Food Quest

Food Quest

Featuring Curry Times (Westgate), Brio - European Street Food & Coffee (Jurong Point), Time For Thai (Bukit Timah), Nando's (JCube), Segar Restaurant (Chinatown Point), Muugu Fork
khairi sadali
khairi sadali

For this dish, you will be given 2 choices, seafood or chicken. We chose seafood. The dish was delivered hot, it has a strong tom yum flavour, mild spiciness. Would recommend to eat it with white rice. 7/10

Food came late (i think we waited 20mins) good thing it was hot. Really nice thai tomyam flavour. Ok amount of seafood but too much other ingredients inside like onion, lemon grass and ginger - all which is not supposed to be eaten so that's quite unpleasant. 7.5/10

Tasted so much better than expected. The butter chicken is very flavourful and soft. Briyani is light and fluffy. Naan is average. 7.5/10

The 2 prata were great too!! They are served hot and soft along with good old fish curry. 7.4/10

Tip: if they ask if you live nearby say yes. They'll give a 10% discount.

At about 60 cents per pc. This sushi is worth it. Try try! Better try! 7.3/10
Simple sushi flavours. Very typical and taste alright. Worth the money 7.2/10

This otah came looking small and unassuming(S6 for scale). The white ring is the salmon. Once i took the first bite my eyes lit up cause it tastes goodddd. So soft and flavourful. It costs $1.90 which i think was alright. Wouldve tasted better with chunks of fish inside it. 7.8/10


A really good dish. However not as good as the curry. The chicken is huge and the sambal was alright. (I think my mum's sambal is nicer heh). Not that spicy and i love the plates here. Really like the olden days. 7/10.

The dish came hot and it was really sweet. I mean really sweet. However it went well with the rice. Would recomend this to those who are craving for sweet sambal. 7/10.

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The curry was indeed nice. It doesnt taste too fattening. And the portion or the curry matches the price of the meal. 8.3/10

It was lovely! Taste like real authentic curry and the best part is that there is no coconut milk so its healthier. It has a tinge of spiciness which was purrrfect. 8.5/10


It's lovely dish. Acceptable price range for 2.

The Claypot Golden Chicken is quite flavourful. It tastes pretty good but the chicken pieces are kinda small.

The tomyum is not spicy at the same time it gives off the sweet taste taste of Tom yum.

6.5/10 for the soup


Im a huge fan of carbonara but this was quite disappointing. It was not creamy and flavourful. Not really worth the price. I prefer pastamania to this. The portion was big though and i ate half of it. I might come here again to try other dishes just because it's located close to my home.

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Its costs $11 ++ however it doesnt have the quality and quantity of one. It is because it is tasteless.

Would give it 4/10. Still i hope people would buy this and post another review. it might just be one of those unlucky plates.

The salted caramel Milkshake is quite thick. Its lacks the caramel taste however it comes with 2 wafer biscuits. Im not sure if it has adds any value to the taste. Hmm.

The ABC juice was refreshing. Tastes like any other ordinary juice, nothing special about it but it is still good.

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Best part of the meal was the garlic bread!! The bread was soft and buttery. The chicken was a little spicy (I chose hot) but it balances well with the flavour. Grilled Vege was a bit too oily for my liking but good thing it was not overcooked. Overall I'd give it 7/10

I bought my 1/4 Chicken With mild spiciness. Which is basically not spicy at all. Highly recommend those who cannot take spicy food to get this range. And for those who don't know where you're at get the mild and get the spicy sauce that you intend to try which you can get at the counter.

The corn is gooood. And the spicy rice has a strong turmeric flavour attached to it.

6/10 for me. Yum. :)

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