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Korean desserts have been all the rage recently, with everyone flocking to try bingsu – but that'...

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They are definitely doing desserts right with their fatfatcarons and chubby cookies. Their macarons are 5x the size of usual ones and their cookies are luscious and decadent with fillings and toppings.


The yoghurt cream was very well balanced but the aftertaste was a tad greasy on its own. It's decent overall but severely overpriced

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The "sponge" was almost like a brownie, and the "cream" was basically a ganache. Really gao and really satisfying, share it if you're not into something so strong. Quite sticky texture too as u chew

The ambience is really chill and cozy. Not to mention, the decor is super aesthetic for dates with bae/friends/fam! We ordered Honey Yu zu + Honey Jujube + Mille Crepe + royal chocolate truffle cake. Mille Crepe is not bad but it's a bit too milky for my liking. But the royal chocolate truffle cake is da bomb :) Honey Yuzu and Honey jujube are q a good pair with the cakes so that eating the cake not that jelak

Matcha Mochi (Rice cake) Bingsu ($16.90)
Albeit closer to green tea, the "matcha" flavour was decently strong, and I'd suggest pouring more of the milk over, so you'd get a more milky flavour from the shaved ice. The red bean was pretty sweet, but it did help provide more flavour to the bingsu.

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Caramel Honey Butter Bread
Quite an enjoyable toast in terms of flavour - for those who like it sweet, this Caramel Honey & Whipped cream would provide the sweetness you'll like. Toast itself is nothing special, not the fluffiest out there but good enough to satisfy some sweet toast cravings.

Black Sesame Bingsu ($19.80)
This bingsu comes with chewy green tea rice cake, which isn't really strong in the green tea flavour, so don't expect too much from it! I quite enjoyed the first layer, in which you could taste the black sesame grains, but beneath it was just shaved ice/ milk that wasn't milky/ flavoured enough.

Signature Injeolmi Bingsu ($16.90)
This is quite a classic, with Injeolmi and sweetened red bean that I really enjoyed. There's soybean powder at the top layer to provide flavour, but the subsequent layers of ice lacked flavour.

Cheese Butter Toast Meal (S$4.90)
Came with 2 half boiled eggs and 1 HK-Milk Tea (Cold)
Available at @unice.sg in @junctionnine
The toast looked kind of sad compared to the poster.

Unice Cafe
Address 🏡 : 18 Yishun Avenue 9, # 02-38 Junction 9, Singapore 🇸🇬 768 897

Cake + Drink ($7.90 + $5.50)
⭐️ 3/5 ⭐️
🍴Lovely cafe ambience with cosy seating that makes for a chill place to relax when in town. Overall, average and forgettable fare that’s probably only worth considering as a pre-/post-meal option with Burpple Beyond.

Opted for the 1-1 cake and honey drink which worked out to $6.70/set. Preferred the ondeh ondeh cake that had distinct pandan aroma paired with gula melaka and desiccated coconut over the plainer and milkier mille crepe. The cakes went well with the warm and comforting honey yuzu and honey ginger.

Insta: cafehoppingkids

It has blueberry yogurt cream with fresh cream on top + soft cake sheet and hard tart base below. I was very excited to try this unique looking tart but honestly it just tastes like blueberry cake + yogurt + tart base.. haha not super amazing