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Featuring Old Airport Road Food Centre, Wild Honey (Scotts Square), Yum Cha (Chinatown), Chef Yamashita Shop, 10 at Claymore (Pan Pacific Orchard), Salt tapas & bar, Pete's Place (Grand Hyatt Singapore), The Provision Shop, Seriously Ice Cream, llaollao ([email protected])
Leigh Khoo
Leigh Khoo
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Sprouting up among the handful of eateries at Irving Place is a juice shop blending up smoothies and fruit bowls. Going Nuts ($12) sees a peanut butter smoothie base topped with fresh fruit, seeds and granola - richer in mouthfeel and to me a more enticing option compared to the wave of açai bowls. The juices (from $4.50) are fresh although a tad too small; coffee is decent and brewed using Brother Basil & Co. beans from Melbourne. They took quite awhile to prepare all our orders even though there was no one ahead of us - teething problems, I hope.

Our favourite from those we tried, I like the textured bite from the smoky patty as well as the large fluffy buns. I only wish they created a bigger patty, so it’s less bread and more flavour in every bite. An extra $2 gets you a smoothie or small salad on the side. I also wish they served fries; there’s tempura mushrooms ($3) but it’s not the same.

One of the most delicious renditions I've had in a long time. The tiramisu is moist without being overly so, and boasts just the right balance of punchy espresso notes. The portion is good to share among four, especially after a carb-heavy pizza meal.

The dreamiest pizza made from the simple combination of savoury tomato sauce, anchovies, basil and delicately creamy burrata. The wood-fired crust is thin, with just the right balance of crisp and chewy. Sooooo good. Pro-tip: Visit between 6pm to 7pm daily to enjoy a free salad (DIY from the salad bar) with every main ordered.

Mentaiko cheese baked saba fish, on a bed of quinoa (add $3) and assorted veggies. Loved the cabbage slaw so much I wish the carrots were pickled too.

This wondrous avocado toast ($5.50 plus $1 for a sprinkle of feta) looks deceivingly simple, but as I have learnt from too many wrong food decisions, the tastiest dishes are often free of unnecessary embellishments. Definitely one of my favourites in Singapore. 👍🏼

My favourite here is surprisingly these popcorn chicken bites. The batter is flavourful and crisp, the chicken is tender and the accompanying homemade BBQ sauce is pretty good!

This was a dark horse. I didn't have many expectations for a warmed up croissant and pre-cooked sauce, but the flavours all came together perfectly. There's even an oozy egg stirred in through the punchy, rather spicy sauce.

Several dishes were sold out when we arrived at 4pm on a Sunday, so we settled on this ($18.90) even though we really wanted to try the Lu Rou Burger ($17.90). The scrambled eggs are the star here, while the fluffy house-made buns are a bonus. I wasn't crazy about the heavy-handed spices in the meat patty, but my friends enjoyed it. Skip the overtly sweet Ondeh Ondeh ($5.90) drink and get a regular coffee instead. The Iced Latte ($5.90) is strong but well-balanced.

Soaking in weekend vibes at this spacious yet homey cafe-deli at Suntec (opposite Gudetama restaurant). The Leek and Feta Cheese Pie ($9) wasn't much to shout about, but the Baklava ($8) made for a nice treat with an Iced Freddo Cappuccino ($6). Will come by hungrier next time for their toasts and deli salads.

All you can eat toppoki at $18.80 per pax? Yes please! Unlike the frozen ones I buy at the supermarket, these toppoki, while obviously defrosted, were very soft and chewy, and there were several varieties to try, including an interesting sweet potato toppoki. Concept-wise, it is similar to how restaurants in Seoul's Tteokbokki Town do it - cook a whole pan of ingredients till bubbling and the sauce thickens, and then dig in. The bonus is that we get to concoct our own toppoki sauce, as well as pick our own ingredients from a variety that includes luncheon meat, cocktail sausages, fish cakes and greens. It's very very filling, so bring one heck of an appetite.