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Good Lunch Deals!

Good Lunch Deals!

Featuring Symmetry, Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Ginza Tendon Itsuki (Tanjong Pagar), Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei, habitat by honestbee, Platypus Kitchen (Bugis Junction), Alexandra Village Food Centre, Lighthouse Bistro & Bar, Uncle Ho Tuckshop, Jiakpalang Eating House
Ashley Ng
Ashley Ng
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Nicely executed char siew by Char! Quite a good serving of Char Siew at $8. The char siew sauce is sticky & sweet, pork is nicely fatty served w big chunks of vegetables & wanton noodles! Great meal!

They follow weighing of ingredients for mala xiang guo so can pick ingredients for 1pax! I picked fish, luncheon meat, pork belly, pork skin, vege, mushroom, crabsticks & cost me $11. With all the expensive ingredients, its quite affordable. Their spice is not very spicy so medium spice is ok for me. Ask for less salt & less Oil as i find that a lot of mala xiang guo is very salty!

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Came after seeing Ms. Tamchiak post. Coffee shop ramen with the basic Hakata ramen at $6.50 with 1/2 an egg & 2 slices of Char Siew. Where to find this price point?! 😊 Quite nice ramen for the price. Maybe the pork can be more tender though

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Perfectly cooked Salmon with crispy skin! Assam is thick & creamy! Would be even better if there is more salmon & sauce but I'm not complaining with the $9.90 price tag (inclusive of a drink). The thai iced tea is quite shiok & goes with the don! Recommended to satisfy a don craving!


Interesting dip noodles from Vietnam! Sweet dip before adding in Garlic & Chilli but after adding it tastes different in a nicr way! $14.90 for a lunch set including a drink. Will try the baguette next time!


Nice hamburg set at 20+! Free flow salad bar + egg is a nice addition. Try not to go overboard with the salad bar like me otherwise you cant eat the hamburg when its here.

Choose between fish & chips, alio olio & rib eye (+$7) + 1 drink.. Alio Olio were overcooked but beef ribeye & fish & chips were great! Fries were oddly not that crispy. Service was excellent!

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Truffle fries is good & tasty. Stewed beef ($24) + foie gras (+$4) though is not recommended. Its bitter and has not much taste to it.

An atas version of Char Siew Rice! LOL! Nice gravy with quite a lot of pork! Around $18 incl of salad + drink.

Nice affordable tendon! $14 for a set! Very value for $$ but long wait at the queue

Foie gras truffle yakiniku don! Generous stab of foie gras with slices of beef & an onsen egg! Lunch set priced at 21.90 & well worth the $$! The beef was a bit tough though.. Their chirashi don comes with many slices of sashimi & looks good!


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