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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

Not well-versed in paleo diet but this $10 lunch from Caveman Food was pretty good. Pick from a range of protein base, and other salad/ vegetables. Chose Italian chicken and it was fragrant with spices; very tender and juicy, enjoyed the broccoli and mushrooms too. Wouldn’t mind having this every once in awhile tho I’ll likely be hungry pretty fast from this, will probably pick sweet potato/ cauliflower rice next time😛


Not a huge menu with only 4 options for their set meal (comes with a bottled drink and keropok on the side) namely Beef Rendang ($13.90), Chicken Kapitan, Ayam Pongteh and Assam Pedas, flavours seem pretty authentic though I’m not the best judge.

It had a good, homely-comfort to it!

Generous portion of beef rendang, with rich gravy where you get a good balance of mild spiciness, subtle sweetness and hint of fragrance spices. Comes also with a blue pea flower rice, a mountain of chap chye and sambal egg which left me feeling quite satiated.

Makes for a hearty fuss-free lunch, would be happy to come back again to try the other sets.


On my rare appearance in Golden Shoe’s interim market, I found a stall (Yummy Nonya Peranakan) that I might buy from when I’m back here. Honestly it’s pricier than usual for hawker generally but satisfying!

Looks like your usual caifan stall but they do nonya dishes. The beef rendang was a nice balance of sweet / spicy/ savoury - and the friendly auntie said they actually cook this for 7h so all the good stuff are absorbed into the tender beef - which also explains why it’s so flavourful. I love chapchye and this was tasty, texture was just right, not too soft nor overly crunchy.

Stingray(????) was $3?/$3.50 for a piece, pretty spicy BUT NO REGRETS.


Tucked in the corner of The Basement, a pretty good place for lunch because they offer half bowls (no food coma! Or for the usual hungry people you can get variety of two half bowls🤷🏻‍♀️) and it’s actually pretty quiet without the hectic lunch crowd (but ok it could be because we had a late lunch).

Thinner-than-usual udon with very comforting clean-tasting broth! Got the half portion with prawn tempura. I had expected a more lightly battered prawn tempura so this was decent but not outstanding - it remained crisp till the end of my meal!

Also added $6 for the Goboten, burdock root tempura, which was pretty good with a light earthy flavour, but I wish they’d extend the half portion option to this add-on too. It’s probably sufficient for 2pax to share.

Lunch buddy got the stamina bowl, ($14+), with a very generous amount of minced beef (manageable spiciness), beef tendon and a runny egg.


Still one of my favourite dish here! So much flavour from their haus saus; and the pork belly was melt-in-your-mouth fork-tender. It comes as a lunch bowl (also $10) or if you’re here for dinner, you could pair it with the shiny rice (+ $0.50, Japanese rice drizzled with lard and garlic oil) for the ultimate indulgence.


My first time having chicken hearts but it was surprisingly enjoyable! Topped with fried ginger, the soy glazed chicken hearts were well-seasoned, tender with a bite. Makes for a good bar bite!


Also from the supper menu, go for the Oyster Omelette! Plump oysters, very fluffy egg without the starchy bits that we’re used to, and a tad greasily sinful (cooked with lard lol but hey you’re already having supper so why not go all the way?). And the chilli on the side was so addictive!


Currently on the new supper menu (Fri-Sat 11-2.30am) but deserves a place on the all day menu because this thick, smooth, fragrant and in a beautiful shade of purple congee is the ultimate comfort food.

It has bits of sweet potato, is made with dashi stock and no MSG. Would have easily finished it on its own and it’s only $3 as an add on!


The Salted Plum has launched a new supper menu with the best sweet potato congee I’ve had in a while - and I personally feel that it deserves a space on their permanent/ all day menu (please?). Comforting, fragrant, made with dashi stock with real purple sweet potatoes!

Other must-trys for me from the supper menu would be the sinfully good oyster omelette and burnt chillies chicken!

As with their predecessor five ten, prices here start from $5/ $10, and with only one item, the Hamachi Collar, at $15 for their supper menu.

The $5 section includes sides such as Dough Fritters with minced meat and haus saus (we all know dough fritters go well with congee!), taukwa, golden king mushroom with plum powder that was crisp and juicy and smashed baby potatoes. The $10 section includes golden Frog Legs/ Brussels sprouts/ haus bacon/ braised or fried duck/ Taiwanese sausage patties/ braised pig intestines (incredibly tender!).

The supper menu is available from 11pm to 2.30am on Friday/ Saturday so if you CBD folks ever have to OT on a Friday or need some after-drinks comfort food, this is the place to go!

Thank you #burpple for the invite and @thesaltedplumsg for having us!

Value for money set lunch in the cbd. Simply pick 2 mains (soup base and a meat), the different combinations of side dishes, type of kimchi and rice. My spicy seafood tofu stew was very good - perfect for a rainy day; with mild heat (probably cos I asked for less spicy), flavorful and the tofu was so smooth! They were very generous with the bulggogi too.

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Initially daunted by the quick searches showing noodle bowls ladened with chilli, glad that it actually came without - you’re free to add them on your own😂 the spiciness turned out to be pretty addictive and I accidentally added a little too much (by my standards).

The dry noodles come with soup on the side so while it may seem a tad dry even after tossing, it’s fine. They’re also quite generous with the minced meat! Preferred the noodles from my Dai Pu Mee (dry) which was slightly thinner and chewy, but less so than my buddy’s Chili Pan Mee.


Pretty decent lobster roll at an affordable price! $16 for quite a generous amount, buns were crisp and soft, but a tad dry and I prefer buttery, more fragrant buns. Picked Chunky’s Original which comes with minimal mayo/ lemon and a hint of spice. I liked how one could still taste the natural flavour of lobster, tho this wasn’t the sweetest but satisfying all the same! 📍Chunky Lobsters (138 Robinson Road, #02-03 Oxley Tower)



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