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Here my usual cake is always Camembert cheesecake but I was ready to try something new this evening. Their strawberry shortcake is soft, refreshing and light. The cream is light too, hence personally it wasn’t too ger-lat. Strawberries are quite fresh. I like it. This may seem ordinary and nothing too fancy, but it’s simple and good. Thank god I choose not to share and I get to eat it on my own! Kid you not. Recommend.

Hands down the best teobboki ($9.90)I have tried in Singapore. Teobboki sauce is not too spicy but on the sweeter side, rice cakes were chewy yet soft. The mozzarella really complements the sauce well, price is on the higher side but for the quality think it’s worth. Original Kimbap ($8.90) can’t go wrong, and it’s the best combi to the teobboki. Currently they are having the promotion of $2 off when purchasing bingsu and teobboki together.

Generous in the ingredients, rich and flavourful soup till the last drop. This soup never fail to bring comfort to my soul. I personally think this is the best Kimchi Jijigae in SG.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Price: $8

Can’t really taste the truffle but it was a good and generous portion of thick french fries.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Price: $18 - Crispy Up; $20 - Ganjang

One of the BEST Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore. Thin and crispy chicken skin. Super tender, juicy and delicious chicken meat. Both Ganjang and Crispy Up are equally good. Will be back to try the others!

Decent solid injeolmi bingsu!! Regular one for $10.90 - perfect size for sharing with another friend aft a meal. Their oreo bingsu is good too and i wna try their strawberry one the next time I go there hehe

In photo : pistachio rose cake and red dates tea , speculoos cheesecake and iced yuzu tea ❤️

The pistachio rose cake was nice and had a smooth consistency while the speculoos cheesecake was average. Both cakes werent too sweet and went well with the drinks!

- HY

One of my favourite cafes in town area. It's perfect for chilling with friends. The place is popular for coffees but I LOVE their variety of drinks.

Used burpple beyond for this! The chocolate truffle cake was thick and rich with a hint of bitterness. On the other hand, the millecrepe was lighter and fluffier. But both my friend and I preferred the former because of its robust flavour. The millecrepe became almost tasteless toward the end. Nothing to rave about for the tea or service.

craft ciabatta, pastrami, camembert cheese, rocket salad, caramelized onions