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Korean desserts have been all the rage recently, with everyone flocking to try bingsu – but that'...

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we picked pork belly & angus ribeye. both were pretty good!!

actually pretty good. the chicken is so well marinated and roasted and juicy but slightly oily. salad base also has melscun which is pretty good

waffles are a lil inconsistent, sometimes good sometimes bad but somehow their basic vanilla ice cream which is just some generic mass bought one is pretty good! love the vanilla flavour.

way too overpriced ($18 ish) but taste wise the bagel was pretty well buttered and toasted and the bulgogi was very well marinated. lettuce super crisp and fresh too. overall would def rather spend on two men bagel house but if u happen to be here, this is worth trying

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Ordered vanilla coffee at the cafe and it was overly sweet. Would not recommend the coffee here. However, the good point would be that it's a nice and quiet place to chill as the cafe is quite empty in the late afternoon. They also have charging points (but no wifi).

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IG: @eat_simi

Featuring the "the weather damn hot sia" + "wa i feel extra expensive today" dessert AKA bingsu! Today we have Gangnam Bingsu from the most unlikely of places - kopitiam :O
Eat simi: Matcha Bingsu (L)
Eat how much: $8.90(S) / $10.90(L) (excluding 10% kopitiam card discount)
Eat which store: Gangnam Bingsu (located in kopitiam)
Eat where: Hillion Mall, Bukit Panjang
Eat nice not: 4/5
This is one of the most enjoyable and affordable bingsu i've had! The bingsu is dusted with addictive sweet matcha powder with adequate matcha bitterness and nutiness to keep you digging for more! The bingsu is also finely grated with a hint of milky sweetness 😗👌 plus points goes to its free-flow condensed milk (though the small disposable plastic containers provided isn't very practical and eco friendly). Personally, i would prefer the red bean sandwiched between the ice cream and bingsu to be less sweet and smoother or more textured. As you can see the picture, there are whole red beans within the red bean paste, so i'd prefer something more definite rather than having my brain to decipher the contrasting textures of the same ingredient. The bingsu is topped with a scoop of matcha ice cream which tasted rather average and lacking.
Despite the lacking elements of the bingsu (red bean and ice cream), it is compensated by the matcha powder, bingsu and its affordable price! I'd suggest going for the $10.90 bowl if you are sharing with more than two people for a much bigger portion for an extra $2 only. Still my go-to bingsu because of its price, location and not-too-bad taste 👍
My fellow reviewer zy said that bingsu is called bingsu because it's 冰(ice) + su (milk) 🤦‍♀️