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Recommended lists of Best Korean Desserts in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Desserts, Korean Desserts 15 Best Korean Desserts in Singapore Korean desserts have been all the rage recently, with everyone flocking to try bingsu – but that's not all there is! We've got your cravings covered with creamy soft serve, fluffy cakes, potted puddings and more. This list will definitely come in handy for satisfying your unyielding sweet tooth!

Top 10 Places for Korean Desserts

Top 10 places for Korean Desserts

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Korean Desserts

Was looking for a nice, hearty meal so I got this ($11.90). The duck meat balls were amazing - savoury and juicy, and it comes with a delicious sweet sour sauce which I'm guessing was made with broth. It also comes with kimchi and pickles. Definitely a must try, get the meatballs on their own if you don't feel like eating a full meal.

Also ordered the Injeolmi Bingsu Milk ($11.90). It was decent - light and reasonably milky.

Service here is excellent 10/10

Came here because entertainer having 1for1,

Ordered two mega half chicken and a plate of spicy noodles. 🍗 🍗

1) spicy noodles($10)- surprising good, not too blend and not too spicy.
2) ganjang up($20) - this Korean flavour never goes wrong. Chicken deep fried and covered with soy sauce, could keep eating all day.
3) spicy up($18)- fried spicy chicken, the chicken skin was so damn shiok, sadly the breast meat was too thick and dry.


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Paris Baguette Thai Noodle Salad 🥗


Every ingredients match so well together!! 😋Rice noodle w bell peppers, shredded grilled chicken, peanuts, prawns, spring onions and sweet Thai chilli sauce

500 calories per box

Not exactly the best but an essential to have for my sweet bugs.

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Actually nothing special, it’s just a sweet fried dough haha!

和兩位之前合作舉辦過活動的同志約飯,感謝下個月就要去美國交換的G離開前還特地安排和我們敘舊。在YEP的時候收到她發來關心的簡訊時就約好了回來要見面!我們聊了學會的職務,聊了學校生活更是聊了工作以及如今的種種青少年問題。和信心上的同志聊天就是會有很多共鳴,因為 we are all doing the Buddha's work 💕

Mandu Jjigae (S$11.90++)
Came with a glass of soft drink during weekday lunch at @patbingsoosin in @vivocitysingapore
Selected veggie pork for the mandu but can’t really taste the meat in it. Can’t really figure what’s the filling.
Address 🏠 : 1 Harbourfront Walk, # B2-27 Vivocity, Singapore 🇸🇬 098 585
Tel ☎️ : 9187 0372
Website 🌐 :
MRT 🚇 : Harbourfront (NE1/CC29)


Gigantic Bingsu!
Really a giant Bingsu. Me and my another one friend use up to almost 2 hours to finish the bingsu,you can imagine how big portion to two person! Worth the price with lots of fruits that I like eg Honeydew 🍈,Banana 🍌,Grapes 🍇,Watermelon 🍉, Blueberries and mango! And also hazelnut and vanilla ice cream on top.

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