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Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), The Bravery Cafe, Lolla, Open Door Policy, Dean & DeLuca (Orchard Central), ButterScotch, Saveur (Purvis Street), Jamie's Italian (VivoCity), BWB | burger VS wings + bar, Two Blur Guys
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The Butcher's Grill ($88.80) feeds 2 hungry girls or just a famished caveman. The combo is served with a grass-fed sirloin, wagyu rump steak, tenderloin steak, two gourmet sausages and two sides of your choice. If you are into herbs and spices, go for the Apple, Sage and Rosemary Pork Sausage. Go for Mala Pickled Greens if you are thinking of having something funky and kicks you at the back of your throat! 😄


A hearty Herb-Roasted Chicken Sandwich ($16) from Dean & Deluca (@deandelucasg) to start my weekend. And fries for breakfast? Yes please! 😁

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KFC is serving more than just fried chicken. Here comes the Signature Grilled Chicken Meal ($8.95) which comes with a massive chicken leg, two sides and a soft drink. Expect a robust taste of herbs and spices from this well-marinated chicken leg! 😋

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Seize the moment and subscribe to #BurppleBeyond membership to enjoy #1for1 3-course set meal ($60) at Porta (@portasg). One of the mains that I really like was the Pan Seared Barramundi. The crispy skin and that firm yet succulent fish has a clean savoury taste. Having capers add a piquant taste and aroma which I fondly enjoy. 😗


Delicate tasting with a light crisp. A bottle of sophisticated Artisanal Sparkling Tea ($6.50) is what I need after a long day at work. 😎 These sparkling teas from Gryphon Tea Company (@gryphontea) can be found at Benjamin Barker Cafe (@benjaminbarkercafe) and they are available in 4 interesting fruity tea flavours - Pearl of the Orient with Lychee, Chamomile Dream with Apple, Earl Grey Lavender with Strawberry and Tomatino with Orange. 😘

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I'm a spoilt brat who enjoys a good and hassle-free meal like this Boneless Rotisserie Chicken Leg ($18) served with homemade mashed potatoes, grilled mushrooms and creamed spinach. 😋

What's more, this is #1for1 when you subscribe to #BurppleBeyond membership! 😘

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We were blown away by how much the creamy coconuty spicy base tastes like our local dish - laksa. 😚

And I'm pleasantly surprised by the "enhancements" of some components. Besides prawns and fish cakes, they added quail eggs (instead of the usual chicken eggs), clams (instead of cockles) and squid!!

Though the pizza crust was a bit of a letdown, the saving grace was none other than the hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimp sambal). The savoury and spicy kick brings out the unique Asian flavours of laksa. 😋

Thanks to #BurppleBeyond for the #1for1 deal!


My most frequently asked question on daily basis is "what shall we have for lunch?". The recently launched #BurppleBeyond is a lifesaver. I simply scroll through the list of curated food places or view them on map to see what to eat nearby. And the best of all, I get to share #1for1 food deals with my lunch kakis. 😄

The newly opened Benjamin Barker Cafe (@benjaminbarkercafe) serves up an extensive menu consisting brunch, pasta, pizza, burgers and more. One heavyweight item caught my eye - Port and Stilton ($23). The burger has a whole slab of sirloin coated in reduced port wine and topped with melted blue cheese. That's mass assembly of strong flavours and I like it! 😋 Pro-tip: Go for medium rare for a more tender and juicy steak.


I can't just eat good food and not share about it. Thanks to #BurppleBeyond, I get to enjoy this famous L'Entrecôte Steak & Fries ($34.90) at a #1for1 deal! 😗

Besides unlimited/refillable golden fries, the lean yet tender sirloin is exceedingly flavourful because of the legendary sauce. 😍 Rumour has it that the secret ingredient of this buttery and creamy sauce is chicken liver. Wow, I'm impressed. 😋

Seeing double? 🤓 #BurppleBeyond is sending double happiness with #1for1 deals at many delicious participating makan places! I can't believe I got two sets of this hefty Wagyu Beef Sandwich with Onsen Egg for the price of one - $10.90. 😲

Sandwiched between fluffy and buttery brioche pillows are layers of thinly sliced Australian Wagyu beef glued with melted cheese and balsamic onions. They taste extra amazing after dunking each mouthful into the runny onsen egg! 😍


It's mid-week so it will be MEAT WEDNESDAY! I do binge on beef but having veal is pretty rare for me, especially when it is Milk-fed Veal Chops ($42) from the Netherlands. Owing to the calves' strict milk diet, it has absolutely zero gamey flavours. Interestingly, it has the consistency of a tender pork chop with tasty flavours of a spring chicken. 😊


I dread heading out when it's raining and I'm too lazy to cook. Problem solved when I select what I crave for using @GrabFoodSG and have it delivered right to my doorstep. Look! I found a cheap and good salad - Flame Grilled Chicken Salad ($6) from @Pita.Salad with self-added onsen egg. Served with chunky, tender and aromatic-charred chicken, the amount of greens might not seem proportional but I'm not complaining. 😆


😋 If eating is what I do for living, I love my job. ❤

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