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Started my day off with brunch at @atlascoffeehouse ! Of course I couldn't come here without trying their Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough + Scrambled Eggs ($14 + $3). The mushrooms soaked in a tomato cream sauce and topped with finely shredded cheese paired perfectly with the soft and creamy scrambled eggs.

The Earl Grey Waffles ($12.50) had a very strong Earl Grey flavour, which I absolutely loved 😍, and the waffles were fluffy on the inside, not that crispy on the outside, but still good nonetheless!

Managed to visit Old Hen today, and had the Chicken Cheese Burrito ($11) for lunch. A burrito cut into half with thinly shredded well-cooked chicken and pieces of tomatoes and capsicum inside, who wouldn't love that? Not sure if I tasted any cheese though, but what took me away was the perfect crispiness and texture of the burrito and the tender chicken of course!

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It's FriYAY! 🎉 How about having some Buckwheat Pancakes ($19.50) to end the week on a good note? These pancakes aren't your usual type, it had a "banana bread" kinda look on the inside, but definitely fluffier and less dense than banana bread. It was also thicker than normal pancakes. Very unique! This dish is probably known for its presentation, it really looked so pretty I couldn't peel my eyes off! Don't think I would been able to finish it by myself because it was pretty filling. Sadly, a lot of damage done on my wallet for just one pancake! 😭 I also hope they improve the lighting of the place because that hand shadow, just no.

Happy National Day! 🇸🇬 Hope you'll get to spend this day with your loved ones and celebrate together.

The Eggs Piggy ($16) caught my eye because it had Pulled Pork!! *screams* I love pulled pork so much omg. Yolks flowed out smoothly, but I was a bit weirded out by the look of the texture of the eggs.. Tasted fine though. The outer parts of the pork were a little hard, but the inner part was soft and juicy. English muffin was toasted really well!

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Went for the Eggs Royale ($16), consisting of two 62°C Sous Vide eggs, Lemon Hollandaise, Norwegian Smoked Salmon, on top of a slice of Multigrain bread.

Sadly, I couldn't taste much of the Lemon Hollandaise. But, the eggs were cooked well and the salmon was smoked and seasoned pretty good. I was surprised the multigrain toast was still crisp as if it was just toasted, even after bursting the yolks!

Do check out my full review on my blog! www.foodwithnic.wordpress.com


I wanted to try their mains today, so I went with my usual House Smoked Salmon Benedict ($18.90), with Hazelnut Bearnaise, Feta, Walnut Crumble, Petit Salad & Sultana Bread. This was a really unique dish, because my "usual" would have Hollandaise sauce over Eggs Benedict, but this one had a sweet Hazelnut touch to it, which actually went really well with the Eggs Benedict! I wished they evened out the serving of Salmon because all the Salmon was on one slice of bread, and the other slice didn't have any. It was a pretty decent amount of Salmon though, I had more than enough to eat it together with my eggs and bread!

In this picture also includes the Buttermilk Waffle with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream ($11.90).

Check out my blog for the full review of Stranger's reunion! www.foodwithnic.wordpress.com

Finally after walking past this cafe so many times, I managed to try it. I was amazed by the menu because this place is actually pretty affordable! Much cheaper than other cafes. Highly recommend this place if you don't wanna burn a hole in your pocket.

I had the Roast Beef ($9.50). The Ciabatta perfectly toasted, Beef perfectly roasted (damn that rhyming though), combined with the generous amount of Caramelised Onions, a great lunch which made my tummy happy! The Truffle Tater Tots ($7), which was hash brown bites with truffle flavour and sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese, made me melt 😍 The Hash browns had such a strong Truffle taste, I loved the combination so much I finished it till the last crumb.

In the picture also includes the Eggs Benedict with Salmon ($12.80), Granola Yoghurt ($6), Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($6), and the Breakfast Waffle ($9).

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Brunch with my teammates! 🙌🏼 I decided to try Scotch Egg Guacamole ($19), since I've been enjoying guacamole quite a bit lately. It consisted of Scotch eggs, homemade Guacamole spread on Sesame Rye bread, greek yogurt, and salad. I didn't know what Scotch eggs were (I hope I'm not the only one!), and I was surprised when the dish came. Eggs surrounded with breaded crust! I've never tried eggs made this way before and honestly it was really good. I could do without the greek yogurt though.
Read my full review on my blog! www.foodwithnic.wordpress.com


The Mountain ($16) sounded interesting, and I decided to try it, which consisted of Sliced Pork Bockwurst, Truffle infused Scrambled eggs, Potato Hash & Caramelised Onions served on top a Sourdough toast. Presentation could be improved, but looks aside, the truffle flavour which was pretty distinct throughout the dish made me love every bite. The Sourdough toast had a good texture, with crisp edges and a soft middle.

Read the full review on my blog! http://www.foodwithnic.wordpress.com


I just arrived back in Singapore and I'm missing Budapest already 😭 Dropped by the Hello Kitty Cafe because since I was at the airport, why not! I tried the Big Breakfast Surprise ($18), which didn't have that great waffles, one was soggy and the other was crispy throughout, but presentation was cute! I think it's quite overpriced to be honest. Lighting wasn't that good too, that's why there are shadows sorry! 😱 Read more about it and my reviews on the other food we tried in my blog! http://www.foodwithnic.wordpress.com


Had brunch at Kith and went with the Bacon Wrap ($17), which kinda reminded me of the KFC's Breakfast Wrap. The lettuce wasn't mixed together with the bacon and scrambled eggs, which was a little disappointing. But I liked the wide spread magazines and newspapers which were available, they were great props for my photos!
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Download the @holler.out app and quote to get 10% off total bill for spending more than $40 at Rise and Grind Co.! Managed to use my $50 voucher! Thanks @riseandgrindco!
I had the Hangover Cure ($18), which consisted of Chicken Bockwurst, Bacon, Sauteed Wild Mushrooms, Confit Tomato, Guacamole, and Poached Eggs on top of Sourdough Toast. This dish combined the different ingredients well. I especially liked the combination of guacamole and the sausage. It made the sausage have a more unique flavour, and it acted as a dip for the bockwurst like how you usually do with ketchup!
Check out my full review in my blog. http://foodwithnic.wordpress.com


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