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Still abit expensive after eatigo discount as the chicken and glutinous rice was quite little :( Soup was rich and flavourful though! Would get other dishes when I come back again and not this.

Bibimbap is an iconic korean dish, and it’s no surprise that Seoul Yummy would offer it as part of their set menus for 2-3 pax. If you don’t mind the dishes on the set menus, it’s actually pretty worth it to go for them along with the choice of sides and drinks.

This dish is served in a hot stone bowl, like an authentic korean eatery. They also provide four different Banchan with your meals, which are all refillable as you’d expect from a korean restaurant. You can choose the amount of sauce you’d like to pour in and mix it into the rice and veggies. While I like a thick sauce, I found it a bit hard to really mix it into the rice and dishes, so I ended up using some soup from another dish to help mix everything more evenly. Even though I did that, there were quite a number of clumps of rice that didn’t get much sauce still. Tastewise, it’s quite a decent bibimbap dish. Chicken is also tender and nicely marinated. It wasn’t the most fragrant, but it was affordable in the set menu.

Note that there’s a few ways you can save money at Seoul Yummy:

1) Order from their set menu if there’s no particular dish that you want from the regular menu, it’s cheaper than ordering ala carte

2) Seoul Yummy has a membership system where you can order from your table by scanning a QR code, get your credit card details ready. If you order via the QR code, you get 10% off the bill versus ordering with the staff

3) Seoul Yummy is on ShopBack - do remember to check from time to time if they have offers! They were on upsized cashback last week at 35%, but have since resumed their regular cashback rates.

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Initially I wanted to try the Temple Food but unfortunately it’s not available so I settled with this vegan bibimbap instead.
Although it seems quite simple I enjoy every items. And that cherry tomatoes are seriously so good, the perfect balance between sweet and sour.
I’d love to try more if only it’s not on the steeper range of price.

I like coming here for the weekday lunch promotion, which includes a main, barley tea, and banchan for just $10++. I had the japchae with bulgogi beef and the portion was generous, with a nice amount of ingredients. The barley tea was warming and I liked the bean sprouts in the banchan.

Eatigo deal: 50% $2.5~

Stumbled across this gem while after dinner. 1st try Earl Grey milk tea with pearl, Large. Is nice but overload of ice melts instantly making the taste bland. Highly recommended drinks to go for eatigo! Lower or no ice will save ur drink taste.

The pancake was quite thick but the outer layers were crispy while the inside was soft! Kimchi taste is prominent and slightly spicy!

Used eatigo for 50% off and food was awesome!! Army stew was not too spicy while the soup was very flavourful! There were luncheon meat, ham, bacon, mushroom, kimchi, beans, macaroni, tteokboki and of course ramen! Portion is good for the price. The fried chicken wings were also super amazing! They were quite salty as the chicken was coated with some soya sauce and was freshly deep-fried so it was piping hot. Meat was soft while the skin was crispy and tasty!

As we were using the voucher, there was a smaller selection that we can choose from. We got the gula Melaka milk tea with pearls and the lychee rose earl grey tea. Don’t really like the latter as the earl grey is non existent.

Oreo milk was really just milk with crushed oreo bits at the bottom, and pearls. The pearls were hard and not very sweet so honestly they just got in the way of everything for me. I would have rather they skip the pearls and add more oreo bits instead, as the serving was quite paltry. 😥 But that aside, I enjoyed the full-bodied flavour of the fresh milk and the (few) oreo bits were a wonderful accompaniment.

Guka melaka milk tea was not really as thick as I expected. Rather thin actually, even for objective standards. But it depends on what you are looking for. Me, I was expecting a thick gula melaka syrup -- kind of like the brown sugar fresh milk that was all the rage a few months back. This isn't that, but if you like something more mild and moderate, this might be for you!

The good: Great Decor, great presentation. Nice taste of waffle.
The food and place is very Instagram friendly.
Location is convenient near Shaw theaters orchard.

The bad: Staff is not at all attentive. Very confused and casual.
Quantity of food is very less. The waffle was not at all warm, ice cream did not feel fresh.
Cafe is overpriced and not at all worth the money.

Overall very average experience 3 on 5

Great ambience! Good variety of drinks and interesting cakes . Would come again to try their Bonbon and to paint

Not the best green tea frappe I’ve tried. It was too sweet to my liking though they didn’t add any sugar syrup. I do recommend to go straight for their coffee.