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Recommended lists for Korean Desserts

Recommended lists of Best Korean Desserts in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Desserts, Korean Desserts 15 Best Korean Desserts in Singapore Korean desserts have been all the rage recently, with everyone flocking to try bingsu – but that's not all there is! We've got your cravings covered with creamy soft serve, fluffy cakes, potted puddings and more. This list will definitely come in handy for satisfying your unyielding sweet tooth!

Top 10 Places for Korean Desserts

Top 10 places for Korean Desserts

Latest Reviews for Korean Desserts

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Korean Desserts

To date still one of the best Bingsu places in Singapore and also in my top 3 list! ✌🏻☝🏻Green tea or Injeolmi? Personally I would choose the latter as the green tea flavour here was a tad mild for my liking. Nevertheless, the main highlight afterall is the shaved milk ice that comes with a fluffy, snowflake-alike texture- soft, smooth and refined, like a gush of thin air that melts in the mouth instantly upon contact. Oh and if you have not known, ‘Nunsaram’ actually stands for ‘snowman’ in Korean ⛄️ , which perhaps accounted for the snowflake-alike texture in the bingsu here! ❄️ The green tea bingsu is served with red bean, a scoop of green tea ice cream and dusted generously with green tea powder and almond flakes for an added crunch. Taste of green tea could have been more distinct as the one here leans towards the sweeter, milky profile, not for the hardcore matchaholics. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it overall as a dessert on its own without acknowledging the fact that this was a green tea flavoured dessert 🤭. The roasted soybean powder in the Injeolmi bingsu came with pleasant and lingering roasted flavour and fragrance, coupled with bits of chewy mochi and crunchy almond nuts and flakes. Somehow this reminded me of Kinako and warabi mochi, but with a tweak into a korean version perhaps? 🤔 As for the Hotteok set, it comes with a scoop vanilla ice cream, dusted with almond flakes and drizzled with chocolate sauce. If you are wondering, hotteok is actually a traditional korean local snack, of pancake made with glutinous rice flour, resulting in a thick, chewy and mochi-alike texture in its batter. Flavour is spiced up with the addition of cinnamon which (fortunately for me) is subtle and mild here. Might get a tad dry after awhile but with the addition of chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream, this situation could be alleviated. Lastly, the acai berry smoothie that’s made with a blend of acai berry, mixed berries and banana was a thick, refreshing beverage that could have been better if the flavours were more distinct!

Stir-fried rice cakes in spicy sauce, fishcake slices, along with 2 fried dumplings and seaweed rolls, half an original Gimbap, the portion here is definitely abundant for a meal or great for sharing among 2-3 pax. The addition of cheese is definitely an enhancement, with its thick, springy texture and temporal elasticity that lasts while hot ; otherwise just enjoy its characteristic piquant flavour that adds a pleasant tinge of savoury saltiness to the tangy, spicy and flavourful Gojuchang sauce. The dumplings and seaweed rolls are deep fried to an ideal crisp perfection on their golden brown batters, with surprise fillings of glass noodles which I simply adore! 💖 The original gimbap roll comes with assorted fillings of chicken ham, burdock, yellow pickled radish, cucumber, carrot and egg (swipe to view). A visually pleasing dish that satisfies the palate as well, along with a pleasant crunch from the assorted roots and greens embedded within. Lastly, the main highlight (though not so for me) is the stir-fried rice cakes, a traditional local korean snack that comes with a thick,chewy, mochi-like texture which complements the spicy and flavourful Gochujang sauce. Though a pleasant snack to indulge in, I would highly recommend for sharing unless you are a huge fan of rice cakes & mochi in general .
Thanks @nunsaram_cafe for the feast and @serenetomato for extending the invite! 😋🙆🏻‍♀️ Will be posting about my reviews on the other food items that we’ve tried here in the next few posts! ❄️ ⛄️ .
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Food food and food!


❄️ Featuring my favourite bingsu from @nunsaram_cafe - INJEOLMI BINGSU ($13.90). As the saying goes, classic is always the best 🏆 Love the soybean powder, almonds, condensed milk, mini mochi and everything in this black bowl! 🤓

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$14 | Shaved ice topped with dried cranberries, whipped cream, mango ice cream and cubed mango! A really nice place to chill and chat with your friends after work!

But fans of Korean Cuisine 🇰🇷 now has even more reason to rejoice! 🎈

📍 @nunsaram_cafe is now a one stop cafe where you can get both your savoury favourites such as Gimbap and Tteokbokki, as well as your sweet treats! 😃😃

The Special Tteokbokki ($14.90) right at the front features original tteokbokki, 2 fried seaweed rolls, 2 fried dumplings 🥟 and half a normal portion of gimbap. Oh, of course with a dollop of stretchy cheese 🧀 right at the top for you to do your perfect cheese pull 😉! With a single 🌶 sign out of a maximum of two, it’s perfect for those of you who love your spice! For those who don’t (and eat beef 🥩) I’d definitely recommend the Bulgogi Tteokbokki ($9.90)! It’s extremely addictive with each piece of chewy rice cake coated with a viscous layer of bulgogi sauce which is slightly salty and has a sweet aftertaste to it 🤤

🍅Thank you @serenetomato for the invite to try the new savoury treats and @nunsaram_cafe for hosting us. P.S. I really love the bulgogi tteokbokki!!!!!! 😍

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Had lunch with the kids today. Have never been to Seoul Yummy before - so we decided to give their Lunch Special a try before it ended today.
Had their Beef Bibimbap and I was disappointed. Tasted rather blend even after mixing extra gochujang to the rice. The service was poor too - my kids were almost done with their food before I was served mine. I was jokingly telling my kids maybe it’s time that they changed their name from “Seoul Yummy” to “Seoul Seoul” (so-so). Unimpressed...!!

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like why would you pay $15 bucks for chopped up ice?
BUT I have to say that the Bingsu from O'maspoon is actually good. This is the Matcha one. The shaved ice is milky and sweet (not plain ice!!!) and the toppings simple but everything goes so well together. Never thought I would say this but I genuinely enjoyed the bingsu here!

Price: $13.90

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Omo You’d never expect a fast food chain to churn out good soft serve but....THE MINT ONE HERE IS AMAZING!!! The icy yet slightly chewy texture is quite legit, plus overall it’s the right level of sweetness such that it doesn’t overwhelm. 2nd best part is the charcoal cone that isn’t just dyed black - upon biting, one can really feel the granularity and subtle charred-ness. Caramel is the complete opposite, cloyingly sweet in my opinion but my friends LUV IT!

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