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Featuring Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar, Geylang East Centre Market & Food Corner, Maekhong Thai Cuisine, Tuk Tuk Cha (Raffles City)
Anthony Ali
Anthony Ali

Quite a bright day today, ya? Ice cold thai milk tea to the rescue! Tried this [once] highly raved thai tea chain.

Sure refreshing! BUT despite having it in less sugar [25%], it's still too sweet to my liking.
🍵 Thai Milk Tea [reg]
💰 S$3.00
🏠 @tuktukcha
📍 Raffles City
🚅 City Hall MRT

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Bedok int hawker center -- so far so good!
From one of my [new] fav stall here:
Had this thai style fried kway tiao, twas pretty good! Flavorful, black, aromatic! Mix it with some chili flakes or eat it as it is -- your call.
Paired it with fresh cold-pressed snow pear juice from the stall right next to it!
🍴 Thai Style Fried Kway tiao
🍐 Cold-pressed juice
💰 S$5.50 // S$3.00
📍 Bedok Int Hawker [right beside bedok mall ]
🚄 Bedok MRT


Other than being huge [which is unique and photo-worthy] i don't really see why you should buy this.
🍵 Thai Ice Tea
💰 S$4.00


Well i am quite a big fan of thai food, and this stall called "Nui Kitchen" offers em at a friedly price. This fried rice was filled with a good amount of pineapple (of course), 'lapciong', chicken, and floss, and it was only $3.50. 🙈 What a good deal, isn't it?
well it was okay..not that special...but if you're craving for one to fill your 'raging' stomach right after swimming, you can try..
🍴 Pineapple Fried Rice
💰 S$3.50
🏠 Nui Kitchen
📍 Geylang East Market & Food Corner

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Throwback Thursday: Last Weekend's lunch! [before the clock strikes midnight! 🙈]
I have always been a fan of thai-food and these 2 is surely on my list. Located in tanjong katong road, this not-so-hidden gem can be easily spotted! Jist a few steps away from the bus stop.
The thing that i love about their pineaple rice is that they have 'lap cheong' [chinese - pork - sausage] in it. 😍
Ps: The portion is quite - ehem - big. So you might wanna have someone to share them [or, you can always 'dabao' the leftover and have is as a dinner 😋]
🍍 Pineapple Rice
🍜 Tom Yum Soup with Coconut [seafood / prawn / chicken]
💰 S$6.80 // S$10 [respectively]
🏠 Maekhong Thai Cuisine
📍 228 Tanjong Katong Rd, 437053

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