Chinese Food

Chinese Food

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Veeky Momo
Veeky Momo

We had the sea bass and the portion was sufficient for two pax. Also added beancurd skin, potato slices and enoki mushrooms. We picked the 小辣 because we had previously read other reviews about their mala to be pretty potent😅 the spice level we picked was shiok without being so overpowering that we couldn’t enjoy our food.

And isn’t it cute that it was served in a fish shaped dish 😄😍

The clams & fried egg makes this dish very flavourful. I love the chewy QQ noodles too! It kinda reminded me of the those white bee hoon with prawns and stuff but this had a more homecooked taste. Totally true to its name! The service staff were very friendly too👍🏻😊

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Yummy & light. Perfect to go with the heavy flavoured Hokkien Mee we had.

Generous chunks of crab meat & fluffy egg white in thick broth over fried beancurd. So glad we ordered this! Now... the only thing is I'm a westie who happened to be in this end of the island for that day 😐


A great pairing with the spicy grilled skewers.
The broth was chilled & tangy (hints of lime and chilli padi??). Very refreshing with crunchy cucumber slices and love how the noodles were oh so chewy😍.


Just Awesome.

Great tasting skewers that are well marinated & brought to us in grilled state. We just need to keep them nice and toasty on the heated box on our table and could happily start digging in. Bbq without the hassle👍🏻 and everything is still hot but not burnt. Really like the peppery marinade that wasn't so overly spicy that you can't enjoy the skewers. Particularly enjoyed the chicken wings - i wonder how long they marinated the meat for. It was super tasty and the meat was easy to bite and tear with just a pair of chopsticks. The scallops & potato slices (potato chips??) were also our favourite😍

Remember to get the Lao Te beer as well. It's light & refreshing and goes really well with all the grilled food👍🏻

The salted egg sauce was really good. But I wished the sotong pieces were cut smaller; it was a tad tough and hard to cut/chew when they are such big chunks.

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Ordered a large portion ($15) for our family of 4.

Love the broth for the sweetness of the prawns & sotong; in fact they were so generous with the seafood my mum said she wished there were lesser sotong cos it was "too much" 😅

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I'm sheepish to admit it was my first time trying Song Fa. The long queues always scare me off. Thanks to the parents who queued for this meal, I can now tick this off my wishlist. But i will without a doubt willingly queue for it from now on.

The food was so good i finally understood the constant queues. Soup was just the right kind of peppery and always refilled piping hot. The beancurd skin looks plain but turned out to be really flavourful! Even the sister, who is not a fan of tofu-anything, said it was good👍🏼 The noh-hiang (not pictured) was delicious too. Crisp skin and not too 'porky' in taste(if i make any sense at all😬).

To top off the good food, the service was impressive too. Efficient in handling the queues, taking orders while you're waiting in line, and very quickly filling your table with food the moment you get your seat. The staff were super attentive in refilling our draining soup bowls with fresh hot soup and in my personal opinion, it honestly makes a big difference to constantly have piping hot soup throughout the meal (the Cantonese in me is majorly pleased!)

Overall a really shiokkk experience😍

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$4.90/piece , $13.80/3pcs

Deep fried to a perfect brown and served with their homemade dip which in my opinion almost stole the show from the fish. Almost like light soy sauce but with a tinge of sweetness and packing lots of chopped garlic. I started by dabbing a bit of the dip on my fish, then progressed to drizzling and eventually simply dunking in the little sauce plate😍👍🏼

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I love mee tai mak. And I love bah chor mee. So this is like the best of both worlds for me.

I don't fancy century egg though. But it was fried crispy and in small pieces sprinkled over the mee tai mak. So I guess the flavour wasn't as strong or obvious so i personally found it okay.


That dipping sauce at the side tasted faintly of mustard(?). But I didn't really need that. The pork belly was already well marinated (with fermented beancurd, Chinese wine & fragrant spices according to the menu) and is flavourful on it's own. Crispy and not too fatty. Totally capable if stealing the show from the mains.


ADDICTIVE. Just as it is raved about in all the reviews I had seen.

It was hard to keep my hands from switching to the spoon and gobbling this dish down by the mouthful. The chopsticks just didn't seem efficient enough.


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