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Eat ALL you can. Clearly not for the tiny stomachs.
Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang
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There are several cheese and seafood BBQ options in Golden Mile Complex, but we ended up at Jackpot K because of their free flow oysters and salmon sashimi! Oysters were surprisingly good but the quality and inconsistent freshness of the sashimi made us afraid to order more.

Variety of food available was about average - various meats, vegetables, shells, squids, crabs, crayfish, canned drinks and ice cream but taste wise, it was quite one dimensional and not really worth the money. We had the most of eggs (cooked on the sides of the pot and actually really good), crayfish and oysters. The store has different cooking pans as well and the type similar to mookata with the dome shaped centre was splattering so much oil that we had to cook the food standing further away. We appreciated the friendly service but would have preferred to head a few doors down for New Udon Thai's Mookata!


Had a chance to try this several weeks ago during a Burpple Tasting and I don't think I'll ever forget the taste! One of the new dishes in Regent Hotel's Weekend High Tea Buffet, it was also my favorite of the day. I slurped clean 2 bowls which is really rare, because friends who know me well know that I'm almost never ever seen with porridge or congee. This stock was made from scratch and boiled into a precious pot of natural sweetness that was just so addictive! Not forgetting the generous fresh crunchy prawns that gave extra texture! #BurppleBestBuffets


You'll usually think of dainty little desserts like these for a high tea, but what caught my eye (and my stomach) were the newly introduced Asian dishes by Chef Leong at The Regent's Tea Lounge Weekend High Tea Buffet. Think dim sum, laksa, chicken rice and more! My favorite of the day was the most flavorful King Prawn Congee with Dry Scallop and Goji Berry which I gladly slurped clean two bowls. The stock was made from scratch and boiled into a precious pot of natural sweetness. Desserts were also impressive - loved the scones and service was the most memorable one I've experienced in a long while. I was so surprised when they addressed us by our names!

Thank you to @burpple for the kind invite and the lovely Janice and Andreana from @regentsingapore for hosting us! 🙆🏻

🕐 Weekend High Tea Buffet
First Seating: 12pm - 2.30pm
Second Seating: 3pm - 5.30pm
$61 per child
$30.50 per child (Above 5)


Newly opened on 15 Feb, GoroGoro is holding an opening promo till 28 Feb - Weekday lunch going at $9.90++ & dinner at $24.90++ while weekend lunch is at $14.90++ & dinner at $26.90++. There are 6 soups to choose from - Collagen, Mala, Tom Yum, Ginseng, Vegetarian and Tomato. I wouldn't actually call it a Korean buffet because we saw very little Korean related items like a sweet potato dish, rice cake and the Ginseng soup. The mala was better than the collagen soup. Average meal but thumbs up to the location (Orchard!), price and fresh ingredients, especially the tender chicken and pork! They served a range of cooked items too.

Usual Prices:
Weekday Lunch $14.90++, Dinner $24.90++
Weekend Lunch $24.90++, Dinner $26.90++
*Friday dinners are considered under Weekend Dinner.

Rise is my parents' favorite to go place for buffets since MBS opened. They serve up a good variety of food - cold seafood, sashimi, sushi, soups, appetisers, cheeses, hot dishes, breads, fruits and desserts. Sadly, I personally feel that the standards have dropped over the years. I especially miss the pastas they used to serve! Unique pastas like squid ink, triple cheese, gnocchi etc. have now been swopped to a standard menu for diners to choose from (aglio, cream, pesto, etc.). Service is attentive and friendly even during the peak periods.

Info credits to MBS' website:
Daily breakfast buffet: 6:30am - 11:00am
$41++ per adult | $22++ per child

Daily lunch buffet: 12:00pm - 2:30pm
$52++ per adult | $24++ per child

Daily dinner buffet: 6:00pm - 10:30pm
$72++ per adult | $38++ per child

All day a-la carte menu:
11:00am - 12:00am


At $25/pax, you get to choose up to 2 different soups for your individualized pot. Ordering is done through an iPad with choices like meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, etc. mostly all the usual dishes you see at steamboat places! Appetizers, fruits and sauces are available too with no extra charge. Dishes came rather quickly but order 1 pax portion to better gauge the amount before ordering more. We were so stuffed from our orders haha! I had the Ma La and Chicken soups, both were quite average. Not quite something I would return to although portions of dishes were generous.


Why would I say servings were generous? Because ... these. We didn't expect to get such huge sized crab pincers (the photo isn't an accurate portrayal haha)! The crabs were fresh and made the average soups sweeter. We didn't order a second portion as we had too much on our table, so I'm not sure if it is consistent throughout but at least for the first orders they were! Chicken slices were stacked into a mini hill, likewise for mushrooms, fish slices, etc.


Could afford to get a mini mountain of soft shell crabs and why? Because Sakae Sushi is having their $15 buffet! Saw many mini mountains of salmon sashimi on every table too. Order unlimited from the electronic menu except those indicated otherwise. Even the bentos and sets are available!

Mon-Fri: 3pm to 5.30pm, 6pm to 8.30pm
Saturday: 11.30am to 2.30pm

Desserts are at 50% and drinks at 1 for 1.

Heard poor reviews from other outlets but this one was okay! I wouldn't say the food and service was amazing but was definitely worth it. Restaurant was packed so try to go earlier since reservations are not allowed!


Desserts were a great spread too - from sorbet, ice-cream, pudding, to chocolates, tarts and macaroons. If eggs were used to make the desserts, signs on the sides would indicate so. I thought that is a very thoughtful thing to do!


Seen that many choices of vegetarian sushi before? Haha! Honestly impressed with the variety (there's more than shown in the photo) but the sushi rice was too mushy. Could have been a lot better!


It's quite difficult to find vegetarian buffets around, so I was definitely excited to find this newly opened place located in Kampong Kembangan Community Club. It's a small place with a rather extensive range of food. There was steamboat, sushi, cooked food, side dishes, finger food and desserts. Steamboat soup choices include Vegetable Soup, Tom Yum, Miso and Vegetarian Chicken. Soups were flavourful but I guess that means more seasoning was added haha. Ingredients were fresh though. Pricier than other vegetarian buffets but not bad!

Prices for Lunch:
Mon-Fri = $24.80+
Sat, Sun, PH = $26.80+
Dinner is $2 extra.


I had the Premium Lunch Buffet: $61.90++ from Mon-Thurs, $64.90++ for Fri-Sun + PH.

Went mad over the unlimited servings of fresh thick cut sashimi (inclusive of Salmon, Horse Mackerel, Scallop, Amaebi, etc. Tuna Belly and a daily special is served in limited quantities)! It was amaaaaazing. I've never eaten so many sashimi in one seating! I especially love hotate and fresh oysters, but it's quite difficult to find an affordable buffet spot serving these free flow and in good quality. Fortunately, Kushi does it exactly right! Their menu boasts a huge variety, ranging from shabu shabu, appetisers, sushi rolls to kushiyaki and cooked food. Most of the dishes we had deserved a thumbs up, it was definitely an impressive spread. The difference from the Classic and Premium Menu is a handful of items (quite a number of different types of beef).

Service was an A* too! The friendly waitress gave great recommendations and had dishes changed specially for us because we don't take beef. Check them out online for the whole menu and detailed prices. Totally worth an indulgence! #BurppleBestBuffets

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