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Michelle Kayla Tey
Michelle Kayla Tey

Cream of Pork Rib Tea ($12) tasted exactly how it sounds — a velvety version of Bak Kut Teh that bore its signature peppery, garlicky aroma; while the Hainanese Chicken Rice Roll ($20) is an innovative take on the titular dish with tender poached chicken and fragrant rice hugged with cucumber and rice paper, complete with the requisite dips. Mains continued on a high with Miso Cod & Ulam Onigiri ($40) and Rendang Lamb Shank ($34) being crowd-pleasers with their robust flavours and melt-in-mouth quality.

What truly took the cake was the sweet ending of the meal. It was a tie between the dangerously oozy CreatureS Chocolate Cake ($18) and incredibly pulpy Durian Cake ($12) for the top spot, while the Cempedak Loaf Tea Cake ($14) didn’t seem justified for its price tag. The desserts are priced on the higher side here, but their generous portions could easily feed 3-4 diners. This is a place I’d have no qualms revisiting.


In introducing this dish, Chef Willin shared that he once had this vision of serving up laksa in the iconic Singapore rooster bowl in his restaurant, and he finally did it. The laksa wasn't as fiery as some would like it, but the fragrant broth was delightful for me. Both handmade, the bigger ravioli was chock-full of sweet spanner crab, while the smaller, green one bulged with pesto made using laksa leaves.


Otherwise known to the Chinese as "yusheng". The silky, raw barramundi ribbons were ever-so-lightly cured and paired with vibrant orange shallot dressing and intense, smoky dashi jelly cubes. A lovely, clean-tasting first course to begin with.


Don't ask me why I took this long to visit Wild Rocket, although this post is a throwback to two months ago ☺️

Inspired by HongKong's har ji meen (shrimp roe noodles), this dotted beauty – freshly made pasta with the titular ingredient folded into the dough itself - was bursting with bold, umami flavours, thanks to the aromatic mix of bottarga and kaffir lime. Hands down my favourite dish of the meal.


Major hits for me were the Har Ji Spaghetti and Iberico Pork Char Siew. The former is inspired by har ji meen and sees the titular ingredient infused within the homemade pasta itself, given an aromatic boost with savoury bottarga and kaffir lime. The iberico was impossibly tender; it dissolved in my mouth with nary any resistance. Can't wait to return for the omakase. Thanks Chef @willcookwilleat for flying the mod-Sin flag high! #burpple #wildrocket #instafood

Spice lovers will like this feisty number. The potent sambal chilli was evenly folded into the creamy risotto, and one can feel the burn with every bite, but it's so fragrant & addictive that I just couldn't put down my spoon.


A 'special' on their menu, this would be a modern take on one of my favourite local dishes - bak chor mee. Springy tagliatelle strands were tossed in a savoury & slightly vinegary sauce, peppered with soft minced pork, pork belly, mushrooms, and atas-ified with foie gras. So lip-smackingly satisfying that we wasted no time in polishing it off.


Three simple ingredients: Macaroni, lup cheong (Chinese waxed sausage), cheesy Bechamel sauce are all that's needed to set off a party of flavours in the mouth. Decadent and highly comforting; tho I recommend you share this and leave some room to try other equally scrummy dishes.


Combining the best of chilli crab -- delicately sweet & spicy crab meat chunks enveloped within soft deep fried buns. What a fun, innovative, and tasty way to enjoy the national dish (debatable), minus the mess.


This would have been dismissed as gimmicky anywhere else but here, it is set to impress. I shan't reveal much of the surprise; except that there's coconut & red bean in there and that green membrane is infused with pandan. Drown it with "Vinegar" for that enchanting sensory experience.


Now, this was certainly "fan". The proportion of meat & fat was sensible, and that skin, my, what a crack it was. The crossing of cultures persist with al dente risotto infused with the savoury essence of ramen and a wobbly quail egg to add a rounded completeness.

My favourite dish at Labyrinth, a place serving up a dose of local pride with creative interpretations of familiar plates.

The Chili Crab Ice-cream was the undisputed star here. The intense flavours of the sweetish, piquant sauce all compacted in a single quenelle, except here it is served chilled and the spice tempered by its creaminess. Experience an explosion of flavours and textures when you eat it together with the soft shell crab tempura, crab emulsion, and mantou "sand". Sheer satisfaction minus the mess.

Note: Ala carte not offered here. Different dishes are served in a variety of set menus, both for lunch and dinner.

Tip: For a theatric eye-opener, sit by the bar counter and experience the science that goes behind each molecular creation.


He satisfies my mouth with good things ❤️

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