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Featuring Old Airport Road Food Centre, Wild Honey (Scotts Square), Yum Cha (Chinatown), Chef Yamashita Shop, 10 at Claymore (Pan Pacific Orchard), Salt tapas & bar, Pete's Place (Grand Hyatt Singapore), The Provision Shop, Seriously Ice Cream, llaollao ([email protected])
Leigh Khoo
Leigh Khoo
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Chicken fillet, grilled till smoky yet still juicy, slicked in mentaiko mayo. Need I say more, really?

Tastes like garlic rice. Wish they were more generous with the beef, but this was a tasty, tasty carb option.

With various chicken parts and ribeye, this was tasty enough but considering that my hubby ordered it because he was tempted by the promise of slipper lobster, this was a tad of a letdown. The lobster is the skinny stick right up front.

Super fresh, filled with an abundance of greens - this made the perfect start to an otherwise meaty, smoky meal.

Fresh crabmeat with kohlrabi shavings (it’s quite a mild tasting veg) and zesty tamarind. I dare say this dish is a must to balance out the other heavy, heady flavours on the menu,

Perhaps a little pricy, but this is some seriously tasty gnocchi. I love the sear on the pillowy nuggets, along with the fortification of rustic pork ragu. It’s quite filling though, so skip it if you’re here just for drinks and light bites.

Crisp golden pillows encasing a super creamy and tasty mushroom filling. Perfect with a glass of white. 👌🏼

The bread is pillowy and spot on, but what I’m really interested in is this blow my socks off bacon-kissed relish. So. Good.

I’ve never had duck prosciutto but if these unctuous, melt in the mouth tasty slices of heaven are anything to go by, it’s my new favourite prosciutto.

I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of pho, as I generally like heavier, stronger flavours. That said, I really enjoyed this bowl of rice noodles, largely on part to the tender beef (both shin and sliced ribeye). Explains why I’m squeezing in plenty of lime! The broth is light and clear tasting, which will please most, my hubby included. The joint is run by a hearing impaired couple, and it’s heartening to see the many encouraging messages on post-its plastered on the walls.

The meat was a little under seasoned for our heavy palates, but nonetheless a well put together sandwich of Argentinean beef, cheese, horseradish lemon cream and housemade pickles. There’s a choice of ciabatta or crusty baguette - we went for the former and found it to already have enough bite.

A well put together bowl with nicely seared wagyu beef cubes, wholesome Japanese rice and taro chips taste like Chinese New Year! This is not a dish that’ll wow you, but one you’ll possibly return for on a regular basis if you work around the area.