Food Hunt In Malaysia

Food Hunt In Malaysia

Featuring VCR (Galloway), Bev C'afe, Village Park Restaurant, China House 唐人厝, Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory, The Daily Fix Cafe, Jonker 88 (大寶小食), Nadeje (Mahkota Parade), W.A.W Restaurant (Wong Ah Wah), San Low Seafood Restaurant (三楼海鲜园)
Cassie Ong
Cassie Ong

Hitting some of the new cafe spots in KL including this month old known for their buttery croissants 🥐 you’ll find an assortment of croissants (from MYR5) such as plain, pistachio and almond. Sadly there’s no matcha croissants yesterday.

If you prefer savoury croissant, the Crabmeat Scrambled Egg (MYR22) is a good alternative. Made of creamy scrambled eggs and crab meat sandwich in plain croissant. The flavour is enhanced with fried shallot and smoked paprika aioli.

Don’t miss their unique Blue Chocolate (MYR14)! A hazelnutty chocolaty drink mixed with blueberry, it’s a surprisingly good combination.

Boba trend still doing strong in KL~ I’ve been wanting to try this cafe after seeing @raymond.yk_ post about it!

Specialise in French Earl Grey Bubble Milk Tea Cake, @thurs2.0 serves them in different sizes starting with 4 inches at MYR15. Love how the light Earl Grey Chiffon cake is coated with sea salt cheese milk foam and generously topped with decadent boba.

Artisanal matcha drinks and dessert. One of the more popular matcha house in KL now, is this small minimalist cafe @nikonekomatcha. Using imported matcha powder from Japan, they serve authentic matcha dessert where you satisfy your matcha craving!

We had the Matcha Flan (MYR14) paired with their signature mocktail, Momotaro (MYR14). The flan is dense and has a rich matcha flavour though I’m not a fan of their tart base. While the drink was refreshing, it has an acquired taste as it combines white peach, lychee and rosemary leaves.


No trip to KL is completed without a stop at Village Park Restaurant. Well known for their nasi lemak, the place is so popular that the seats covered the walkway outside too.

And it’s easy to spot a plate of Ayam Goreng on every table. Made of fragrant coconuty steamed rice accompanied with fresh hot crispy fried chicken and sambal. The chicken is well season and so crispy delicious that you can’t get enough of it.

P.S: it’s very packed before 1pm and you might have difficulties finding a seat, so best to drop by early morning or late afternoon.

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Opening soon! Fans of @gonoodlehouse can satisfy their craving as the first outlet in Singapore will be in town on 26 Nov 2019.

Specialise in Mi Xian (thick noodles), their delicious superior broth can be topped with premium ShaoXing HuaDiao wine to bring out the distinctive taste. Some noteworthy dishes includes:
• Hakka Pan Mee with Century Egg
• Clam Bee Hoon
• Bursting Meatball in Superior Soup
• Bursting Fish Roe in Superior Soup

A meaty affair! @meatologykl is a haven for meat lovers, offering a wide variety including roast pork and cracking pork skin both made in house. So order this addictive Poison Pork as starter to go with your drinks before dinner.

Another noteworthy dish is the Rare Seared Tuna (MYR58.80). The sashimi grade tuna comes with citrusy ponzu to enliven the tuna flavour. But most regulars will come for the flambé dishes such as Hog-Mohawk on fire (MYR72.80). Preparing the dish by the table, it makes the dinner an enjoyable experience.

SOY Nice! @soylabmy offers a wide variety of soy desserts but the most striking or maybe dramatic is their Soy Frozen!

Their kakigori is made of thinly shaved soy ice atop a mound of grass jelly cubes, Azuki beans, pearls and crunchy crushed peanuts. A icy cold dessert for the sweltering heat. They even serve it with dry ice for the smokey “entrance” and homemade sugar syrup for those who love pour shots!

Carrot cakes, Pavlova, Red velvet, Earl grey chiffon cakes & a myriad of other biscuits, loaves and pastries! It’s sweet treats galore as we walked into this quaint bakeshop for afternoon tea.

We settled for the Lemon Cream Tart so beautifully crafted that it’s almost too pretty to eat. Plus it’s citrusy with strong flavours of lemon.

The Daily Fix specialises in pancakes and so we ordered the must-have item, Local Pandan Pancakes. Five round Pandan pancakes (the size similar to Mr Bean) is served with a dip made of Gula Melaka and desiccated coconut. Cutting into the crispy pancakes we were pleasantly surprised to see it filled with Gula Melaka too. However, it can be a bit dry so adding on the vanilla ice cream will be a great choice. And to make it more sinful, we actually paired it with a glass of decadent Iced Gula Melaka Chocolate 😂


Landed in Kuala Lumpur! After dropping the bags, we head over to this charming hipster cafe that retain the old rustic walls and tiles. Food selection offers Asian food rather than cafe style items such as Cured Fish Rice (MYR30) and CFC (MYR26) we have here. Plus known for their tea, you can get a large selection like Darjeeling ($18), Dong Ding Oolong ($16) and cold brew Sencha ($18)


かき氷 🍧 Japanese shaved ice is much needed to help us combat Kuala Lumpur's hot afternoons. One of their signature, UJI Matcha aka 宇治抹茶!Authentic green tea powdered ice that's soft and fluffy, hidden azuki beans as you drizzle Kinako milk over. Since there's only one warabimochi at the top, we decided to add MYR14 for a plate. It's so good we ended tabao-ing 3 boxes back, haha.


And it's easy to see why, white spaces with minimal decor and floor-to-ceiling windows the place just has a zen feel.

Sipping hot lemongrass tea served in traditional China Teapot. Though known for their Beef Tongue dishes we went for Torched Salmon (MYR22) and Light braised Beef Shortribs and Radish with Rice (MYR19) instead. Simple and filling.


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