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Coffee shops/Casual Eateries

Coffee shops/Casual Eateries

Makan places at coffee shops/casual eateries/food courts.
Zi Heng Tay
Zi Heng Tay

The steak was pretty good, nice charred taste and tender enough such that you can use a butter knife to cut. Good brown/black pepper sauce as well. Steak is quite thin so don't expect your preferred doneness. Reasonable price of $14. Absolutely recommend changing the fries to the creamy and smooth mash potato, then get a salted egg cereal fries ($4.50) to share!


The stock was superior, savoury and very flavourful. The lobster was fresh with sweet meat. Porridge was comforting until I felt the hole in my wallet. For the portion, I don't think it's worth it.


Kicking myself for not getting the fish with chilli crab sauce. The batter was thin but a bit oily. The dory fish was flaky and fresh. Can get a bit dry even with the mayo dip. The Hawaiian chicken was pretty good. Would be better if the chicken chop was thicker! They only accept cash here so be prepared!


Soup was light but quite forgettable. Dumpling was well made and full of ingredients - tenderised minced pork meat and Sheperd's purse. Quite enjoyed it! $6.


The curry is light with plenty of spices and a subtle beefy flavour. The star anise is especially pungent. Featuring three slices of beef that were tender. The yellow noodles were good - very smooth and just glides down the throat. Don't think it is worth it for $9 though.

This large pot of curry fish head came bubbling hot! The Ang Goli fish was very fresh! The curry is rather thick, tangy, but I found it too sweet. $38 for this.


Pretty average Hokkien Mee, with large fresh prawns! Get the fried rice instead which was more fragrant. Skip the fried chicken which was bland and tough.

Fried rice and hongkong style noodle were quite good. Give the sweet and sour pork a miss as it was rather tough and bland. Also had half a deep fried duck ($18) which looked very dry but was okay. I like the homemade barely drink here!


The roasted meat here is super good! The sio bak skin was still crackling right down to the last piece. Meat was tender and the fats almost burst in the mouth. I believe a good Char siew must have some fats, and this didn't disappoint. This is definitely worth a visit!


Enjoyed the fish & chips. Batter remained crispy even after quite a while and fish was fresh! Comes with chilli crab sauce and salted egg yolk sauce which was served separately. Very thoughtful! Also had the raclette cheese fries which came with too little cheese (isn't that always the case). But dip it into the free flow salted egg yolk sauce and all is good. You can also get a large pot of fried porridge or roast meat platter to share, all from the same coffeeshop!


The last time I had this was years ago at the original Sembawang branch that was near to my army camp. I remembered back then I was super impressed by the velvety, wok hei tinged White Beehoon. But this time round, I can't help but feel a little disappointed by how ordinary it tasted. Maybe I was just a hungry army boy back then.


New item on the menu but it's quite lacklustre. Duck was bland and tough. Won't recommend it. The only redeeming factor was the zesty chilli sauce that accompanied it.


I cook too. Check out my instagram @zihtay

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