Foodie in Bangkok

Foodie in Bangkok

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Rachel Xie
Rachel Xie

The spongey layers of cream and crêpe aren't the highlight, but rather, the heaps of Milo powder, chocolate crumble, and decadent chocolate sauce they're drenched in.


After a long day of walking in heels and all that excitement from meeting Pierre Hermé in the flesh, I'm really longing for something warm and comforting.

Reminiscing on this unassuming, but unexpectedly delicious bowl of noodle soup in Bangkok, and very much looking forward to my upcoming Hong Kong trip!


I think I must have had stars in my eyes when this magnificent creation appeared at my table. Encrusted with cereal and embellished with tart, jewel-hued berries, the fried brioche is a regal vision. I tear past its impeccably crunchy surfaces to find its innards pillowy and fluffy – these best soaked in dribbles of the vanilla ice cream leisurely melting overhead.

So gratifying in every sense, I found myself wolfing down the humongous slab of toast ALL BY MYSELF, one eager bite at a time until the plate was bare and lonely.

This was highly recommended to me by @therantingpanda, so there was no way I was leaving Bangkok without having a taste of this photogenic beauty – even though I nearly had to because no taxi or tuk tuk driver wanted to take me to Thong Lo, where this cafe is, at a reasonable fee. And I implore you not to miss this either.


Impeccable tandoor-grilled spiced lamb with the most gorgeous purple sweet potato purée masquerading as velvet cut-outs.


Certainly not the best mille crêpe cake in taste – too saccharine – nor texture – too spongey, but that sweet pink colour was enough to reel me in, girly squeals and all. And if I remember correctly, I got this limited edition cake as half of a one-for-one promotion at 130 baht (S$5) in total.


A modern, molecular take on the traditional Indian dish, where the salli (meaning sticks), nests of crispy potato slivers gingerly cradle a bauble of spherified curry – the representation of boti, which means chunks of meat.


Missing this Aussie-style cafe in Bangkok, popular for its hearty brunch fare. Be sure to hit this place up early, because it starts to get crowded towards lunchtime.


I've been reminiscing about the food there, and although I'm still undecided on whether I really liked the dining experience in totality, I concede that there were several items in the 19-course "progressive Indian cuisine" degustation that were ultimately thought-provoking, and perhaps that is why it's crowned as Asia's best restaurant.

This is one of my favourites out of the entire meal – a thick rice cracker made out of conjoined puffs, with avocado, strawberry and sea urchin. I've never had uni with fruits before, so the blend of sweetnesshere was refreshing and surprisingly delightful.


Food here was generally decent, though I did find it a little pricey for Bangkok standards. The best thing on this table was the soft shell crab, which came with loads of crispy fried garlic, the last bits of which we fought to call dibs on.


Set in a firm but crumbly tart shell is a mound of cream cheese – apparently a blend of three varieties, its domed top burnished to an alluring golden colour.

Expecting an airy Japanese chiffon cheesecake texture, I was nowhere near prepared for how ethereally LUSH the filling was – my upper lip just couldn't help plunging along with my teeth into its cloud-like depths, emerging with an admittedly unladylike cream cheese moustache. I licked every bit off, not wanting to waste any of that glorious mousse, its rich cheesiness a juxtaposition against its light-as-air consistency.

Can't wait to have more of this once the Singapore outpost is open at Ion!


It's no wonder that people queue for the signature charcoal wok-fried Phad Thai swathed in a thin egg omelette – it's absolutely scrumptious.

But everyone also ought to give the lesser talked-about Jumbo Prawn Head Phad Thai, which has the same classic noodles tossed with the juices of the eponymous seafood part. The result is a tangle of sweet, salty, spicy, smoky flavours deepened with a distinct dash of umami. Absolutely breathtaking.


Foodie lifestyle writer turned foodie PR girl. Notice the constant. I eat to live to eat.

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