Unique Dine Outs

Unique Dine Outs

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Cheryl Wong
Cheryl Wong

A small shop with big flavours! This beef pho ($8.50) has a very fragrant broth and its beef slices are thinly cut. The broth is really the winner for me 😁 Also, it is pretty filling. Their other dry noodles are as delicious too! Worth a try if you are nearby :)


First of all, this is a really cool place to eat. It's got a hippie coffee shop vibe selling a range of food from wanton noodles to seafood. What more, safra members get about 10% off on various food items too!

I tried the Beef Pho and although the wait was pretty long for non-peak hours, the broth was good. There was a decent amount of meat and their beef balls are πŸ‘πŸ» - not sure if it's handmade but they were tasty! loved it! The prawn rolls were a bit bland so I recommend to just try the beef pho ☺️ $6.00 on pho and $2.80 on prawn roll.
Rating: 3.5/5(plus points for the hippie vibes)

Oh and do get their lime plum drink. It's really refreshing! 🍸


Though the dish looks small, it has many chicken pieces with sweet curry paste and spices which would satisfy your hungry tummy! Prices are not cheap though. Butter chicken $8.50, Garlic Naan - 4 pieces $4, Ginger tea $1.80. Plus point: one of the few Air-conditioned eateries near Mustafa + final bill excludes 7% GST charge


Have always loved their half chicken with mushroom sauce($15.90++)! Delicious as always! The portion of chicken is big and the thickness and goodness of the sauce will fill your hungry tummy in no time! If you want to order their sides, I suggest sharing half a chicken and the other side dishes :-) If you have slightly more money to spend, do head down this place to satisfy your chicken craving! 😊


Awesome place for Korean BBQ all you meat lovers out there! The pork collar and beef are good πŸ‘πŸ» always loved to eat them dipped in chilli paste and garlic on a juicy lettuce leaf. But dipping with onion sauce is pretty tasty too! Paid ard $87 for three people. Pretty reasonable for a bbq buffet dinner. Down side: getting really thirsty later at night πŸ™


Located at pasarbella(suntec), this joint has a pretty wide variety of ingredients to choose to make your own salad. I like how each ingredient comes with a price tag, so you can control the amount you want to spend by varying the type of ingredients you put in. That being said, salads are expensive :-( spent $15.00 for the salad with chicken. Their toasted sweet potato is really good though. according to my food buddy who eats salads, for a salad joint, this place has really tasty meat, but portions are not as big as other salad eateries like Cedele or SaladStop (her favorite places). So if you want something new and work ard here, you can get this. Moreover, there's a one for one discount if you have Entertainer app :-) yay!


This is the shrooms burger. And. It. Is. Awesome. It is packed with a punch with their well-marinated beef patty, sautΓ©ed mushroom pieces and melted Swiss cheese! The buns are a bit too thick and huge but it's tasty nonetheless. πŸ‘πŸ» Fatboys' burgers never fail! $10 only!

Ordered this pan-fried salmon steak and truely, one of the better salmon dishes I have tried in awhile πŸ‘πŸ» and it's at an affordable price at $17.90! Bf ordered their mushroom burger, and the beef patty was pretty flavourful! It was a decent meal on the whole. A note of caution to be prepared to wait more than usual for your food! Other than that, good to try if you are around the area! :-)


Ordered duckwing burger $17 (top) and tower power $19 (below). These are yummy burgers at nett price! The bread is nice and crisp! The smoked duck goes well with the cheese and egg, while the tower power(beef patty burger) tasted good- the taste was just right, like how good old burgers should taste like! One side note, their fries were quite salty :-/ and another side note, u should try their churros!! It's so good and only at $14 with many pieces! Ard 10! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ good for chillax meals with friends!

(Long post ahead!) This is a quaint little restaurant located in the relatively quiet and low traffic area near beach road. This place is warm and cosy with a really nice ambience I must say. It has two levels and is suitable for gathering of friends or even a nice dinner date/celebration date with your loved one 😊 Moving on to their food, everything I tried is tasty and good! The best ones were the pizza (with the runny egg yolk in the centre, and it has a generous amount of about seven slices big slices) and their dessert! Their dessert, I don't know why but we walloped it within two minutes. It was the first on the list, called molten chocolate lava(smth like that). It is good. MUST TRY! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ the other I ordered were their calamari rings- this is good too, their batter is crispy and tasty unlike others I've tried. Also ordered their squid ink pasta with crabmeat. There was more crab flavour than squid ink, a nice change from the usual! A filling meal for two! Mostly cause of the carbs, but it's a good place to go. Total cost was 87 for two- quite reasonable for good food and great ambience! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

First time in this place and I couldn't believe this cool place exists in Singapore! Totally had the vibes of Western/European Markets overseas 😁 the grilled cheese sandwiches at melts bar was really really good($14-chic magnet) might be quite expensive for just a sandwich though, but prices are generally around this range depending on what you order. Also, Keith's Crackling Roast is good too! Bought a regular+extra ($10) and the meat was so tender and fragrant! It tastes like char siew but better. 😁 they have many other varieties of food as well, and all prices are nett prices. How it works is that you buy your food and find seats at the open area. I heard the lamb shank there is good and very affordable ($20)! Do explore this place ! It was a refreshing experience away from the usual restaurants or hawker centers we have around πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌ

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Sharing thoughts on the food I eat :) Hope you enjoy what I write as much as the food you're eating!

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