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m not actually sure if reservations are encouraged or mandatory for regular diners

Thanks Scale Microinfluencers for the invite.

Speaking of second chances, @flakyhaus also managed to pull off a redemption arc with their appealing Apple Turnover ($3.50 nett). It was everything the croissant failed to be: airy, flaky and downright enjoyable. The apple filling within earned the ultimate Asian accolade of ‘not too sweet’, with the sweetness accentuated by the cinnamon mixed into the sweet & tart apple mix. Down it with a remarkably excellent coffee from the Yeo Yeo Huat coffee stall, and you have yourself a delightful dessert.


I’m all about second chances when it comes to F&B vendors, and I’m glad to announce that Ru Ji Fishball Noodles at @tamchiakkopitiam has bounced back from their lacklustre first impression to leave me satisfied. I’d like to think that they shaped up after reading my last review, but they probably just served me fishballs from the day before on my initial visit.⠀

This time I got the Combo Set ($6.50 nett), which is just bak chor mee (minced meat noodles) with Ru Ji’s famous balls. The fishballs are finally as superb as I remember them to be, with a decent bounciness to each ball without being rubbery like the last time. I’ve never had the meatballs before, but they were decent & inoffensive tasting, and had a nice loose texture that proved their handmade status. The minced meat & mushrooms were seasoned well with the spicy & savoury sauce, and at six bucks a bowl, this was decent eating.


1 for 1 main dish, used on garlic marinated meat. $29 in total for 2 people with a lot of food,👍🏼

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All exceptional value, even though sets were not available at night. Accommodating efficient lovely little place. All could be spicier

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